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Tanya Halberd announces run for Presidency!

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 6, 2008

I caught Captain Halberd today in the welcome/customs area of 7th Heaven while she was greeting new arrivals and assisting others in registering for the upcoming election.  I was able to drag her away…not very hard to do since she always seems to lend an ear.  My interview was more of a chat with Captain / Representative and went as follows…

Ms. Pink: please forgive me not getting with you sooner….i was stuck on a freighter when the attack happened and thank you for taking the time to see me.
Tanya Halberd: Sure, I am happy to finally get a chance to talk with you. Part of the reason I wanted to meet with you is that I think that there need to be some changes in the leadership in the fleet.
Ms. Pink: yes…so let me ask first…are you planning on running for president?
Tanya Halberd: I am. I haven’t said this officially until now, but I am running. There are a few people who might consider being my running mate, but that isn’t decided.
Ms. Pink smiles…well congratulations on your decision to run
Tanya Halberd: As you  may know, I was vocal in my disappointment with the Vargas administration. She did nothing, in my opinion in 2 1/2 years, then blamed everyone else when she resigned. Then Vicky Veille, who I like very much, became our interim president.
Ms. Pink: only by default…you were running against her for VP correct?
Tanya Halberd: She is a dear person, but talk about babies and education in a time of war is not going to be sufficient.
Tanya Halberd: The nominations for VP were suspended when President Vargas resigned. I believe that Vicky and I are both running for President, and will pick our running mates.
Ms. Pink: President Vielle’s talk of babies and education came at a time before the last attack
Tanya Halberd: Yes, well in  my opinion she has not been very supportive of our military, who put themselves in harms way to keep us safe. She also has been very vocal about not supporting our civilian security forces.
Ms. Pink: which makes me wonder…how supportive would you be of the military?
Tanya Halberd: We should be honoring those people, not attacking them.
Ms. Pink: being literally in bed with them…slight smile
Tanya Halberd smiles.
Tanya Halberd: They are willing to die for us, and we have got to show them that we appreciate that.
Ms. Pink: do not get me wrong…they do deserve to be honored but many people would be concerned that that appreciation would play into politics as well.
Tanya Halberd: I don’t follow what you mean.
Ms. Pink: people will wonder if you will grant the military favors or bestow upon them power greater than they should have
Tanya Halberd smiles. “I am a little surprised to hear that suggestion. The military have asked for very little other than the ability to do their jobs. I would not interfere with them unless they wanted to do something counter to the Articles of Colonization or the laws passed by the Quorum.”  We are a fleet of 100,000 people. Not billions. It is a small community, and we need to work together.
Ms. Pink: Please understand I make no assumptions nor attacks…i am only asking questions that may be on peoples minds.
Tanya Halberd: No, that’s fine. I’m quite aware that there are people in the fleet who suspect conspiracies every-time someone in a uniform meets with a civilian… It is so silly, in my opinion, to think that they are underhanded or evil.
Ms. Pink: I have seen a large rift between the military and civilians…that is one of the reasons I became a close that rift…what would you do to close that rift if elected president?
Tanya Halberd: I couldn’t agree with you more. We have groups of people, all wanting the best for the fleet, yet fighting for turf. For example, people wanted the crime to stop on the Tylium Queen. OPSEC went in and did some good by stopping food pirating and capturing explosives. People on that ships crew were more concerned that they might look bad than that crime was prevented.  Rather than help fight the criminals, they turn and attack the individuals who are risking their lives to make the fleet safer.
Ms. Pink: so what is your answer?  we all see the problem
Tanya Halberd: There are no simple answers, but one thing I want to do is to open all lines of  communication. As president, I would be available for discussions with anyone in Afterburners several times a week. How many people ever met President Vargas? She was lofty and unapproachable. I won’t be that way. I will encourage Quorum members to join us frequently, as well, to answer peoples’ concerns.
Ms. Pink nods
Tanya Halberd: There are many many good people in the fleet. We need to get them talking, get them to understand that everyone has a job to do.
Ms. Pink: communication is very valuable yes
Tanya Halberd: The group we need to be tough on are the Cylons.
Ms. Pink: that leads me to my next question…
Tanya Halberd: I was shot by 2 centurions who were determined to kill me. I lived. I have a deep hatred of them. I don’t trust them and will never attempt to appease them.
Tanya Halberd smiles. Sorry
Ms. Pink nods
Ms. Pink: i can see your passion against them…smiles…a week ago the fleet ran..and left many behind on New Aerelon…what would be your plan concerning them?
Tanya Halberd: That was a tough command decision that the Commander made, and I support her ability to pick the time of a battle and to be prepared.
Ms. Pink: so you recommend returning?
Tanya Halberd: We are going to rescue the people there. I cannot discuss details. I would not want to be a cylon on that planet right now, however. My heart goes out to the poor people on the planet who are captives. We will be there soon. Unfortunately, there were a number of base stars in the area. We took out several, but several are left and we cannot just go in unready.
Ms. Pink nods…so there is a plan
Tanya Halberd: By the way, many many people heard me vocally express the concern that the planet was a trap. It was. That is a great failure on our part to foresee the devious nature of  the enemy.
Tanya Halberd: We must never let our guard down again like that.
Ms. Pink: yes…the people agree
Ms. Pink: but what if there is a chance for peace of something close to it?
Tanya Halberd: The problem with peace is that it requires trust and concessions. You cannot make peace with an enemy that you cannot trust, and you cannot make concessions to an enemy that has shown itself to be unworthy of respect and is dishonest in its dealings. Those things think we are animals, and that agreements with us are not to be kept.  I find very little to hang the olive branch on with this enemy at this time. Concessions to creatures or machines that steal our babies are not acceptable. The word “unacceptable” is very important to me right now. Sometimes we must make tough choices and take great risks to maintain the things that make us human. Our principles are so important. There are no concessions that I could imagine making at this time with those things.
Ms. Pink nods
Ms. Pink: so once the people are brought “home”…what do you envision for us?
Tanya Halberd: We need to elect a new president, and I hope it is me. <smiles> We need a more active Quorum than we have now, and I hope that the elected officials are more concerned with their responsibilities than the current ones. We need to bring groups in the fleet together and stop the bickering. We must reduce the  the crimes of violence in the fleet and ensure a regular food supply. We need to let the Commander make the decisions to keep us safe from the enemy. We need to develop a more stable food supply in multiple locations that are less vulnerable to attack. Whew. <laughs>  Just a few issues, right?
Ms. Pink: you seem to have your ideas straight in your mind and a passion behind them.
Tanya Halberd: I have been in it, working on it. Most of the bills sponsored in the Quorum were by me. I listen to people talk about their issues nearly every night in Afterburners. I truly care for people and about these issues. We can’t please everyone, but at least some common sense and some hard work will be better than what we’ve had.
Ms. Pink: well…one last question?
Tanya Halberd: Just a fun idea. Everyone seems to be forming “parties” now for this political season.
Tanya Halberd: I am forming the “Afterburners Party”.
Tanya Halberd: Sorry, go ahead.
Ms. Pink chuckles…catchy
Ms. Pink smiles…so people are wondering…is your and the commanders sexlife good?
Tanya Halberd breaks out laughing with a surprised look. “You actually expect me to answer that?” <pause> “I will say that I consider myself to be very lucky to have as a partner such an honorable, courageous and caring individual as Angelica Nephilim. Very few people know how deeply she considers every action for fairness and honesty. She is truly brilliant, and I consider myself very blessed to be with her.”
Ms. Pink: fair enough..smiles
Tanya Halberd grins warmly
Ms. Pink: any last words you would like to people to know now that you have officially entered the race?
Tanya Halberd: I appreciate what you guys at the news are doing very much. It is important for you to maintain your objectivity and fairness, and to get the issues out for the people to stay informed. I know it is a hard job to suspend your personal beliefs and to try to take that objective track sometimes. I hope we have a clean race, with real issues being discussed, and positive agendas being put forward. I think we will get the best leadership that way.
Ms. Pink: I commend that attitude and hope it will be shared by the others
Tanya Halberd: Me too.
Ms. Pink: Thank you for this brief opportunity to sit down with you
Tanya Halberd: Thanks for your time, and if you have any questions, you and everyone else knows where to find me!

Tanya can be found most anytime on the 7th Heaven..greeting people or in Afterburners…I encourage everyone to go and ask her these questions yourself!  She seems passionate and concerned.  If you have concerns of your own…let her respond to them.

Ms. Pink

The News-Review


One Response to “Tanya Halberd announces run for Presidency!”

  1. Vicky Vielle said

    I welcome the fact that the Captain has thrown her hat into the ring. But I am afraid she has misrepresented my views and mixed up my policies with those of another political party.

    While education and babies are important at no time have they formed any part of my political manifesto.

    I have also always publically and often, as many will attest, praised the tireless work of the military, and not only supported the civilian security services but encouraged its growth.

    I hope Captain Halberd and I can meet to discuss why she seems to have such misapprehensions.

    Vicky Vielle
    Interim President of the Twelve Colonies

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