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Innis Considered Fugitive

Posted by Fleet News Service on February 5, 2008

An arrest warrant was issued for Dr. Shaheen Innis for an apparently minor probation violation, a breaking story that was first reported here in The News-Review.

Innis responded by posting comments in the news that attempted to sway public opinion her way, but somehow managed to avoid arrest. This reporter also learned that she attempted to evade incarceration by saying that her pregnancy should allow her special considerations.

Officials at this time are asking that she turn herself in, and are considering initiating a fleet-wide manhunt. They would not say whether additional charges were being considered for her failure to turn herself in.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


2 Responses to “Innis Considered Fugitive”

  1. LT(jg) Yevka Laws said

    Dr. Innis is my friend.

    I have advised her via her husband as follows:
    1) Make a public statement withdrawing her candidacy immediately.
    2) Surrender to the authorities immediately and unconditionally.
    3) Obtain proper legal representation.

    If my friend needs support while she is brought into custody and I can obtain authorization from my command authority, I will assist in bringing her in. I will ride with her, hold her hand, and fly her if the military decides to order me to do so.

    OOC:((The person behind the keyboard has a RL obligation. RL takes precedence and any delay in her submitting herself to custody should be taken in that light of that circumstance.

    My friend, if you are reading this, please heed my advice. Do not risk your unborn child with a run from justice. If you feel the need to go to trial, may the G-ds be with you.

    Yevka Laws
    Concerned Friend

  2. Shaheen Innis said

    ((ooc been long hectic week rl media to deal with and lots of travel, going to jail is a good excuse not to be on sim))

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