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Concerned Civilians…?

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 25, 2008

This is a message that was slipped under the news room door…it said it was written by a group of concerned civilians, that could no longer remain silent:

“It was with great surprise that we heard last night news about the political “joining” of Ms.Halberd and Ms.Vielle, specially since the logical roles seem to have been inverted. With no disrespect to Ms.Halberd, we believe it’s clear to everyone that her partner is much more active and connected to the people of the fleet, in terms of political and human needs.

We must reflect in what lead to this change and for that, we need to understand the forces behind Ms.Halberd. It is no secret, for the obvious reason, that the Captain has a strong connection to the military. Granted that this is a fact that she never tried to hide, as she constantly talks about strong leadership and how important it is for the civilians to work close with the military, but it also brings out the rumors that this situation has happened because the military are unhappy with the measures that Ms.Vielle took in New Aerelon, to ensure the safety of the people captive.

It seems to be common opinion among the high ranks of the military, that Ms.Vielle collaborated with the Cylons, even trying to oppose some acts of force against them, which is far from the truth as many of the people that were in New Aerelon can testify. So, it seems that was the final straw for them, that were already unhappy about Ms.Vielle’s position of a more balanced and separated relation between civilians and military.

Seems like Ms.Vielle was forced to accept this partnership with their candidate, if she didn’t want to see her name dragged in the mud, with false accusations related to New Aerelon. So, Ms.Halberd was brought forward, silencing our current President to a secondary position, the only candidate that could have really brought some positive change for the people.

The military seem to have achieve their goal – Ms. Zarta, with all her good will and invigorating speech, is a continuation of what we had before and Captain Halberd will make the military cast their shadow even further into civilian affairs.

This being said, we believe that last night was a sad day for democracy, even though Ms.Vielle with her grace and politeness will always deny it. If Ms.Vielle doesn’t change her mind or some other candidate closer to the people and with no links to the military appears, we hope there is an option for voting blank and we urge her supporters to consider this option too.”

((This is moved from another post…here are a couple responces…))

To the “concerned citizens” who could at once no longer remain silent, and yet could not stand the test of their convictions by stepping from the shadow of anonymous cowardice:

The timing of your memo shall not be lost upon the voters of this fleet whose intelligence you mock and ridicule by so brazenly publishing it mere hours before the opening of the presidential polling stations. You underestimate the intelligence and sophistication of the voters in this fleet, who will judge more harshly than you suspect the release of such a statement when Representative Halberd no longer has the luxury of time to reasonably address your slanderous accusation.

Your statement that Vicky Vielle is a more electable candidate within this race is purely speculative, but let us be honest for a moment. You and your ilk, if there truly are more than one of you, could care less about the ‘conspiracy’ that you believe you are bringing to light. Your only intention is to try, desperately I might add, to sabotage the political powerhouse that has emerged from the union of these two figures against your true idol: the forlorn Ms. Zarta Vargas, who must come to terms at long last with the fact that her ephemeral history has turned the voting public against her.

And yet, there is another factor involved in your vile belly-crawl that should bear inspection by the light of reason: why do you insist on driving a malign wedge between the military who protects the people and the people who admire the military for their sacrifices? When Tanya Halberd wins this election and is sworn into office as the next President in several days’ time, she will take the strides necessary to mending the wounds that individuals like yourselves insist on opening. She will unify this fleet once again, and repair the damage that has been done between the civilian populace and the people who put their lives on the line to defend it.

I can only question what motive a “person” could have for trying to divide the people from their protectors.

But then it occurs to me … perhaps they are not “people” at all.

-Onyx Syakumi
Commander, OPSEC Antares, On Leave
Commanding Officer, Colonial Marine Corps


7 Responses to “Concerned Civilians…?”

  1. Concerned Citizens said

    ((First, thank you for moving it to a single post, i appreciate that. Second, like i said before, this is pure RP and IC, i have no beef with anyone.

    And finally, there’s a paragraph that can be misleading. When it says – “The military seem to have achieve their goal – Ms. Zarta, with all her good will and invigorating speech, is a continuation of what we had before”, i’m criticizing her and saying that she presents no changes despite her speech and that military were able to take from the run Vielle, that was the only candidate that opposed them.

    Basically, it’s a position against the military influence and again…completely IC and RP…don’t know and don’t care about what’s going OOC. Thank you))

  2. Thundering Masses said

    There are a lot more of us than there are of you, trust me. This is all a bunch of BS.

  3. Starbuckk said

    My real hope is that whichever candidate is victorious this weekend, that both candidates will issue a call for unity. That someone could even say “there are a lot more of us than there are of you” is a sad statement about the divisiveness among our survivors.

    If we do not pull together, the cylons will not need to destroy us. We will accomplish it without their help.

  4. Please see my recent posting under “So Say We All…”

  5. LT(jg) Yevka Laws said

    I have caste my vote.

    I encourage all to do the same.

    We in the military appreciate the support of the party platform supporting us. The relationship is mutual.

    We need a president that is present and accounted for, seen regularly in the fleet.

    That is why I voted as I did.

    There is a story behind Vicky Veille and I’m simply not able to speculate on it. As a citizen I insist on a full accounting in this matter.


  6. Lt. Laws,

    You blame the Press for its reporting and fact checking here, yet the press was not the source of either item that you criticize. One was an anonymous letter and the second item a letter from Ms. Syakumi. You ask people not to jump to conclusions, and we agree. Please try not to jump to the same types of conclusions about us.

  7. LT (jg) Laws said

    Please remove comment 6 from this stream.

    The press does not need to publish everything it gets.

    I have great respect for Captain Syakumi. However she does not speak for the military as a whole, nor do I recall Commander Nephilim appointing her press spokesperson. In this matter she does not speak for me.

    I want my comments removed because of obvious errors. I also come of as bragging, which is unworthy of an officer in this fleet.

    Lives were saved. Thats what they pay me for.


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