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Who is Gerome Aeon anyway?

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 24, 2008

Sure he has lots of friends and members of the ‘Colonial Freedom’ know him well enough, but who is this guy who wants to be Vice President?  A profile of Gerome Aeon, Founder and Chairman of the Colonial Freedom Party.

Gerome Aeon - Chairman, Colonial Freedom Party

He was Head of Security of the Commonwealth Parliament on Gemenon when the Cylons all but wiped out the human race.  Later, Gerome Aeon became a Freedom Fighter attached to the Geminese Resistance, who carried on the struggle against the Cylon occupation.  The Geminese Resistance finally caught up with the Fleet after its last stand on that war-torn planet in a remarkable escape lasting two gruelling weeks.

Once settled in Fleet life, Gerome Aeon found himself involved in politics.  “I was assigned by Captain Serapis to the Security Unit aboard Colonial One and found myself working with the then President Zarta Vargas.  At that time I became aware of the lack of democratic process in the Fleet.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault really.  Survival was the order of the day and Democracy seemed to have taken a back seat.  So seeing the need for a democratic movement, I formed the Colonial Freedom Party”. 

No sooner had he created the Party, President Vargas resigned from the Presidency citing inreconcilable differences with certain members of the Quorum and some high-ranking officials.  She joined the Colonial Freedom Party, agreeing to lead it in a Presidential election, assuming such elections ever took place.

Gerome Aeon saw elections for the Fleet as his Party’s core mission.  “We immediately started campaigning to push for free elections whereby the people of the Fleet could choose who leads them.  Membership of the Party grew quite quickly because there are plenty of people in the Fleet who also want to have a say on who sits in the President’s office”.

Despite some early gains, the Colonial Freedom Party was only successful up to a point.  The election was called soon after the creation of the Party and Aeon claims that as a score for his Party.  “I believe we played a role in bringing about elections and that is what we wanted more than anything else.  But voter registration was very poor – only about 10% of the eligable voters actually registered.  No matter what the outcome on Sunday, I am sad because I don’t think the true voice of the people will have been entirely heard”.

And yet the democracy campaigner rejects claims that the people of the Fleet don’t care about democracy.  “I am sure that the electors want the people choose their President.  They do not want a cosey unelected clique helping itself to power.  But this value that we prize so high, this symbol of what sets us apart from the Cylons – Freedom – has been overwhelmed by the sheer necessity for survival.  The Military are busting their guts every day to defend our way of life and we honour them.  So we should also honour the democratic values for which they put their lives on the line”.

Accepting that his Party is the ‘under-dog ‘ in this political tussle, Gerome Aeon feels that there is already a winner.  “Only in this sense – that win or lose, there are now two political parties in competition for the people’s vote.  No matter who wins, there will be an effective Opposition that will continue to campaign and keep the Government honest and accountable.  So the winner is already Democracy.  In that sense, I feel as though my Party has made a useful contribution to Fleet life”.


4 Responses to “Who is Gerome Aeon anyway?”

  1. Fleet Defender said

    It makes me feel so good that someone we have never ever seen has been so incredibly influential in fleet politics. Wow.

  2. fleetnewsservice said

    Thank you to Fleet Defender fot the above comment.

  3. thalberd said

    I am very appreciative that you helped understand the “real Gerome” with this article. With all due respect, I believe that a few facts might lend additional clarity:

    1) The call for elections was first made by Kiltcheck Douglas, as I recall, in this news outlet. Even then it was already a foregone conclusion resulting from President Vargas’ resignation. Calling for rain as storm clouds approach is not the same as causing a storm.

    2) Voter registration is currently at 35%. Perhaps you and Geranna Aeon were misinformed, since you both seem to be freely using the same incorrect number of 10%.

    3) Your term as a security officer on Celestra was very brief, and I am not sure that working as a body guard for President Vargas is a good qualification to be the Vice President. Perhaps there is more to the story that you would like to share with us, perhaps showing us how you assisted with the drafting of policy mandates or legislation.

    4) When you say “I became aware of the lack of democratic process in the Fleet” it is quite likely that you were not aware of the frequent public deliberations of the Quorum, which produced a number of resolutions intended to solve real problems. Unfortunately, resolutions which called for actions on the President’s part, such as the call for the creation of a justice system, went unanswered, and had to be addressed later by the Quorum on its own.

    5) Either you or Geranna, I’m sorry I get the two of you confused, referred to me in an article as the “smiling hostess of 7th Heaven” you may not know that a great deal of the Quorum legislation was authored by me, promoted by me, and negotiated by me with a lot of work by very sincere Quorum Representatives who take their jobs very seriously. You couldn’t have known this though, cloistered as you were in Zarta’s office.

    Thank you again for this revealing article, and I look forward to more of your writings in the future.

    Tanya Halberd
    Captain, 7th Heaven
    Quorum of 12 Representative from Aerelon
    Candidate for President
    Smiling Hostess

  4. Starbuckk said

    The percentage that Geranna and Gerome both quoted was based on an exact transposition of the count of registered voters that I gave Geranna. It appears that this confusion was therefore the result of wireless interference in the transmission. The correct percentage of registered voters to eligible voters is 36.6%.

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