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Dirty Dishes: The Princess Fried

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 31, 2007

Oh dahlings, so sorry to have been quiet, I had some medical issues which required me to be away for a short time. One of those things that happens to us old folks. But I’m back now…

First the old news…
Not long ago, one of our fleet’s resident bad boys had a party to celebrate his birthday on the TQ. Got a bit scandalous I’m afraid: copious amounts of booze, smoke-filled air tinged with scents of chamallah and people in various states of disrobing (including the birthday boy himself). In fact, the bad boy took to the pole with the dancer and it seemed as if he’s a little bit too good at it. Word is, a good time was had by all. No doubt!

Not to be outdone, one of the celebrants who’s normally a bit prudish, went a bit overboard and ended up doing a pole dance to the delight of all. Perhaps a contact high from all that chamallah smoke in the air? She was bumpin’ and grindin’ with the best. Ballet training, she says, hmmm…makes one wonder, doesn’t it girls?

Apparently, a very mean and naughty person took a photo of the little princess doing this stunt and attempted to blackmail her by exposing this to her lover. (A different Doc-Doc story, but this time, no goose, except for the few she probably got while on the pole.) Well, apparently, a sweetheart took pity on the poor girl and paid the ransom. But somehow, the photo got to ‘lil ole me? Shouldn’t matter though, because apparently she’s been forgiven. She probably won’t forgive me though, so here it is.

Dr. Andi Poledancing

And now, the new..
Once again, just the other night, the bad boy’s influence seemed to take hold of the little princess. Someone got more than a tini bit drunk, and decided to cool off in Afterburner’s pool, in her birthday suit. (Notice the return of the birthday theme?) Well, apparently, the bad boy isn’t quite so bad after all, since he pulled her out of the drink and literally gave her the shirt off his back before taking to her room and tucking her in.

Who knows what might’ve happened if a little chaperone hadn’t been there to oversee events? Seems like the princess’ lover might have someone to watch out for. Is someone else gunning for his girl? Or maybe just adding another notch to his bedpost which is so notched it’s practically a totem pole.

Why just yesterday, he was seen with her searching for the two kidnapped children and holding her hand. Getting kind of close now, aren’t we?

If you’ve got some juicy gossip on someone in the fleet, let me know. Make sure to include “For Ivanna: ” at the start of your Subject line. Mail it to:

Until then, my dahlings, keep dishin’.

Fleet Gossip Columnist: Ivanna Dish


2 Responses to “Dirty Dishes: The Princess Fried”

  1. Andi Whiteberry said

    While I am distressed to see this report, I assumed that news of my indiscretions would have made its was through the fleet though the gossip grapevine.

    It is true that a blackmail attempt was made. I had no intention of paying the blackmailer, but Paxan Freck was worried about my reputation and paid it. She obviously has a better moral compass than others give her credit for. Kilt may have a “bad boy” reputation, but he too has a heart of gold.

    I make no excuses for my behavior. It was undignified and I shamed myself and my dear doctor. I am not a princess, I am a human with weaknesses and frailties like everyone. My behavior proves it.

    If the purpose of this report was to publicly embarrass me, you have succeeded. If it was to damage my reputation as a physician, I would hope those who I have treated will not hold my poor behavior against me. If your goal was to harm my relationship with my dear doctor, then you have underestimated the depth of our commitment to each other.

    Leandrah E. Whiteberry, MD

  2. starbuckk said

    Aw come on people lets chill out a bit. We’re running from an enemy that wants us destroyed. Dancing on a pole fully dressed really doesn’t strike me as being anything more than getting into the spirit of a party. Skinny dipping in the pool of course is a different matter, but given that it was already well known fact, I suppose it best to move forward and not tear yourself up over it.

    We need to blow off a little steam once in awhile or we will be our own undoing.

    And don’t worry, Andi. No one that knows you will ever question your skills.

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