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Quorum pass more Resolutions

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 15, 2008

Press Release from Rep. Halberd: 

Two important resolutions have been passed by the Quorum to help establish a judicial system. These are QR 200801-01 and QR 200801-02. They provide for a judicial office and a prosecuting attorney and docket manager’s office.

Previous resolutions asked the Vargas administration to set these up, but after no action was taken, the Quorum recently took these steps. At a later time, a more pro-actve office of the President may want to revisit these issues and perhaps take ownership of these offices.

Colonialists should be heartened by the establishment of these offices in a way that  protects individual rights. These will be posted soon, and all Quorum resolutions can be found at

Tanya Halberd
Captain, 7th Heaven
Quorum of 12 Representative from Aerelon


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