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The Final Count-down – The Fleet Decides

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 22, 2008

The election is on Sunday and in the last days of campaigning, the two political parties vying for your vote are in pulling out all the stops to claim the prize – President and Vice-President of the 12 Colonies.

Geranna Aeon reports.

It’s a knock-out bout between “Colonial Freedom” and “So Say We ALL”.

In a curious twist of fate, the former President Zarta Vargas, who was elected by nobody, is campaigning to return to the top job on Sunday representing the Colonial Freedom Party against Acting President Vicki Vielle (again, elected to the post by nobody), who is standing for the “So Say We All” Party. And yet, she is not making a bid for the Presidency, standing aside from the position in favour of her running mate, Tanya Halbert.

It’s a political contest without precedent in the history of the 12 Colonies. Never before have two candidates, both of who have been President (but neither of them actually elected to the post by the people), fought it out at such close quarters in a political match whose outcome will be decided by what is historically a tiny number of votes.

Vargas’ running mate is the founder and Chairman of the Colonial Freedom Party, Gerome Aeon, who said his party was created specifically to bring about Sunday’s elections. “Naturally we are campaigning to win office because we have a very solid management plan for the Fleet – not just a vision. But win or not, we have played our part in bringing about these elections and that is essentially good for Democracy. After all, it is what we have been campaigning for”.

The other President wannabe on the other side is Captain Tanya Halberd, who is best known to most in the fleet as the smiling hostess of Afterburners aboard the 7th Heaven. The Halberd/Vielle team starts the contest as favourites having the advantage of incumbency and access to more Fleet resources than the fledgling Colonial Freedom Party. Halberd is very confident of winning on Sunday. “I have a very strong running mate, the Interim President (Vielle). My opponent was never active as President and hasn’t even campaigned. People know me very well and trust me”.

The Ombudsman for the election is Colonial One Captain Starbuckk Serapis of Colonial One, who is planning to deploy an automated election system for Sunday’s poll similar to the one designed for voter registration. Captain Serapis said that this vote will be entirely legitimate. “There will be no discrepancies”.

Given the dispersal of the population and the fact that the only voter registration booth was on the 7th Heaven, only a meager 10% of potential electors registered to vote. So Sunday’s poll may come right down to the wire to be decided by only a handful of people.

But voter registration was necessary according to Election Ombudsman Serapis because, “the Quorum elections will come shortly after the Presidential election. Registration was necessary to determine colonial affiliation for the quorum elections.”

Even a landslide victory for either side would only represent the will of less than 10% of the people – but hey, that’s Democracy in outer space when you’re on the run from the Cylons.


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