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BREAKING NEWS: Children Kidnapped

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 31, 2007

Fleet Security is investigating the kidnapping of two prominent children yesterday afternoon. The children are Ares, the newborn son of interim President Vicky Vielle, and Siri, the daughter of Oracle and Representative Eyea Aya.

No motive has been determined as yet for the kidnapping. There have been no ransom demands or communications from any kidnappers that has been made public.

Authorities are interested in any information which might lead to identifying the kidnappers and the recovery of the children. Also, if there are any other children who might be missing that have not been reported, please contact Fleet Security as this may also be related to the crime.

Our hopes and prayers for the childrens’ safety and their quick return to their parents.


2 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Children Kidnapped”

  1. Andi Whiteberry said

    Please pray to the Gods that the children are found quickly and unharmed.

  2. Ensign Yevka Laws said

    Note to press and the curious:

    All inquiries into this matter should not be directed to the watch officer at the time the incident was discovered. There is no evidence it actually happened on my watch.

    All Inquiries with regards to military matters of any kind including what was going on when this happened should be directed to the command authority.

    Commander Nephillim
    Colonel Lucero

    Any inquiries I receive will receive the same reply. See my commanding officers. A full report was submitted to them as called for by regulations.

    It should go without saying that I will obey any lawful order and take on massive numbers of hours of extra duty to contribute to the safe return of the babies. Of course I pray for the their safe return. I’m a human being after all.

    Ensign Yevka Laws
    Viper Pilot
    Battlestar Pacifica

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