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Quorum calls for new Resolution…

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 17, 2008

The fleet buzzes amd wispers with alegations of abuse and torture of those being held in the Pacifica brig.  Torture of the Cylons who supposedly aided in our escape from New Aerelon.  As a result Representatives Halberd and Aya for forth the following statement…

To the citizens of the fleet, there have been rumors of abuse of prisoners in the fleet. We have investigated these rumors and determined that they are false. To help reassure our people, Eyea Aya and I are working on a bill to prevent any abuse of prisoners. ((If you have ideas, please IM me, Tanya Halberd or Eyea Aya.))

 As a side note…Resolution 200801-03 (Defense of the Fleet Against Cylons) was passed by the Quorum with a 6-1 vote.  It remains unsigned on the Presidents desk.

Ms. Pink – The News-Review


8 Responses to “Quorum calls for new Resolution…”

  1. Paxan Freck said

    Torturing a Cylon?

    Isn’t that like throwing a toaster in the garbage?

    I don’t see how one can “torture” a machine. They’re just circuits and programming.

  2. Cathiee McMillan said

    first I believe we should not offer any resolution to abusing Cylons, they do it to us. Lets Space the Cylons, we are all in danger if we keep these “peace full cylons”


  3. Andi Whiteberry said

    How distressing! How do we hope to distinguish ourselves from the monsters who wiped out most of our race, if we stoop to their tactics? If we behave as they do, do we not become monsters ourselves?

    We are better than that.

    They are not all alike, nor should we treat them as if they are. There were those who risked everything to help us. Do we replay them by torturing them or throwing them out an airlock?

    Treating those who helped us with dignity and respect is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of our humanity.


    Leandrah E. Whiteberry, MD

  4. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    Our “humanity” is what allowed these mechanical monsters to destroy our civilization in the first place. And yet there are people that think we should open our arms wider than they already were?


    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commanding, 47th Air Group
    Battlestar Pacifica

  5. Eyea Aya said

    It is difficult to remain true to principles when struggling against forces that threaten to defeat you.
    Do not let this war destroy your humanity. Your hopes shall keep you human.

  6. Customizer said

    Hey, how about this way of distinguishing us from them: They die, we live. Works for me.

  7. Marine said

    They help us, we torture them? That doesnt sound right

  8. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    Have we forgetten all those skinjobs in the past that have betrayed us after helping us? It’s in their programming. When will you people get your heads out of your frakking hinterlands and get a clue?

    They are out to exterminate us. To use us as lab rats in their insideous experiments. To replace us.

    As I said before. You people are amazing. And not in a good way.

    Major Stiglitz

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