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Meet the Representatives!

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 11, 2008

During the last election and ceremony that followed…the people got a chance to hear about thier Representatives.  The situation surrounding this “Election” were a bit different.  Still…the people want to know who they are represented by.

So I call for each Representative to answer here…to tell the people who you are, what you stand for and where you may be found.

Please only respond to this post if you a re a Representative and posting your Bio.

Ms. Pink, The News-Review


4 Responses to “Meet the Representatives!”

  1. Casiopeia Catteneo said

    I am Casiopeia, daughter of Jamison and Ariel.

    Yes, I am one who may be little known to the fleet. As little known as the mysterious Canceron to those that were beyond its borders before the destruction. So who am I?

    I am a seeker. One who has dedicated a life to finding truth. My destiny is to seek the truth of our origin of Earth. Popular interpretation of the scrolls says Earth is a 13th Colony created as an exodus from Kobol or the original 12 colonies. But a second belief is that humanity actually originated from Earth and that Kobol and the colonies are not the brothers and sisters of Earth, but the children of Earth.

    I was aboard a Gemenon liner enroute home when the attacks struck. As the liner was passing Aquaria the captain of the liner exchanged talked to the Tylium Queen executive and got the jump coordinates. We then jumped with the rest of the fleet.

    As things began to settle, I continued my search. I traveled among the ships of the fleet, talking to others of differing beliefs.

    And why would a seeker with a focused destiny become a part of the Quorum? In my travels among the fleet, I learned much of the needs of our people and our plight. My focus and destiny have not changed. But I learned that though my beliefs differ from most, our destinies in the end are one.

    I will serve Cancerons and all colonials. I will be a part of our journey and help to guide us to safety.

    That is who I am.

    Casiopeia Catteneo
    Representative of Canceron

  2. Ronon Maximus said

    Good evening,

    first of all i would like to thank Ms.Pink for giving the new Quorum members, the opportunity for an introduction.

    My name is Ronon Maximus, Security Chief of the Tylium Queen, now also a Representative of Leonis. I believe i have already talked, even if only for a few seconds, with the majority of the people in the fleet, so it might come as a surprise to see me in a political role, since i never expressed the will to do so.

    Honestly, i’ve always tried to avoid politics but after the presidential elections, i’ve realized they are an important part of our new life that shouldn’t be avoided. So when confronted with the chance of contributing to something important, i decided to present my name as one of the possible choices for Leonis. Truth be told, that at first my thoughts were only to exercise my right to be a candidate, since i never believed i had a real chance. As time went by and i started to hear that, unfortunately, i was the only citizen of Leonis that decided to put his name up for election, i decided to think carefully about my intentions and how could i help the fleet, if i really was to join the Quorum.

    I must confess that it was quite easy to choose what path to follow:
    As Representative, i have the possibility to bring issues to be discussed in the Quorum and that’s my main goal, to bring the citizens and their concerns, closer to this deliberative council. As crew member of a ship full of hard working citizens, like the majority of the fleet, i know and have experienced, how sometimes it seems impossible to make problems reach the higher spheres of power, so i’m making myself available to hear any person, native of Leonis or not, that wishes to see something discussed in the Quorum. The most probable place to find me, is in the TQ and i assure that all matters taken to the Quorum, will be under anonymity if the person wishes so.

    Thank you for your attention,
    Ronon Maximus – Representative of Leonis

  3. Paxan Freck said

    Well, my name is Paxan Freck; Aerelon Representative.

    Most of you know me from the Tyllium Queen as a dancer and Hetaera. My reputation seems to precede me wherever I go and although my life choices have been controversial to some, I can say – with a clear conscience – that I do not regret the choices I’ve had to make as it’s made me the person I am now. I’m a survivor like all of you. I survived the attacks by the Cylons and again, I survived the occupation of New Aerelon. I may not be a pilot or Marine but I, too have done my utmost to make it through these uncertain times.

    Since the attacks, I’ve struggled with my own past as a citizen of Aerelon. It’s been no secret that I do not have the fondest of memories during my young life there. I come from a long line of farmers and agriculturist and although I did not carry on the family tradition, I will say that I deeply loved the people that did. Aerelon’s have a reputation for being hard working, loyal and dependable – which I am proud to say, is something I press on to emulate.

    Like many of the other Quorum members, I never expected to find myself in politics but recent events have taught me that we cannot just sit back and not do our part…and that’s what I intend to do.

    I look forward to the future,

    Paxan Freck – Representative of Aerelon

  4. Gibley Goldblatt said

    Biography of Gibley Goldblatt – Sagittaron

    Descended from a long line of prosperous farmers whose prosperity was soon lost to exploitation and oppression by the other colonies. As an agri-tech slave who watched that status dimished by the introduction of Cylons (“buckets” as they were called derisively) to increase productivity, his anger and indignation drove him to participate in a group dedicated to overthrowing the oppressive government – some called them terrorists but they were just slaves trying to throw off their chains. Caught, convicted, and sent to prison, he served his sentance and regained his rights to vote and stand for election. As a surprise to him, he found himself urged by fellow Sagittarons to declare his candidacy for quorum representative. He won but, before he could assume his office, the colony was destroyed and he fled in a transport, from where he was rescued and brought to Pacifica.

    He is still ambivalent about his role in government since he, like most Sagittarons, mistrust all government, military, and entrepreneurs. Unlike them, he has come to trust medicine and to see the military as other than instruments of oppression. He is still undecided about entrepreneurs …

    Abilities – seeing both sides of an argument.

    Gibley Goldblatt – Representative to Sagittaron

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