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Normality at Afterburners?

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 7, 2008

Just 24 hours after reuniting the fleet…people gather again at Afterburners. Minutes after Cathiee McMillan poured the first few drinks…Raiders appeared within the fleet. The never tiring Viper pilots excused themselves and rushed off to engage the Raiders. The rest of us sat listening to the wireless and chatting about being “home” and other trivial matters.

Are we back to normality? A fleet on the run…chased by the never ending waves of hounds? How quickly we all settled back into that routine.

I am not suggesting it is the wrong attitude to take…for it is how we protect ourselves…how we deal with life now as we know it….but I would like to make a suggestion…

Next time you are in Afterburners..sipping on a glass of whisky…take a moment to raise that glass and think of why we are still here. Think of those brave souls out there fighting against the Raiders..of those sitting next to you who will patch them up when they get home…of those who lead…and those who govern…and those who stand behind that bar serving you your drink.

We are all human…and all in this together…So Say We All!

Ms. Pink
The News-Review


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