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Inauguration and Formal Ball Scheduled

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 30, 2008

President Elect Tanya Halberd and Vice President Elect Vicky Vielle are  scheduled to be inaugurated into office Friday. A short induction ceremony will be followed by a formal ball for all fleet citizens.

The event will be held in Afterburners at 6pm SLT on Friday, 2/1/2008. Formal attire is requested for both occasions. All fleet citizens are encouraged to attend.

Madames Halberd and Vielle thanked all fleet citizens and especially their supporters for their efforts in the campaign. The two also said that their cabinet appointments will be announced at the inauguration ceremony.

An earlier announcement of a 7pm time was erroneous.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


5 Responses to “Inauguration and Formal Ball Scheduled”

  1. Curious Civillian said

    Just wondering, but why is a governmental function being held in the bar when there’s a perfectly good auditorium not being used?

  2. thalberd said

    That’s a very good point. Let’s do the swearing in in the Quorum room and the dance in Afterburners.

  3. Will this be shown on TV, for the poor Cylons that helped to save the Fleet but can’t attend the event due to being stuck in Pacifica’s brig? 😉

  4. Rhys Nieuport said

    Jots down a note to ask the mess to make a special meal for the prisoners. Add gravy or tomato juice perhaps.

  5. LT(jg) Yevka Laws said

    Hi Lauri, what happened to the captain of TQ? Can’t she come?

    Either way, I hear here is a plot to break you out.

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