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Wall Of Memory

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 23, 2008

With the Enforced new Military Policy of Civilians not allowed to be on board Pacifica with out Permission.

I would like to request  that we move the Wall of Memory to the lobby of the 7th Heaven.

This will help with the push to Fleet Unity.

Thank you



12 Responses to “Wall Of Memory”

  1. LT(jg) Yevka Laws said

    I think denying civilians access to the wall is an unintended consequence of the policy. Many of the pictures on the wall are however of military personnel and their families. It can be difficult to get to 7H with frequent cylon attacks.

  2. Starbuckk said

    It may be difficult for military personnel to get to 7th Heaven with frequent cylon attacks, but it is impossible for civilians to get to Pacifica if they are not allowed to go there, cylon attacks notwithstanding. That is not to say I don’t agree with the policy. Pacifica is a military installation and needs to be protected.

    I believe such a wall can and should be set up in an area near Afterburners and will discuss this with Captain Halberd.

  3. Commander Nephilim said

    Pproper permissions and passes during non-combat events is the way to do it. No one barred civilians totally. We just have visitor protocols in place. This is yet again a instance of the hyperbole that has reigned in these recent times.

  4. Starbuckk said

    I suspected that this was the case given that no official notice of such a ban was ever sent to ship captains or other civilian authorities. But as these statements were being made by CIC personnel, clearly there were misunderstandings.

    However, the concern of the original editorial is still valid. Something as important as a Wall of Memory should be in place where all can view it and pay respects without having to ask for permission. 7th Heaven is really the only facility that qualifies.

    In that light, I believe it appropriate to set one up there. This does not mean that the military need change what they have on Pacifica. It simply means civilians will have access to one more easily accessible.

  5. Cathiee McMillan said

    I have to beg to differ about what i said, it is not OOC stuff at all,. If My character is talking to others and seeing the amount of civilians to be kicked off the pacifica, I may not no the actual reasons why they are kicked off.
    But in doing so, and seeing the amount of RED TAPE to go thru to first get permission to go to the Pacifica to then get to the delta. while trying to do it IC and not OOC in IM makes it very frustrating for RolePlaying civilians to go to the pacifica.
    This came about when i was behind the bar at Afterburners when a Pilot said to Innis and I wish you both could still go to the wall of Memory.
    (( and really why should WE be set up to be like the show having a Wall of memory on the Battlestar when everyone at one time goes to the 7th))

  6. We must all remember that Pacifica is a military vessel. Yes, it does hold the memorial, but given that passage is not always easy between vessels there will be difficulties if it were moved. Additionally, there are times when military staff must remain on Pacifica. I suggest a secondary memorial is a good compromise and agree that 7th Heaven is a suitable spot for it.

  7. Tanya Halberd said

    I think that the appropriate place is Pacifica, where the sacrifices are made and felt the most.

    We need a reasonable and well publicized way for citizens to visit Pacifica, in my opinion.

  8. LT(jg) Yevka Laws said

    This policy was implemented by Admiral Nagala.

    I do not believe long term Admiral Nagala will be commanding this fleet. Commander Nephilim’s policy was more reasonable. At some point the failures that led to the defeat of the Colonial forces are going to be reviewed by the Quorum and the Admiral will be found responsible and removed from the military command.

    Or some other event will occur.

    There is no reason to believe it will not be the case when she resumes her rightful place in the command.

    At this point I would suggest the following:
    1) Patience
    2) Make an official request through the quorom or the president of the colonies after the election that a system be set up to permit visits.

    OOC: Clearly the memorial belongs where it is. Watch the series. Access to the memorial on Galactica was denied for short periods of times for various reasons. We have diverged from the series in this regards due to rp considerations.

    Presidential Candidate Halbred says:
    We need a reasonable and well publicized way for citizens to visit Pacifica, in my opinion.

    I agree. When President Halbred takes office she should meet with the Military command authority and resolve this issue.

    It should be noted that the battlestar is short staffed and an escort can not always be provided. Plus we pilots are arrogant and don’t like civi-sitting duties.

    I both like and dislike the suggestion of a second memorial. Unity is what we need to escape the cylons.


  9. Anonymous said

    The Wall of Memory stays as it is where it is. Period.

    Lt Laws, your statements make you eligible for conspiracy and sedition as well. Watch your mouth.

  10. I think it’s clear where the Military stands on this. However, to insinuate that no one else in the fleet has suffered is narcissistic, cruel, and insensitive. Shame on you.

    I never suggested it be moved. Merely that a new Second Memorial be setup somewhere, perhaps the 7th, with our Presidential Candidate and Captain Halberd’s permission. There has been so much loss and not all have had a chance to add their photo to the existing memorial. The Military CANNOT dictate what we do on our own off their ship and it’s HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE for them to do so.

    There has been so much loss that a second memorial isn’t out of the question. It is obvious that the civilians in the fleet that would like to see a more openly available memorial. I know, I for one would happily move my photos to someplace more accessible where I don’t have to worry about a pass.

  11. Starbuckk said

    Point 1. The wall of memory on Pacifica will stay on Pacifica.

    Point 2. An additional wall of memory can be set up on either 7th Heaven or Celestra. Being the captain of one of those ships, I can say that.

    ((OOC: I’m not sure how this can work due to rezzing and prim limitations.))

  12. ((OOC: I think we can just manually graphically edit a wall segment or two and replace them…easier said than done on a HUGE ship that’s one big build!?…I know of some great single prim candles too…))

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