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Who Wears the Uniform?

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 9, 2008

Geranna Aeon presents the fighting men and women of the fleet who put their lives on the line for us every day.  This week we meet Viper Pilot
Sylar Oppewall.

The warriors who protect come from civilian life mostly – ordinary folks like you and me, from Gemenon (my colony), Libra, Leonis, Caprica, Virgon or anywhere.  They used to be librarians, fishermen, teachers, carpenters – now they fight.  Here’s the story of one young man of Picon, who joined with the Geminese Resistance for a time, before hooking up with the Fleet recently.  He’s a Viper Pilot now, but like all of our fighting men and women, he’s our hero.  Meet Sylar Oppewall.

“Before the first cylon invasion I was a simple man living on Picon with my family in a small fishing village.  When I became of age, I went to college in Geminon to study astromony and astral sciences.  But as soon as I was aware of the Cylon threat that was sweeping the colonies, I tried to return home but it was to late.  So I joined a civilian security detail to help refugees escape the planet.  Soon after I was in the full swing with the Geminese military movement, fighting back against the Cylons any way I could.

“I was trying to help Geminese refugees escape as my home was already destroyed and laid waste.  I wanted to get as many people to safety as possible. With the final defeat of the insurgency on Gemenon, a small group escaped and joined  the survivors of the other 11 colonies, here aboard Pacifica.

Sylar Oppewall went from Fisherman to Security Op to Viper Pilot within the space of two months.  Not bad going for a young man who only flew his first ever figter a mere 7 weeks ago.  Like so many of our heros, he never sought greatness – he too had greatness thrust upon him.  Is he ambitious?  Yes – but in an understated way. Sylar is proud, but not conceited.  “One day, I would like to move up the ranks to command a Viper squad or anything that involes advancement within the fleet to better the colonies.  I have heard that it takes to long to get ahead in any position within the fleet.  But basically, we are a strong Fleet and  if the millitary and civillians can get along then we can do anything!”

No matter what the future may hold, Sylar knows where he belongs right now.  “One of the most exciting experiences of my life was getting in the cockpit of a Viper and being launched into space……GODS what a RUSH!  I knew it was where I wanted to be”.

And thank the Gods for heros like Sylar and all the other men and women who protect the Fleet with their lives – day in, day out.


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