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Fleet launches daring rescue!

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 6, 2008

I know everyone knows by now…Commander Nephilim took the Fleet and the Pacifica back to New Aerlon and launched a suprise rescue of our captive Colonials!

At this time I know a group of Raptors and Civilian Shuttles landed on the planet and brough back the captives…who they came back with I do not know.

Look here to The News-Review for updates as soon as they come in!

Ms. Pink

The News-Review


Chaos in the 7th sickbay and two humanoid Cylons returned with the captives! They supposedly aided us in the rescue…or is this another Cylon trick? More to follow!

Reporting as I hear it…

Interim President Vielle’s son Ares is believed to be a hybrid Cylon…the father assumed to be a Humanoid Cylon! Pacifica’s CAG questions the motives of President Vielle!

Pacifica’s lead Raptor Pilot and Marine Commander both reported as causualties!

Major Stiglitz heard saying this…”Last I saw, Representative, the Quorum was running amok all over Executive power”…as she thew up her hands in disgust…walking away saying “Frakking battle still going on, and they want to play politics. Never ever trust a politician.”

I fear this dialogue by both the Quorum and the Major will do no good for the fleet…and certainly not help military/civilian relations. Moments later..this came over wireless…

As Commander Nephilim and the military continue to win the battle, our people have returned home. The Quorum has voted to rescind Martial Law, restoring civilian authority to the powers vested by the Articles.

Dispite comments on both sides…Quorum and Military…the job the military combined with civilian shuttle pilots did this evening was nothing but true heroics!  A true team effort in bringing our people safely back to the fleet!  All differences aside…all questions gone…what the Military and the Civilian pilots and security forces did demands to be recognized by us all!

Ms. Pink…signing off till tomorrow…may the Gods keep us all safe through the night!


6 Responses to “Fleet launches daring rescue!”

  1. starbuckk said

    The declaration of martial law was made for one specific reason: The bulk of civilian government was held captive on New Aerelon and unable to function. It was reluctant but necessary in order to maintain the safety of the fleet. If the continuation of a battle outside the walls were the reason for martial law we would have been under martial law from the beginning.

    The fact is, the military should not be burdened or responsible for keeping order and government among the civilians. Martial law strains military resources and DETRACTS them from doing their most important jobs.

    Once the President was rescued and certified by medical personnel to be fit to lead, martial law was no longer appropriate. Such a decision in no way damaged the readiness of the military or its effectiveness. In fact, had a notice not been sent out, it is unlikely anyone would have noticed anything different.

    Would Major Stiglitz have preferred us to sit in Afterburners and look out the windows? Yes a battle was going on. And we had done all we could to support it. We may not have been out there shooting toasters but we must continue to function as ONE fleet. We each have our responsibilities. And we as the elected quorum were attending to ours.

  2. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    Since there was a question as to whether or not the mother of a Cylon hybrid was a Cylon herself or not, I submit that she should not have been immediately reinstated. But barring that, the lifting of martial law during the middle of a raging battle, and potentially throwing the entire command organization carefully orchestrated plans into chaos, was irresponsible at best, and criminally negligent at worst, but probably falling in the middle, around stupidly reckless.

    There’s a time and a place for everything. Changing the military command structure – and reinstating a new commander in chief is most definitely changing the command structure – did not belong when it occured. While you and your cohorts were playing politics and getting in good with the constituency, we had people dying, still fighting to get civilians off of the planet.. People like Lieutenant Brandi Rowlands, our Marine leader. People like Lieutenant Taros Dibou, our Raptor Squadron skipper.

    Vampires, the lot of you.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    47th Air Wing Commander
    Battlestar Pacifica.

  3. LT Yevka Laws said

    We mourn the dead with great sadness in our hearts.

    They put their lives on the line and made the ultimate sacrifice so that we might survive.

    Lords of Kobol, hear our prayers. Take these braves souls who died today into your welcoming arms. Protect them, nurture them. Lessen the suffering loss that breaks our hearts

    We pray that we are worthy of your protection and for a way to escape the cylon menace and find a home in which we can live in peace and harmony.

    Those that died and those that risked their lives yesterday, are heroic and their names will be blazed in the pages of history. Brave warriors that fought incredible odds and overcame once again.

    I am proud to have served with such men an women. It is an honor to have even known them.

    The challenge here is not to remember the dead, for the pain will remind us as we carry that burden. The challenge is to make their sacrifice meaningful.

    We do this by how we live our lives and how we conduct the future battles and certain sacrifices they will require.

    Further I would like to praise the members of our squadron, heartbreakers. Decimated by the initial attack with members missing, they trained hard and long, in risky and difficult ways.

    To protect the inexperienced, I asked (directed?) pilots to pair up, one experienced watching over the nuggets. They did this without questioning from where my authority came (for I actually had none, other than experience, knowing the cylons have greatly experienced pilots and we needed to pair up), they protected each other and every pilot that flew came home.

    I can not express in words the pride I have to serve with these people.

    When I lost my fighter yesterday and parachuted into a dark, cold lake, I struggled to survive. LT (jg) Sovereign Republic risked his life and lost his fighter in saving me from certain death of drowning, with cylons close by, ready to capture me.

    This gift, my life and continued ability to fight is something I can never repay.

    But I will try.

    Thanks Sov.

    OOC(No thanks to SL for blowing up a perfectly good Viper).

    LT(jg) Yevka Laws
    13th Squadron
    Battlestar Pacfica

  4. fleetnewsservice said

    Major Stiglitz…you raise valid points…as you raised them there in the hallway is that chaotic time outside the clinic. Quoting you was in no means an attack against you…only an example of tensions still between / within us. Your passion and dedication for your duries..for those who serve with you…and the fleet should be clear to everyone.

    I think everyone saw lastnight that it is exactly these passions that seperate us from “them”.

    I ask that everyone…civilian and military included…pay attention to these passions..not the details. Let us all join together and fight back against them with this passion we all posses.

    Ms. Pink
    The News-Review

  5. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said

    Chaos in the 7th sickbay and two humanoid Cylons returned with the captives! They supposedly aided us in the rescue…or is this another Cylon trick? More to follow!

    I do not care how they may have aided us they are the enemy. They are a cold calculation fraking eveil enemy that deserves no mercy. We have seen what they did to our Colonies. Then we learned they have lived among us. Does anyone remember? They have baited us with peace and it turned out to be a trap. They tempted us with a planet and it was a trap. How can anyone expect two of them to join us and be our friends anything fraking different?

    The military holds them now for thier safety and to get information out of them. It is all lies and I would never trust a word of it.

    I say we send them home. They are not defectors, they are machines with only the desire to toy with us and destory us. Show them the airlock! If that is to much for some of you, then we find a small rock and leave them there.

    But either way, they need to be gone. They need to be silenced before they can manipulate us more. I call on everyone who feels this way to talk to thier representatives. Now is the time for the people to speak and show what needs to be done. How many thousands died this last time we fell into a trap? Next time it might be you or me and there is no fraking way I will let that happen!

    Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta
    Rep. to Aquaria

  6. Cathiee McMillan said

    I agree with Lizzy,
    Being on planet, Being taken by them and tormented by them.
    We should Space them all!!!

    I hope the Admiral has the will power to fraken Space them.
    for all our safety


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