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Public Q&A with Halberd/Vielle

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 21, 2008

*Fleetwide relay of Public Q&A session for candidates Ms Vielle and Captain Halberd*

Halberd and Vielle Q&A

Vicky Vielle: The announcement has already been made in the News Review, as I am sure you will have seen, that Captain Halberd and myself are joining forces to run for the presidential seats on a joint Ticket. We feel this will be a benefit to the fleet as a whole, and help us face the future stronger and more unified.

Vicky Vielle: Want to say anything before we ask for questions?

Tanya Halberd looks for something to stand on.

Kiltcheck Douglas adjusts the mic for Tanya

Tanya Halberd: Are there any questions from the audience?

Marcus Perry raises a hand

Tanya Halberd: Mr. Perry?

Marcus Perry: Simple question, most likely not so simple answer…assuming you are elected… Where do we go from here?

Tanya Halberd: My answer is that it is up to all of us, the great people of the fleet, working together, sharing ideas, fighting our common enemy.

Vicky Vielle: We need to fiocus on external threats and not be riven by internal differences that moves our focus from our need to survive.

Dollwife Pink raises a hand

Tanya Halberd: Ms. Pink?

Dollwife Pink: During the debate the two of you seemed to share many common opinions…except one….Madame President you expressed a desire to understand the Cylons..while you Representative Halberd see them as nothing but savages…
How will the the two of you reconcile that difference?

Tanya Halberd: We have reached a common accord that is a codification of our basic tenets.

Vicky Vielle: I trust we will reach a concord on that, and I think maybe that it is necessary to have both those views represented at the head of government. Those very two viewpoints are reflected across the fleet.

Dollwife Pink nods…thank you

Starbuckk Serapis raises hand

Tanya Halberd: Captain Serapis?

Starbuckk Serapis: This is directed specifically at President Vielle. Should the Halberd/Vielle ticket win, this means you will move to the second seat…Do you see this as an issue to you now?

Vicky Vielle: (smiles) Captain, prior to the presidency becoming vacant, I was in fact seeking to be appointed to the Vice Presidency, so this is merely a continuation of that aim, in addition as a new mother I have other concerns and calls on my time than running the executive. I was willing to step up, as always to do my duty as the needs required it for the good of the fleet. But now, I think I can still use the experience I have gained to help Captain Halberd in what is, to be honest not an easy job at all.

Starbuckk Serapis: Thank you

Tanya Halberd nods thoughtfully.

Dollwife Pink raises a hand

Tanya Halberd: Ms. Pink?

Dollwife Pink: Representative Halberd…Do you feel there is an imbalance between the 2 sides of government..the Quorum and the President? If so..what will you do to change that balance?

Tanya Halberd: There have been some complaints, and I think they may have been legitimate. We are going to put up a resolution that Quorum resolutions require a presidential pass or veto, with the Quorum able to override with a 2/3 majority vote.

Tanya Halberd: Let me point out that if a branch is unwilling to solve a problem, another branch may be stimulated to action.

Dollwife Pink: How will that work with numerous vacancies in the Quorum?

Tanya Halberd: We are going to have Quorum Elections immediately following the Presidential Election.

Dollwife Pink: (nods) Thank you. (Looking to Cpt. Serapis)

Starbuckk Serapis: May I?

Dollwife Pink smiles

Tanya Halberd: Please do.

Starbuckk Serapis: As Captain Halberd pointed out, all quorum seats are up for election/relection after the close of presidential elections. We hope the current open seats will be filled….((part of the answer must be here it is…given the restrictions of SL it has become an exercize in futility to get 12 people on opposite corners of the globe to get together for any meaningful debate…so actions such as the OOC forum, posting of resolutions and out of world discussions are being done to deal with that)). IN the end, the answer to your question is we have determined that rules call for any vote requirements to consist of 2/3 of filled seats..not 2/3 of existing seats. If we went by votes requiring any majority of ALL quorum members, the business of government would stop. ((that is an OOC statement as well as an IC statement I mean “all quorum SEATS))

Tanya Halberd: Thank you, Captain.

Vicky Vielle: Any further questions?

Tanya Halberd looks expectantly around the large room.

Marcus Perry raises a hand

Vicky Vielle: Go ahead Captain

Marcus Perry: I’d like a more solid answer to my previous question as to “where will we go from here” … What will the fleet do? Will we continute our search for the elusive earth?

Tanya Halberd: I apologize Marcus, I thought your question was one of policy. Our intent is to continue on our quest for Earth, established by President Vargas.

Vicky Vielle: We will keep ahead of our enemy seeking a solution while surviving as best we can, and still head for the hope for our future that is Earth.

Marcus Perry: Well, I guess our policy partly dictates our course, not metaphorically speaking. But thank you for your answer.

Tanya Halberd: We intend to bring together the diverse groups in the fleet, allow them to be heard, attempt to choose the best course.

Vicky Vielle nods to Ms Pink

Dollwife Pink: You say bringing together the diverse groups…will that be done in the form of some official body or just by hearing what they have to say?

Tanya Halberd: There are several ways we intend to do that. First, by supporting the Quorum as the elected representative body. Second, Ms. Vielle and I are committed to making ourselves available to hearing people’s concerns directly. This will be most evident by us being approachable in Afterburners on a frequent basis.

Dollwife Pink: Thank you

Starbuckk Serapis: Ok..There has been some both subtle and open talk about military morale and a feeling of tension between military and civilians. Do you have a plan for helping to address that and further uniting us as one fleet?

Tanya Halberd: I would like to answer that. There are people who have accused the military of all kinds of wrongs, and I find that unacceptable. Divisive, unsupported accusations are slanderous and I will seek to stop it. We’ve seen it in the press and in the civilian population. If you can’t prove it, shut up I say. I don’t blame our fighting men and women for resenting these attacks.

Vicky Vielle: Ahem, we all need to understand here that there are two sides, the civilians realise our defence is maintained by the military, yet the military must realise too who supports them with the material and supplies to keep the fight and them at the peak of ther performance.

Marcus Perry: This one is for Captain Halberd…

Tanya Halberd: Yes?

Marcus Perry: Captain, should you be elected president, will you step down as one of the CEOs of FTL Enterprises to avoid any conflicts of interest ?

Tanya Halberd: I will certainly step down as Captain of 7th Heaven. It has not occurred to me that I might be asked to step away from my interest in FTL, since it is basically a “non-profit” business. I could certainly see my interests managed by blind proxy, however.

Starbuckk Serapis: IF I may

Tanya Halberd: Yes Captain?

Starbuckk Serapis: Captain Halberd would as a matter of prevention of conflict of interest most likely be placed on a leave of absense….as with all service to government, civilian agencies are expected to return those that chose to leave for temporary service back to their positions when their terms of service have completed.

Vicky Vielle: If there are no further questions?

Tanya Halberd: Anyone else?

Tanya Halberd grins

Tanya Halberd: Alright, thank you all for coming. As we have said before, we will be easy to find. Please talk to us.

Vicky Vielle: Thank you, one and all

Kiltcheck Douglas steps forward toward the mic and between the two ladies.

Kiltcheck Douglas: Thank you all for coming…we hope you’ll be putting in your vote for us in the upcoming election.


3 Responses to “Public Q&A with Halberd/Vielle”

  1. LT(jg) Yevka Laws said

    It would be nice to see the second candidate in sim.

    I think the issue of the cylon discussed in this article merits a deep, detailed discussion.

    Citizen yevkie

  2. Lt(jg) Argo Blanco said

    Would be nice also to listen to the third candidate, Zarta Vargas

  3. Anonymous Critic said

    It might also be helpful if presidential-hopeful Vargas would show her face more than she did during her largely vacant presidency.

    -A Concerned Citizen

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