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CFP Party Press Release (Couple days late)

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 6, 2008

I tripped over this on my way back into the office…I’ll tell you more about my experiences later…

=:: Press Release ::=
=:: From the Office of the Colonial Freedom Party ::=
=:: And the Desk of Zarta Vargas ::=
=:: 2008 January 03 ::=

To the Commander of the Pacifica, and to All Colonial Citizens:
From the Colonial Freedom Party, this is a call for rescue — a call for rescue of our citizens left behind on New Aerelon and a call for rescue of our plans and progress toward reaching a *safe* place for our people.
We cannot leave our people behind; our numbers are too few as it is. Additionally, although it was a foolish, overly risky, and not totally necessary decision for the fleet to remain in the vicinity of this planet for the length of time that we did, the decision was made, and good people went to work in support of the project. We cannot now abandon these people and let them pay the price for poor decisions that were out of their control.
What we can and should do is … 1) make every effort to rescue these people, 2) learn well from this error, and 3) continue on our journey toward a safe home for our people. The Colonial Freedom Party calls for action on all three of these counts, post-haste.

Stated by one concerned colonial citizen:
“Your party is a true answer to the need of this fleet”

~ So Say We All ~
The Colonial Freedom Party
Zarta Vargas, Presidential Candidate
Gerome Aeon, Vice-Presidential Candidate

Ms. Pink

The News-Review


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