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Strange Goings On! (Part 3)

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 23, 2008

In late breaking developments, it was learned that the hate group broken up by arrests the other night was intent on assassinating Admiral Nagala. The arrests surrounding the plot to kill the Admiral are considered largely resolved. The ringleader, thought to be Seifer Saunders, was returned to military service and executed for treason, sedition, and attempted murder.

The attempt on Commander Nephilim’s life was deemed to be an act of desperation, rather than the main goal of the group.

Co-conspirators Dr. Shaheen Innis and Anaxamander Barbosa confessed their involvement, cooperated with the investigation, and were given relatively light sentences. Both of them are said to be in good spirits, however Dr. Innis is understandably upset over the execution of Saunders, which was done in her presence.

Investigators said that they don’t believe that all of the conspirators were captured, but that they “went back in the woodwork.” Several members of the fleet military were involved and were very cooperative, and will remain unnamed, investigators said. One remaining lead is that Saunders was affiliated with a certain political party that denied any knowledge of him, raising suspicions.

“We hope that Dr. Innis and Mr. Barbosa are able to put this behind them, and other members of the fleet will forgive their seemingly unwitting involvement in this hate group,” said one investigator who asked not to be named.

Sable Babii – Fleet News Reporter


3 Responses to “Strange Goings On! (Part 3)”

  1. Decker Sheridan said

    This afternoon, a courier stopped by my offices and delivered a communique from Lt. Barbosa. He thanked me for my support of him and and Dr. Innis during the recent circumstances that led to their incarceration. Although he was troubled by the label of co-conspirator that has been affixed to him and Dr. Innis, he understod that the tragic circumstances that occured will no doubt affect the way both he and Dr. Innis are perceived by many in the fleet, including some senior offiers who are convinced of his guilt, despite the findings of the investigations.

    He also wanted me to know that Dr. Innis is well and is recovering from her ordeal. He wouldn’t elaborate further but he indicated that he would continue his association with the former Virgon Representative. He indicated that their relationship stretches back to their childhoods on Virgon. I suspect that he wanted to tell me more, but was not ready to at the moment. He concluded his message with this statement:

    “Dr. Innis and I intend to rebuild our reputation with those citizens of the fleet who may think the worst of us, and we know that those who are aware of the truth about us have not forsaken the bond we shared with them before this tragic incident occured.”

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Decker Sheridan

    Colonial Fleet Historian

  2. Commander Nephilim said

    With all due respect, Mr Sheridan, the nature of the evidence was indeed quite enough for conviction. The reason your clients were released was due to a plea bargain. The military would be happy to fully divulge its evidence and I’m certain this spin control violates that plea bargain and might compel the Prosecutor’s Office to divulge full details as well. Is this how we move forward?

    Commander A. Nephilim
    Battlestar Pacifica

  3. Decker Sheridan said


    With all due respect, I do not wish to infer from my comments that either Lt. Barbosa or Dr. Innis were attempting to violate any terms of plea agreements they may ahve made. I do not doubt that he was not trying to divulge any pertinent information related to what occured. From what I read in his note, and I must point out that I paraphrased his words with the exception of the last line, which I found to be a geniune and sincere attempt to ask forgiveness from those who have judged him guilty despite his cooperation.

    It’s obvious from his note that Lt. Barbosa feels like a pariah over this. I sympathizze with the thought that wherever he goes, the looks and whispers are occcuring behind his back. Surely, Commander, an officer who had served you with distinction up until this point should be given an opportunity to re-establish the trust and esteem he once held in the eyes of his shipmates.

    If my words have been interpreted as spin, I apologize. It was merely my wish to show they are ashamed of what transpired and wish to close this chapter in their lives and find some way to continue on. Perhaps in the march of time, things may return to normal amingst all.

    Decker Sheridan
    Colonial Fleet Historian

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