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Halberd/Vielle Call for Debate

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 26, 2008

Citing a series of self-published propaganda pieces and little or no scrutiny by the press, Tanya Halberd and Vicky Vielle have challenged opponents Zarta Vargas and Gerome Aeon to a debate, Saturday at 3pm SLT in the Quorum Room on 7th Heaven.

Candidates Halberd and Vielle“I think the name calling, the posts by anonymous ‘concerned’ citizens and anonymous news releases has taken peoples’ attention away from the basic issues in this campaign: connecting with people, doing the job of governing, and having a real platform other than calling for elections,” said Presidential hopeful Tanya Halberd. “Criticizing what people wear and calling someone a ‘barmaid,’ then pretending to take a high-road in the campaign is unacceptable. We want to meet and see if they can stand up to a real discussion of the issues, like cylon attacks, fleet security, and educating children.”

The debate is scheduled for 3pm SLT, Saturday January 26 in the Quorum Room on 7th Heaven.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


25 Responses to “Halberd/Vielle Call for Debate”

  1. Rhys Nieuport said

    (( Zarta has already stated she is in the process of moving so if nobody from the Colonial Freedom Party was verified before hand to attend this will just look like OOC politicking to make her character look poorly. There are already instances to site her previous IC truancy. Fabrication of truancy seems unnecessary and OOCly motivated. I enjoy IC tension but the OOC variety, in a game where we are all here to have fun, is not healthy.))

  2. Onyx Syakumi said

    (( Zarta was seen after the last Afterburners party, after it was reported that she was away moving or whatever. Why was she online if she’s moving? ))

  3. ((Yes, Zarta is moving, so she may not be online at all right now. The Aeon twins are in Australia and it will 9AM their time when this would happen..they might not even get the message until it’s too late. Did anyone IM Gerome inworld about this?))

  4. ((Shame on you, Onyx, there’s more than one way to get online, even when moving. πŸ˜› Hell, when I last moved house, the last thing packed was the laptop, and it was the first thing I unpacked πŸ™‚

    Still, I think it’s fairer to say that setting a date for an event and promoting it when you don’t know everyone you need for it will be there is bad form. I think I would have checked with the other candidates first and got a time and day agreed, before giving the event the greenlight.))

  5. Onyx Syakumi said

    (( As far as I’m concerned, the other side of this has been behaving poorly ICly and OOCly for days now. To make the assertion that Vicky and Tanya are doing something inappropriate OOCly by attempting to respond to the mudslinging and attacks that have been coming their way OOCly and ICly is completely asinine.

    To those of us with a more cunning mind, it is not hard to see the connection between anonymous attacks OOCly and ICly being perfectly synchronized with the absence of the only target that Vicky and Tanya can retaliate against.

    Anyone who doesn’t see the OOC manipulations of the other side is wearing a blindfold and shoving cotton in their ears. ))

  6. Ange - not the Commander in this, but just Ange said

    ((I hate to post OOCly but its the growing trend. I’ll just say that there is a quote from Shakespeare that applies here: “There are stranger things in this world than in all your philosophies, Horatio ” That is to say there are things known to a few that have been going on behind the scenes that not even all admins are aware of, fully. I have kept these things low key purposefully while we are in this transitional period.))

  7. ((Ahem, all I’m saying is it’s hard to have a presidential debate with only one side being there. I’m quite sure this is an innocent or naive oversight and not a deliberate ploy. Still, we all know RL comes first, and time zones are the bane of online gaming. Given the bad weather climate of OCC/IC mashups of late, it might have been an idea to be certain this was a going concern before going to press with it. A proper debate on the eve of the vote would likely have cleared the air quite nicely, don’t you think?))

  8. Onyx Syakumi said

    (( I agree … and as Ange said, Lauri, I am assuming that a great many of your comments are being made without a full understanding of some of the things that have been done in the recent past.

    I do not believe that Vicky and Tanya had adequate time OOCly or ICly to plan this that early. The other side moved into full swing last night with their negative campaigning OOCly and ICly, and this was the only reasonable way that Vicky and Tanya could have responded to what happened short of getting into OOC slander.

    I completely support their decision, even though I understand where you’re coming from. ))

  9. Ange - not the Commander in this, but just Ange said

    ((Onyx’s view of it is pretty much as it happened – intended to clear the air…it happened just as said – purely an attempt to get back to the platform issues so the voters had something to look at while deciding their votes.))

  10. Rhys Nieuport said

    (( My character isn’t going to lend credence to an anonymous voice and I doubt many others will either but at least the anonymous voice is remaining IC, if unfactual. Addressing IC anonymous attacks with OOC methods is uncalled for. As you would say, Onyx, let’s keep IC and OOC defined and separated so we can enjoy the IC tension and play the game as friends. ))

  11. Onyx Syakumi said

    (( The other side has already spoiled the pond with OOC nastiness, Rhys. It’s not my call how they are dealt with for some of the things that have been done. Given that they are still here, I’m sure as hell not going to let the other people who were targeted by this get dragged through the mud by not responding when OOC attacks go up. I’ve never once gone OOC before someone else did … and I don’t appreciate the insinuation that I do not understand the difference between IC and OOC. ))

  12. Rhys Nieuport said

    (( The insinuation, Onyx, is that Tanya does not seem to separate IC and OOC in this instance but you seem willing to over look this. ))

  13. Onyx Syakumi said

    (( Well, Rhys, if it had been my choice … I’d have banned the whole lot of them from the sim for some of the stuff they’ve done. As much as I believe that OOC should be separated from IC, I also believe that when the other side doesn’t play fair and hasn’t been punished that turnabout is fair play. ))

  14. Rhys Nieuport said

    (( From Ange’s posts it seems like she is aware of “the stuff they’ve” done as you say. I will hold faith that she will manage things fairly as she sees fit in the Sim as the owner. But I certainly respect your opinion to feel frustrated. I will admit to a modicum of frustration myself but have been trying to focus on my character since that’s all I control in the sim. Heh. Thank you for your point of view and thoughts. ))

  15. Ange - not the Commander in this, but just Ange said

    ((All this is about the “where’s Zarta” joke in the platform of the So Say We All Party vs the “barmaid” and other associated comments. Yes, Tanya was at one time a “barmaid” (more PC to say bartender), but also then-President Vargas was not an active participant in the government for months. Both jibes have an IC foundation. End of story as it pertains here. Those who live in glass houses cannot throw stones as the old saying goes.))

  16. Onyx Syakumi said

    (( I would have loved for nothing more than for this to have been handled completely IC. In my opinion, judging from a standpoint and with a perspective that I freely realize many of you have no knowledge of, the decision to take it OOC was not initiated by Tanya or Vicky.

    I remain uncertain as to what they could have reasonably done in response to the desperate attacks that have been piling up both in and outside of the public spectrum over the last 24 hours. While I certainly understand the perspective, they have in my opinion done the only reasonable thing that they could do In Character.

    I’m sure other people have other opinions, and they’re entitled to them. One day soon, I believe far more will be known, though. ))

  17. ((Sorry, I just saw what’s on the FNS, not whatever’s been going on in the sim, and just thought hmm… Vicky and Tanya are good people, and the IC RP I’ve had with Zarta and Gerome has been nice too, but I’m often the last to know anything, and I’m famous for being the last person informed of things, so… *crawls back under her rock and hides* πŸ™‚ ))

  18. Onyx Syakumi said

    (( Lauri … everyone in the Sim knows that you’ve been doing nothing but trying to make cool storylines and events for the rest of us to play in, and that that has kept you exceptionally busy and understandably out of the loop on a number of things. You’re the mad professor driving the plot forward from your secret labratory of Storytellerness. Don’t worry about it, there’s certainly no offense taken by anyone, so far as I can see. Thank you for what you’ve been doing, and please keep on doing it. We all appreciate your work very much. ))

  19. Ronon Maximus said

    ((Ok, because this is getting stupid and that’s the best way for me to describe it, that “concerned citizens” letter was written by me and was part of a personal storyline, that i had thought since Tanya lead the raid at the TQ. Saw Vicky and Tanya joining and thought it would be a good opportunity to explore it a bit more. That “thunderous mass” comment wasn’t mine though.

    Now, i am sure that no one here can tag me as taking the side of anyone, since i’m completely out of the OOC wars, in fact, lately i’ve also been out of SL because simply i’m not having fun anymore and i’ve decided to just simply step away for a while, instead of getting mixed up.

    Proof that OOC is ruining the game, is that even when someone tries to develop something IC, like i did, it gets pulled to OOC and transformed into this huge and annoying discussion.

    So, forget that letter existed, you can even delete it from the newspaper, since i’m abandoning what i intended to do. And above all…get a grip everyone, this is a game and suddenly it has become too complicated, discussions, conspiracies, arguing over trifles.

    This is my first time RPing and it’s supposed to be fun and different from real life, without big worries and that seems to be going away from BSG.

    Anyway, sorry i wrote the letter and got people confused. Should have continued waiting for all this to blow off, if it will ever will. Keep on having fun or arguing, which seems to be what most people do, from an outside point of view. I wonder what new players that come here to read the newspaper or go to the forum think, when they read all the (( )) and (( )) and also the (( )).

    Again…RP = Game = Fun. Take care))

  20. Rhys Nieuport said

    (( Thank you, Ronon. ))

  21. starbuckk said

    Ok people time to put the OOC fangs back in our pockets and make nice again. The time for debates, back-biting, OOC attacks and campaigning are over. Zarta is moving and Gerome was in bed when this “challenge” was made and neither could be expected to respond. And that is how the subsequent article was phrased with no criticism for them “not showing”. They were unavailable and everyone knows it was through no fault of their own and nothing to do with any previous situations. NUFF said.
    This entire thread should be shut down and I propose that Dollwife do so as soon as she is available to close it to further discussion.

  22. Onyx Syakumi said

    (( I’m not exactly sure who attacked the “Concerned Citizens” thread OOC, but I think there’s a fair amount of misunderstanding as to what’s really going on here. My response to that comment was purely In Character, and any reference that I have made OOC to any misconduct has absolutely nothing to do with that comment which has since become its own article.

    But alas, I am unfortunately in a situation where it is not my call when the hammer meets the nail. ))

  23. Ronon Maximus said

    ((Well, just wanted to make clear and this is my last OOC comment, that my message was not directed at anyone or related to any specific topic.

    It’s just letting out the feeling i have that there’s a bad OOC vibe around the sim, that seems to be killing all the fun, at least for me. So, it’s a personal opinion that i decided to share, since this is becoming annoying in my point of view. Sorry if the bad english was misleading. Take care all.))

  24. Journeyman said

    ((Ronon, the sad part of it all is your IC letter was more true than you’ll ever know, or maybe you do know and just want to pass it off as a cool plotline idea – and, yeah, people, believe it or not there was once a time when mere players would drive stories and be creative 24/7 and have others, both admins and players, be supportive of them. It just saddens me to see how much we’ve fallen, how these people “in the know” can’t even get a clue and just put it all off as outside conspiracies. Thank you, Ron. It really brought a small tear to my eyes. Take care.

    Sorry all, just had to say that. Peace.))

  25. fleetnewsservice said

    ((All that can and will be said about this has been said. Per an excellent suggestion, I’m closing down this thread. The Drama Lama has spoken. Love…Kilt))

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