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“So Say We All Party” Releases Platform

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 24, 2008

Tanya Halberd

The “So Say We All Party,” also informally nicknamed “The Afterburners Party” is represented by Presidential Candidate and Quorum Representative Tanya Halberd and Vice Presidential Candidate and Interim President Vicky Vielle. They issued an official platform statement for the party today.

The platform is presented verbatim below. The platform for the “Colonial Freedom Party” or CFP, was published in the news some time ago, so consult archive listings for their platform.

So Say We All Party Platform

1) Fleet Unity

  • invigorate the missions for and appreciation of the pilots and the marines
  • upgrade all weapons and ships to include the latest possible technological advances in maneuverability and firepower

2) Weapons Research

  • create a laboratory on Celestra to research advanced physics and biological weapons
  • increase our production capacity to get advanced weapons into the hands of our fighting forces

3) Build an education center and natal care facility on TQ

  • to care for our children we will create an elementary education facility on the Tylium Queen
  • a neonatal care and STD clinic will be placed on TQ, run by Dr. Innis

4) Establish a permanent justice system

  • work WITH the Quorum to establish a permanent justice system
  • ensure that all judicial decisions are made by rule of law
  • ensure that colonists rights are protected

5) Cylons are our enemies

  • we affirm that the cylons are our enemies, and that genocide will not be forgotten
  • we will prevail in this conflict
  • we investigate¬†ways to end the conflict forever

6) Food

  • increase the hydroponics program further as a matter of urgency so we are more than self-sufficent
  • increase security for all hydroponics facilities
  • implement plans to start stockpiling food against future needs

7) Help locate Zarta Vargas

  • create a “Where’s Zarta” game, with pictures of the ships in the fleet and a tiny picture of the ex-president, and players will attempt to locate the ephemeral political figure
  • create a “Project Blue Book” run by Pacifica Intel Ops, to track and explain the infrequent Zarta sightings that have been reported in the press

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


16 Responses to ““So Say We All Party” Releases Platform”

  1. Anonymous said

    Now we have the ultimate proof that you are republican.

  2. Anonymous said

    ((And we have the ultimate proof that there are people that just don’t care about RL and SL boundries and cannot resist slamming people with their RL hate at every opportunity. There are no republicans or democrats in BSG so please keep your RL politics out of here.))

  3. thalberd said

    I have no idea what a republican is. I am from Aerelon.

    I do know what a coward is. When someone stands behind the barn and throws manure at people, they are always easy to find because there is a lot more of it on them than on the people they target.

  4. Onyx Syakumi said

    (( Well, Republican-bashing is all the rage as of late. It’s what all the “kool kids” are doing these days, so it doesn’t really surprise me that yet another blind follower would forget the difference between IC and OOC in order to spread the philosophy that popularity has invented for them without the benefit of independent thought.

    For the record, I have no problem with “real” Democrats or “real” Republicans. I do have problems with idiots, though. As for myself, I was staunchly Republicn until recently, when I elected to become Libertarian. ))


  5. Colonial Miner said

    This is what happens when you put a frakking barmaid in charge of politics – frakking schools and clinics on a mining ship! Is she frakking insane?

  6. Marcus Perry said

    ((Project Blue Book ?? ROFLMAO))

  7. fleetnewsservice said

    While we all got a nice chuckle from the gag about the “Where’s Zarta” game (LOL) in Tanya’s item, for the record ((Zarta is presently moving house in the real world and her priorities are pretty obvious – this is after all only a game. ANyone who ever moved house knows what she’s going through and it’s a pity the election coincides with that)).

    May I suggest that we keep this campaign fair and leave the personalities out of it? We have gained a democratic election and that’s what we’ve been campaiging for all this time. So let’s use this opportunity in the best way possible. Let’s talk policy and not personality. Just a suggestion.

  8. Ange - not the Commander in this, but just Ange said

    ((OOCly, from what I understand, and understand I leave the civilian politics alone by and large in the sim, the missing President issue stalled much of the action in sim with the governmental side of things…while the joke had bite, it does point up a chronic problem))

  9. Rhys Nieuport said

    I find it difficult to take Miss Halberds platform seriously when she includes agenda actions such as Item #7. Though the supporting Interim President Vicky Veille has lent political credibility to this party by running for Vice President it seems unfortunate that her experience did not curb the unprofessional avenue that the hopeful President has included in her road map.

    In this voters eyes this draws Miss Halberd down to the level of former President Vargas where she chose to resign from her Presidential position rather than continue to lead her people in a turbulent time.

    For this fleet member the vote has now become a more difficult choice.

  10. Shaula `Bad Fluffy` Isidis said

    Personally, I find the inclusion of such a sense of humor to be a refreshing change from the usual political pomp and decorum that goes with elections such as these. Nor does it qualify as baseless spin in my eyes, since most of the fleet can agree that former President Vargas made few public appearances during her entire term of office, which for whatever reason had deprived the fleet of the active and diligent President it needs and has ultimately become a large detriment to her party.

    I would rather vote someone into office who has always been there to care about the fleet’s morale and makes herself available for public discussion even in unofficial venues, where you can see the true face of the individual instead of the one they wear for the cameras and interviews.

  11. Cathiee McMillan said

    I have to agree with Rhys on the subject of the number 7 comments.
    This shows that Tanya, does not take her this election seriously.
    And with the everyone at Afterburners last night calling her Madame President even when the election has not been held yet is very disturbing. She is taking this glib, and seems to think she is a shoe in. I do wonder if their is some political blackmail going on in this election. Why did Acting President Vicky really decide to become Vice president. I also wonder would Tanya be so glib if Vicky was still running against her. Since we can not have write Ins.
    I would urge every citizen to Vote for Zarta Vargas again. And show Tanya that people do have a voice, and we do not take, her multifacited role as Captain, Council rep, Bartender, and wife to the commander lightly, she will be now adding to her role as President, will she soon be doing all our jobs, shall i hand my camera to her now?
    This Photographer and citizen is very worried about the future with some one who performs to many roles in the fleet, will she really have time to be president. Also on that note Will i be seeing the president walking around in her Blue jeans and side arm. Sorry that is not a feeling I want for my president. Makes her seem Mean and Harsh.
    I over heard as well at AB that Tanya will not be stepping down as Bartender of AB, do we really want a President serving drinks?
    When she may have more pressing matters. On hand than serving the next Aerlon Ale, or fuzzy Daggit.

    So Citizens please vote make your voices heard.
    Say no to Tanya. Until she can tell us where her ROLE in the fleet will be.

  12. Onyx Syakumi said

    Zarta Vargas cannot be trusted, and anyone who casts a vote for her does so with the public knowledge that they are selecting to put a lame duck into the greatest position of power that we as people have ever known or conceived. During her first tenure as President, a position which she inherited by right of succession rather than by way of public vote, she was ephemeral at best. As the appointed Commander of Fleet Security, it was not until months later when Zarta Vargas resigned from her position as the President and only sought to lure my ear into voting for her that she and I exchanged even a single word.

    Anyone who disputes the voting record of Tanya Halberd, not to mention the tenacity that she has shown in passing legislation that is crucial to the continued security of this fleet is kidding themselves. If all of you want the true story as to why the terrorist plot to blow up the Hydroponics Farm and the 7th Heaven Dome were not solved, you need look no farther than the Administration of Zarta Vargas. It was the then-standing Madame President whose responsibility it was to formulate and empower a judicial and investigative authority that would disseminate evidence and prosecute offenders in order to save lives.

    Were it not for the impatience of operators beneath my command as well as the foresight of the Quorum of Twelve who authorized the OPSEC team’s second raid on the Tylium Queen under the suspicion of terrorist resources being stockpiled there in relation to the destruction of the Hydroponics Farm, there is no doubt in my mind today that the entire 7th Heaven would have been destroyed and thousands of lives would have been lost.

    All of this, because Zarta Vargas never had the courage to pick up a pencil.

    How long, after her second ascension to power, befoe we will need her signature to protect us from other threats, both external and domestic?

    -Onyx Syakumi
    Commander, OPSEC Antares, On Leave
    Commanding Officer, Colonial Marine Corps

  13. Shaula `Bad Fluffy` Isidis said

    To the best of my knowledge, Tanya Halberd is on the record stating as doing the following should she become President:

    1) Stepping down as the Quorum Representative for Aerelon.
    2) Vacating the position of Captain of the 7th Heaven.
    3) Taking a voluntary leave of absence as CEO of FTL.

    To claim she is “just a barmaid” is highly selective slander. She has worked hard on each of these endeavors, and to give up her livelihood willingly now is a sign of her dedication and stepping up to help the fleet when we need it. I will not begrudge someone their love of a part-time hobby that they partake of on their own luxury liner, simply because the role of President must appear to be prestigious and thus further removed from the access of the common person.

    If that is how you decide who is best fit to be President… Then the gods help us.

  14. Starbuckk said

    The folks that are whining about the humorous statement made in item 7 would prefer perhaps a machine in the position of the president? IT WAS A JOKE. Get it? Humor in the face of difficult situations is a human method of dealing with difficult situations.

    Cathiee, you attack Tanya for her statement on item 7, then you turn around and take the opposition’s tack of pushing the “barmaid” angle. Never mind that Afterburners is where all the action is. It is the place where you hear everything. Where the colonials, both civilian and military, unwind, talk, share their concerns. What better place for a politician to gauge the feelings of the population than from one of the main gathering places of the fleet?

    We all laughed at the barmaid comments. We know they were in the same light. A joke meant to cast a little levity on the campaign. So it is with “Where’s Zarta”. If you can’t take a little heat, don’t light a fire.

    Captain Halberd is the captain of a fleet vessel, an ELECTED quorum representative AND the Chief Operations Officer of FTL Enterprises. She chooses to work the Afterburner’s gig for the specific reason of being out there with the people and hearing their concerns.

    FTL has already determined that Captain Halberd will be relieved of duties as Captain of 7th Heaven, and placed on leave of absence from her COO position. And her leaving her Quorum seat is a given as it is a matter of colonial law.

    Starbuckk Serapis
    Captain, Celestra
    CEO, FTL Enterprises
    Representative of Scorpia

  15. Both Representative and Captain Tanya Halberd and Interim President Vicky Vielle have been tremendous assets to our fleet and have the necessary experience to lead us into a new and brighter future. Their contributions are numerous and well known and there’s no need to belabor repeating them.

    Both of these inspiring women have been instrumental in our survival, our security, and the rebuilding of our lives. They both possess the courage, conviction, creativity, experience, and the ability to deliver real workable solutions to take us forward together.

    With regard to President Vielle potentially becoming Vice President; Interim President Vielle was concerned about all of the problems and questions which arose related to the incidents on New Aerelon. Combined with that, her wish to do her best in service to the Government and the people by ensuring she could still serve and provide her guidance going forward, and to bring us all together by joining with Ms. Halberd, were all instrumental in her making this decision.

    Please remember that our Interim President did not choose to take this position, it was forced upon her by circumstance; the early resignation of then President Vargas. She was originally intending to run for Vice President before circumstances changed and our current President felt that the politics of the Colonial Freedom Party were too extreme and divisive. Her only choice was to stand for her convictions and to run for President at that time.

    Now, by joining forces with Ms. Halberd, Ms. Vielle ensures that she can still contribute to our governance with the benefits of all of her experience. We feel this has only made the “So Say We All…” ticket stronger.

    In addition, the position of Vice President will allow Ms. Vielle the opportunity to spend more time with her son. Something I think we all can understand.

    The time for divisive politics has ended. The time for a new beginning is upon us.

    Kiltcheck Douglas
    Press Secretary and Advisor to Interim President Vielle

  16. Eyea Aya said

    It’s simple., Ms Vargas had her chance to show what she would do, during her own tenure as President. I will say that I did not observe very much. I know, that Ms Tanya Halberd has high hopes and qualifications to offer real leadership. Who among us, can not appreciate a little humor? The fact that she and Ms Vielle were able to find common ground and join forces is a testament to her ideals of cooperation and compromise , not idealogical demagoguery.
    Some of the words I see being spoken are very misleading and poisonous. Don’t be lured into that rat hole of deceit. It’s simple. I am voting for Ms Halberd and Ms Vielle.

    Eyea Aya
    Representative of Tauron, Spiritual adviser, Citizen

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