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((Sim Featured in SL Newspaper))

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 9, 2008

I almost forgot all about this…I was interviewed by the M2 right before I went on vacation. The interview and plug for the sim can be found here!

In the Lifestyles section…page 25.


7 Responses to “((Sim Featured in SL Newspaper))”

  1. Lt. Barbosa said

    Great story, some nice shots with the story, but it felt like it could have gotten a little deeper into talking about what was going on. great overview nonetheless.

  2. Paxan Freck said

    The press is always quick to cast the Tyllium Queen in bad light. What about all the good things that happen there?


  3. Shaheen Innis said

    hope it brings in more players

  4. Kazimie Alderson said

    was wondering when that eddition was going to be released

  5. Dree said


  6. Katier said

    Everything mentioned about the Tyllium Queen was quoted or paraphrased from members of the sim or the sim’s notecards.

    I can only go with information passed onto me by the sources such as these so any bad light isn’t generated by me 🙂

    FWIW probably my favourite ship but I don’t do opinionated articles so I couldn’t say what I felt, just what I was told :).

    Glad you liked it overall though :).

  7. Julian said

    Don’t worry, Katier. The gripe about the press and the TQ was most definately a Roleplaying comment, written by a character’s point-of-view and not it’s player. Pretty funny, too. 😉

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