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Strange Goings On! (Part 2)

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 20, 2008

There is more news on this fast-breaking story. Apparently, the whole event was related to a conspiracy to oust the Admiral through violent means. This comes as some of the involved parties have started sharing details with investigators.

The military individual in the brig is Anaxamander Barbossa and the civilians being held on River Delta are Seifert Saunders (relieved of his military commission) and Quorum Representative Shaheen Innis. Dr. Innis has been relieved of her responsibilities pending the outcome of these investigations.

In another shocking track, apparently a number of military officers and civilians have been implicated. Some have come forward and are cooperating with authorities. Others have not, and it may soon be too late for them to extricate themselves from this tsunami of mutinies.

Ironically, all of this came to light as a result of the incredible bravado and hubris of one Seifert Saunders, who was in Afterburners bragging that “his group” would bring down the military chain of command.

When asked to expound on these events, the enigmatic Commander Nephilim said, “No comment.”

Investigators have asked that you bring forward any information related to this incredible and bizarre plot. Contact Commander Nephilim or Onyx Syakumi directly.

Sable Babii – The News-Review


6 Responses to “Strange Goings On! (Part 2)”

  1. Decker Sheridan said

    Lt. Barbosa in custody? This is Madness! Anaxamander Barbosa is not the type of individual who could be capable of such a heinous act. There must be an explanation to all of this lunacy. Never in the annals of the Colonies have there been such a nefarious plot and to accuse teh jovial Lt. of such is a crime unto itself. I hope that this investigation will prove his innocence and restore him to duty with all expedience.

    Decker Sharidan
    Colonial Fleet Historian

  2. Decker Sheridan said

    I am beside Myself that a respected and uncompromisingly loyal member of the Quorum such as Dr. Innis has been implicated in this tissue of lies. In all my years of historical research, I have never seen a bigger travesty of justice that I am witnessing at this moment. For shame upon those who have sullied the Doctor’s good name. I hope that thos who have brought these falsehoods against her will face the harsh glare of justice when this matter is resolved.

    Decker Sheridan
    Colonial Fleet Historian

  3. LT(jg) Yevka Laws said

    The situation is tense and the media report has not touched the depth of this situation.

    Patience, I believe the current crisis will be resolved.


  4. Andi Whiteberry said

    This is yet another example of a fleet gone insane.

    Gods help us all as the “powers that be” continue to descend into the heart of darkness that is a military dictatorship.

  5. No Comment said

    Military dictatorship? Are you out of your mind? After two years of hearing those same whinnings and complains… come on, enough!

    It’s not like our president’s in bed with the commander, we are still independent! Oh, wait…

  6. No Comment said

    No, really, wait!

    ((LOL, no disrespect meant, but… it’s true! And funny!))

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