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The Campaigns begin…

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 15, 2008

As hopefully everyone knows by now…and you have registered…to late if not!
Voter registration closed at midnight, 1/13, 2008. The presidential campaigns are now starting with a targeted voting day of 1/27. There may be several days to vote. The following week, elections for the Quorum will be held.Thus far, the known declared presidential candidates are (in alphabetical order by last name): Tanya Halberd, Zarta Vargas and Vicky Vielle.

Representative Tanya Halberd can be found most often serving drinks at Atherburners…Former President Zarta Vargas has setup her party office next to the bridge on the Tylium Queen…Interum President Vicky Vielle has setup her party office next to the clinic on 7th Heaven.

I encourage everyone to hear the messages of the candidates…to decide who best speaks for you…and finally to VOTE!

Ms. Pink, The News-Review


2 Responses to “The Campaigns begin…”

  1. Lt. Barbosa said

    A thought occurs to me if the registrations that were originally submitted for the previous elections are still valid or if we needed to re-register. A little late now, but it is something to ponder.

  2. Kazimie Alderson said

    i guess we can call it a census on whos still active

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