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The Attack on the 1st

Posted by Fleet News Service on January 1, 2008

My picts from the planet capture!!!


6 Responses to “The Attack on the 1st”

  1. Rhys Nieuport said

    Wow. Great pics!

  2. LT Yevka Laws said

    Just wondering if news service is offline for the duration of the occupation?

    Inquiring (idle perhaps) minds want to know.


  3. ((OOC: It might be, though I’m not privy to the roleplay in the Fleet, so I don’t know how fast it’s recovering from the attack. However, I can say that most of the FNS reporters are captive on Occupied New Aerelon, which means they are cut of from the Fleet.))

  4. Cathiee McMillan said

    ((all OOC))
    Kilt and I are on planet so no news from us.
    ( but I do have my camera and he has his video recorder )
    Dollwife is at Fleet ( but she is away on Holiday)

    I mean fleet can have Parties at Afterburners why we suffer at the hands of the mean #6 but no news



  5. ((I think what we’ll be doing soon is a sort of log of what’s been happening that would be kept there…and would be “officially posted on our return. I suggest that we get some more stories from the Fleet along the same lines. Much of our game time has been focussed on actual RP…there’s been a lot going on…but expect more little tidbits from us planetside…))

  6. LT Yevka Laws said

    Thanks for the explanation.
    OOC: The surviving fleet based members of the government agreed to the implementation of Marital Law in the fleet.

    If the rescue is successful, and don’t count on it being so (IMO) that pot will probably be at full boil soon after the fleet is re-united.

    Massive amounts of time and resources have been put into training up pilots and making repairs to the fleet.

    Good think we have a good supply of Tylium because the pilots are burning it as fast as they can.

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