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Innis Surrenders

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 6, 2008

In a bizarre series of events, and the strangest manhunt in the history of the fleet, Dr. Shaheen Innis finally surrendered to custody nearly 24 hours after her arrest on probation charges was ordered.

Inside sources revealed today that Innis attempted to dictate lengthy terms of her incarceration to the prosecutor’s office prior to her surrendering. Sources say that her demands were flatly refused by Attorney General Derin Swenson. Swenson would not confirm or deny these allegations.

On another front, it was learned that numerous pleas were made by third-parties to various officials, including President Halberd, for either leniency or clemency. These attempts were also rebuffed, apparently. President Halberd was asked about this and the charges that she lied to Innis, and she directed all inquiries to the Attorney General’s office.

Sources in the fleet military revealed that Innis turned herself in this afternoon amid great fanfare. Officials were told that Innis had been handling a medical emergency at a fire in one of the outer fleet ships. None of the ship’s captains knew of any fires in the civilian fleet, however.

Innis is now awaiting a preliminary hearing before a judge. It is not known whether she will face charges of flight to avoid prosecution, obstruction of justice, or worse.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


6 Responses to “Innis Surrenders”

  1. Send us a journalist please said


    Sources in the fleet military revealed that Innis turned herself in this afternoon amid great fanfare. Officials were told that Innis had been handling a medical emergency at a fire in one of the outer fleet ships. None of the ship’s captains knew of any fires in the civilian fleet, however.

    (( This was clearly a story to cover the fact that the person behind the keyboard had RL that delayed the surrender. Perfectly acceptable RP, and the fact should be accepted on hat basis. RL takes precedence.))

    As far as I knew Dr. Innis surrendered at the earliest possible time.

    Journalism normally involves a fact check. A lot of rumors are published here.

    Try journalism 101 where you quote people. If for example I received a document full of demands then you could quote me on that. Otherwise its bad journalism. If the statement fails the fact check, it should not be published.


    Attorney General Blah Blah received a document outlining Dr. Innis’ demands that was rejected. “I rejected all conditions that were made,” said the Blah Blah.

    That is journalism. The story as published was not.

    ((I know we can’t meet these standards perfectly here but we can do better than this.))

    Not wanting to join Innis in RD.

  2. Andi Whiteberry said

    Oh, Gods, this is all so distressing! Shaheen has been such a rock and upstanding citizen for so long, working tirelessly for the good of the fleet as doctor and quorum rep. I can’t understand how she was drawn into mess she was in.

    But I can say there was no way she would let her probation get in the way of treating injured people. Please recall Dr. Schridde and I took a short break from our duties and headed to a small outlying civilian liner for a brief honeymoon. And I know Dr. Z was also making rounds in the outlyers.

    So when the call came in to treat burn victims, Dr. Innis was the only one who could respond.

    I pray that those in charge take a step back and look at Dr. Innis’s priorites and motivation before dealing with her too harshly.

    Andi Whiteberry-Schridde, MD

  3. Paxan Freck said

    I’d like to know more about the real issue of the alleged allowance for Dr. Innis to run for the Quorum seat. She claims the President gave her permission to run for election but now, we’re hearing that this is untrue.

    Someone is lying here and I think it in our own best interests to know the truth.

  4. thalberd said

    As a result of her actions to undermine the command structure on Pacifica and her involvement with a group that plotted to murder Admiral Nagala, Dr. Innis faced very serious charges.

    A tribunal of Quorum members reviewed the evidence, finding all of the evidence credible.

    Dr. Innis was offered a choice, face a trial and possible serious criminal penalties, or take probation for relatively minor charges. One condition of her probation was that she not run for Quorum. She agreed to the probation offer very clearly.

    She chose to run for Quorum anyway. She was not forced to run. She wasn’t falsely accused of running. She wasn’t tricked into running. She wasn’t told that she could run.

    She registered herself as a candidate for the Quorum, and election ombudsman Captain Starbuckk Serapis, who was a member of the original tribunal that negotiated her probation, realized that she violated her probation agreement and reported it.

    When confronted about this, she decided that rather than be responsible for her actions, she would throw up a smokescreen of accusations and lies. She warned me privately that she would do this, threatening me with slander and other actions unless the charges were dropped. She referred to it in one diatribe as “welcome to politics.” I refused to be intimidated.

    She subsequently accused me of giving her permission to run, which is a lie. Other accusations included the charge that the Quorum tribunal never met, that she was not offered the probation deal, that she should not face charges because she was pregnant, and that she should not face charges because she is sensitive to stress. All of her efforts to avoid the responsibility of her RP actions failed because her accusations contradicted the facts in the case or were patently ridiculous.

    It is time for Dr. Innis, my former friend, to stop the lies, stop the accusations, and stop trying to avoid the responsibility for her actions, and face these very minor probation violation charges. The alternative is to have a trial for treason and sedition.

    Tanya Halberd

    OOC ((If anyone really thinks that I lied to her for no apparent reason, lets get the dates and times that she alleges this permission was granted, produce our logs of the conversation and get the Lindens to verify them.))

  5. Ms. Pink said


    I am honored to work with each and everyone one of my fellow reporters…Sable Babii especially. She has posted stories and followed leads when I an others we unable to do so.

    As for her manner of reporting…everyone has a right to question. To Question authory, the military, the press included. With that said…You are welcome to take up the pen and join us i our ranks. Every new reporter adds more of a balance to the press. So please, do not hide behind your comments…use them for the good.

    I await your application and am hopeful.

    Ms. Pink, The News-Review

  6. LT(jg) Yevka Laws said

    Hello all,

    I have been notified that I am a witness in this case and can obviously not discuss it further.

    ((I believe there was a misunderstanding, no lies. As a non-English speaker, I can easily see how it happened. Lets remember we’re all friends. Lets be … friendly))

    I am very nervous about the situation and would like the prosecutors involved to contact me, make me aware of what they think I saw or know so I can write down my thoughts, lest I forget. I have a lot of job stress being a Viper pilot and need my anxiety reduced.

    ((Trials are fun. Some kind of rules are needed. Hearsay is bad and should not be allowed. Example. If I saw Ensign Bob fire viper rounds into TQ in an attempt to harm a cabinet minister then I can testify to the facts I witnessed. If however I heard Ensign Fall’s say she saw it happen, then only her testimony is valid, mine would be hearsay and not be admissible. I think it important that this rule be in place.))

    I also get anxiety from the fact that the defendant is pregnant and apparently facing treason charges, punishable by death.

    I have been ordered by Admiral Nephilim to cooperate fully and tell the truth. No such order was needed.

    I am a person of honor and will answer any questions as honestly as possible.

    Yet still I am fearful of this process.

    I will not comment further on this matter and will only discuss it with the proper authorities. I assume discussing details of what I remember, even with officers that command me is not permitted.

    I will do my duty.

    May the G-ds be with us.

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