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Quorum Elections Announced!

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 8, 2008

At long last, the Quorum Elections are complete. Each colony selected their representatives through a variety of means, and the selection process is complete at last. Our new representatives are shown below:

Colony Representative
Aerelon Paxan Freck
Aquaria Dollwife Pink
Canceron Casiopeia Catteneo
Caprica Bigggy Smalls
Gemenon Erianthe Elvehjem
Leonis Ronon Maximus
Libris Cathiee McMillan
Picon Conell Dagger
Sagittaron Gibley Goldblatt
Scorpia Saamia Mahana
Tauron Eyea Aya
Virgon Liana Inshan

Quorum of 12 Representatives, Feb. 2008

Hopes in the fleet are high that they will effectively represent us! Let’s give them all our support!

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


13 Responses to “Quorum Elections Announced!”

  1. starbuckk said

    The spirit in which the colonials chose our representatives proves that the call for unity among our people was heard loud and clear. I wish the new quorum all the best in working with the President and leading our fleet to survival.

    My decision to depart the quorum was a difficult but necessary one. The new representative from Scorpia is a highly capable person and I am confident that she will serve the survivors of Scorpia as well as the entire fleet with honor and dignity.

    Congratulations to the new members and sincerest thanks for service to my fellow departing members.

    Starbuckk Serapis
    Representative Emeritus of Scorpia

  2. Major Heidi Stiglitz said


    We had Quorum elections? When?

  3. Liana Inshan said

    we had the elections at the end of the week

  4. Onyx Syakumi said

    There were no elections. None of the seats were contested, and as a result of that, anyone who had registered as a candidate was appointed to office.

    That is, at least, my understanding of what happened.

    -Regina “Onyx” Syakumi
    Commander, OPSEC Antares, On Leave
    Commanding Officer, Colonial Marine Corps

  5. starbuckk said

    ((OOC Information:

    As Onyx said, there were no contested seats. Some of the colonies (Virgon, Libris and Scorpia that I know of) had caucuses among their voters in advance of who to put forth, and other potential candidates from those colonies chose not to run, so in affect they did “vote”. The rest only had one eligible candidate, or only one interested candidate. Either way, the outcome was predetermined due to lack of any real contests.

    So in this case, it was simply the realities of RP, available people to fill roles, time to put something together given a very hectic week for everyone and the fact that it was just no real contest.

    Some interesting statistics about registration:

    1. Caprica has the most registered voters. But they are almost all in positions that preclude them from serving (military or executive branch).

    2. Aerelon comes in second, but like Caprica was limited on eligibles. Only two were eligible. One chose not to run.

    3. Leonis and Sagitteron only had one eligible candidate. That candidate is their rep.

    We only have only 94 registered voters total, some of which are no longer active participants and a large percentage of the active ones are military therefore would have to resign their commissions or enlistments in order to run. So we are dealing with a limited pool of potentials.))

  6. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    I understand all that. But you can’t trumptet “successful elections” when, in fact, elections never actually took place. What we have are a number of appointed Quorum reps that received 0% of the vote.

  7. Lt(Sr) Argo "Scorpion" Blanco said

    The Presidential Elections was more publicized, these passed a bit in a second role and so also the numbers weren’t as mutch as for other elections.

  8. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    Except, again, there wasn’t an actual election. In an election, people show up and vote. Even uncontestested elections have people voting.

  9. Rhys Nieuport said

    OOC – Heidi has a point. Unless you knew that Quorum reps were up for re-appointment you wouldn’t know to or know how to voice your choice for Quorum rep.

    A suggested system for next time would be to have a voting booth and have everyone from the Colonies listed, so you can choose whoever from your Colony, this is less work for the staff because they don’t have to run around looking for the Quorum hopefuls, you just use your voter list. Whoever gets the most votes and wishes the office steps up after the votes are tallied. If the one with the most votes passes then the next in line is offered the Quorum seat and so on. Just a suggestion.

  10. Dr. Stacia Zabaleta said

    OOC- Rhys you have a good point and I like your reasoning. However, as in politics, it is not always that simple. Not everyone is eligible to run for Quorum. If it was left up to popular vote, those voting may not be aware of IC situations or even the restrictions for becoming a Quorum representative. Until recently i was unaware that you must be a civillian and not hold another governmental position. I am guessing that I am not the only one who did not know this, or maybe I am ;).

    So in theory your idea works, assuming that everyone is aware of other players IC limitations and their desire to actually take part in the Quorum. Otherwise, the admins would have to take colony citizens off the voting card on a case by case basis.

  11. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    OOC- I’m not trying to make an OOC point, I’m just trying to RP my character, who is at this point rabidly suspicious of the civilian government. For myself, I’m fine with how the reps came about.

  12. LT Yevka Laws said

    I’m with the Major on this one.

    As a Caprican whose family left Aquari during the first cylon war (before my birth), it would be nice to at least know my rep. It would have been nice to have a competitive election I suppose.

    Hopefully my rep will post office hours so I can put in my citizen concerns.

    Though I’ve had occasion to work with the president on a number of very insignificant projects as well as meet her socially, I believe in her good faith.

    As far as the quorum goes, I am very sad that Starbuckk has left. I enjoyed the one project I did with him.

    So I look at the quorum now and wonder. “Who are these folks?” Are the really responsible to us as citizens.

    While I would not describe my feeling as rabid, I would say my political alert level is condition 2 approaching action stations.


    Yevka Laws
    Lieutenant Colonial Forces
    Executive Officer 8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  13. Lt(Sr) Argo Blanco said

    Lt(Sr) Argo “Scorpion” Blanco Says:
    February 10, 2008 at 2:59 am
    The Presidential Elections was more publicized, these passed a bit in a second role and so also the numbers weren’t as mutch as for other elections.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz Says:
    February 10, 2008 at 3:29 am
    Except, again, there wasn’t an actual election. In an election, people show up and vote. Even uncontestested elections have people voting.

    In fact mine is a critic at the News, why they haven’t publicized the event as it was required? I don’t know nothing of mine representative. (Scorpia)

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