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Fleet Fashion Show!

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 12, 2008

Tonight Afterburners was host to I believe the first such event of its kind….a fashion show!  People came from all corners of the fleet to watch the beautiful ladies show some of thier own and borrowed outfits.  I think the offduty marine and Pacifica deckhand had the most fun of the evening…especially when our own President Halberd appeared in something thin and blue.  If that made you curious….good!  You should have been here watching for yourself!


(Eyea Aya, Cathiee McMillan, Paxan Freck, Tanya Halberd)

Afterburners on the 7th Heaven plans to host more such grand events.  So keep your ears open for new of other upcoming events and activities…you never know what you might see!

Ms. Pink, The News-Review 


5 Responses to “Fleet Fashion Show!”

  1. vickyvielle said

    This sounds like a wonderful event, sure to raise morale in the fleet. It demonstrates that even now we are able to make the best of what we have and though we may be floating among the stars, human determination and creativity still will flow even in adversity.

    I only ask that some events such as this also take place at other times of the day so more can attend such functions. In a fleet that never sleeps this would raise morale even further!

    Vicky Vielle
    Vice President (and fashion afficionado)

  2. LT Yevka Laws said

    I think this is wonderful for anyone it interests.

    At the time of the event, I had a mk.7 viper strapped to my back and it would not fit through the door.

    What a fashion statement that would have made?!

    Good news is another protector of the fleet passed her check ride.

    Congrats and hopefully many more fun events like this. We’ll keep you safe and you keep the hope up.


  3. Paxan Freck said

    The show was fun and much thanks should go to the organizer, President Tanya Halbert. Hopefully next time we can coax a few of those pilots to work the runway with us.

    – Paxan.

  4. Tanya Halberd said

    I thought it was a really successful event, I had a lot of fun. We should have them at other times, also, as Vicky suggests.

    Correction, this was organized by Captain Windy Weiland. I was asked to fill in at the last minute when she was called away to an emergency meeting. I am looking forward to the next event, which is a formal event scheduled for next Tuesday.

  5. You all looked radiant. I’m sorry I missed it.

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