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President Vielle announces commendations for New Aerelon!

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 27, 2008

On the day this first Presidential Election I was able to sit down for a few minutes with Interim President Vicky Vielle…at her request actually.

Ms. Pink: Hello, Madame President. Thank you for inviting me.  I understand you had something you wished to announce?

President Vielle: Hello. Well As my outgoing act as president, I thought it would be good to talk about New Aerelon, what happened there, and commend those brave souls who never gave up the fight, even under great duress. I was amazed at the strength and determination of my fellow colonists, and the military personnel trapped during the Cylon invasion.

While I applaud every colonist on the planet I would commend the following people in particular:

Captain Sniper Schridde, who led the miltary on the planet with courage and aplomb, even taking four bullets from the Cylons for his troubles.

Dr Shaheen Innis, for being willing to go above and beyond the call of the Colonies to help protect everyone.

Ronon Maximus, for leading the underground resistance.

Burton Hotalung, for bravery under duress above and beyond the call of duty.

Onyx Syakumi, for leading the Opsec team and supporting the resistance effort against the Cylons.

Dr Andi Whiteberry, for keeping the meagre clinic open under all conditions.

Cathiee McMillan, for her suffering at the hands of the cylons.

Ms. Pink: I am sure they are all honored by these Commendations.  Since we are together can you answer a few more questions, if you have the time, about the occupation.

President Vielle: Of course.

Ms. Pink: There are many rumors going around about hwat happened down there…particularly there is a rumor that you collaborated with the Cylons?

President Vielle: Hmm. It would seem that it is easier to throw mud than search for the truth, the truth that no such thing occurred. I was the president of the Twelve Colonies I was ultimately responsible for the safety of each and every person trapped on the planet. I never gave up the fight, from the first moment they invaded I organised the resistance into two groups.

First the military, who were an obvious target for the Cylons as potential troublemakers I gave a longer term task of planning for our eventual recovery. They had to come up with a plan to dsitract and confuse the enemy, to try and stockpile any weapons they could fine, and cover any evacuation of the civilians as best they could, when the shuttles would come.

Second I appointed Mr Maximus to lead the resistance. To help preserve secrecy I didnt even want to know any further details about who was in the resistance or their operations, beyond being kept informed to make sure they were not acting in all our best interests.

Finally, I arranged that all the colonials form ‘teams’ or families whose duty was alwasy to know where the other members of their group was at all times. Each group was to keep together and help each other in any chaos that would ensue during a contested evacuation.

Ms. Pink: You gave birth on New Aerelon and the Cylons took your baby…this was a hold they had over you, to do what they wanted?

President Vielle: Not quite. From the outset it was clear they considered all the adults on the planet ultimately expendable. If I annoyed them enough, I would be the one to be shot not my son. They never had any intention of harming any of the children. Also it was clear within 36 hours that they never had any intention of returning them. So, the children were not a bargaining chip. I resigned myself to this and threw all my efforts into finding the best way to keep everyone safe, yet plan for the (hoped) return of the fleet.

Ms. Pink: The people why stayed up here constantly wondered if they would ever see thier friends again and if you were even alive…but for you…what was it actually like down there?

President Vielle: It was… intense. We lived from moment to moment, knowing that we were alive only at the sufference of the Cylons, that at any moment we could be simply gunned down. While they had their ‘plan’ of us living together in peace and harmony, it was soon clear that this was far from the case, and that my plan to defy them and orgainse from the outset was the correct one. I won’t say people did not crack, they did, but it is a credit to everyone that they didnt crack more, and everyone remembered the ‘So Say We All’ attitude and looked after each other, and supported each other.

Ms. Pink: You actually formed a resistance against them…can you give us an example of your actually resisting the Cylons.

President Vielle: Well, the Cylons had guns, we had none, or at least only a few we managed to steal/hide. It was after a Cylon had been kidnapped by OPSEC. The Cylons were not happy. What happened was: The place had emptied of Cylons and centurions, and we felt relaxed we even began to dance, and even The Oracle who had been so tense began to unwind.

Suddenly a Number Three model and a load of centurions came down, and the mood changed instantly. They insisted we reveal anything we knew about the kidnapping. I looked at her in the eye and told her we knew nothing, despite knowing full well that the kidnapped Cylon was in the OPSEC camp. While they held us all under their trained guns, they searched us and our rooms, taking anything concievable that might be a weapon, all our food, our bedding and all our medical supplies. They found nothing about the missing Cylon, and threatened us again. I turned my back to them walked to the hay bale nearby and sat down in protest of non-cooperation. I looked to the others to do the same. They did… every single colonist sat down in a great show of passive resistance. It was amazing, a tear came to my eye, the unspoken ‘So Say We All’ plain to everyone, including the Cylons.

Ms. Pink: Wow that is heroic of everyone..or was it that simply you were backed into a corner?

President Vielle: Not at all. the easiest thing would ahve been to capitulate, to give the Cylons what they wanted at every stage. But we never did, not a man, woman or child. My time on the planet, with my fellow colonists, made me so proud to be a member of the Twelve Colonies. To each and every one of them I say ‘Thank you’.

The President then excused herself…It is a busy day for her afterall and I took my leave.  If we learned anything from the horrific events of New Aerelon…it is I hope that we can work together.  We can work as a team against the Cylons!

Ms. Pink, The News Review 


4 Responses to “President Vielle announces commendations for New Aerelon!”

  1. Onyx Syakumi said

    To whom it may concern:

    I humbly request that my name be removed from this article and that any reference to this commendation be struck from the book of record on the grounds that the reasons for which it has been granted does not constitute special recognition. The tasks cited were within the operational paramters of the mission that I was sent to undertake. The words that have been written explaining the issuance of this commendation are not indicative of behavior, conduct, or merit exceeding what was expected of me.

    I do wish to submit for the record that upon returning from New Aerelon and recovering from the severe trauma that my body sustained upon the planet that I drafted and submitted a list of proposed commendations for merit, valor, and honor displayed upon New Aerelon to Admiral Nagala. My sincerest hope is that the request to honor those men and women who behaved admirably in the course of their duties upon New Aerelon will be granted on short order.

    The silence has been deafening, and all of those who have contributed to it should be personally ashamed.


    -Regina “Onyx” Syakumi
    Commander, OPSEC Antares, On Leave
    Commanding Officer, Colonial Marine Corps

  2. Commander Nephilim said

    I apologize to the Captain as those commendations must have been lost in all the confusion of those harrowing days as the Admiral contended with internal security threats. I promise I will search through her effects to find this document and personally push through the commendations you make.
    As I was involved in those operational details, personally, I, too can attest to the heroism of the insurgency operation. Both the ground team and Major Stiglitz risked all so that those left behind would not remain in enemy hands.

    Commander A. Nephilim
    Battlestar Pacifica
    BSG 47

  3. LT (jg) Y. Laws said

    I wish it be known that I was proud to serve with Captain Syakumi after she recovered from her injuries.

    She bravely risked life and limb taking a AAA gun to help protect the nuggets and myself flying against the cylons.

    She got a kill and earned the callsign “Archer” from the members of my squadron.

    We appreciate her work and thank her for providing covering fire.

    She deserves recognition.

    LT(jg) Yevka Laws
    Training Officer
    8th Squadron
    47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

  4. Rhys Nieuport said

    I think the government has commendations available for civilian forces who are injured in the line of duty. I would hope that every one of the brave OPSEC force would be considered for such recognition.

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