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First Words with President Vicky Vielle

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 29, 2007

((Disclaimer: The interview conducted below *has* been altered slightly from its original form. While it is largely untouched, certain edits were made to ensure reasonable gramatical accuracy. Slight changes in punctuation and capitalization have taken place, but all with the utmost respect for the thoughts of the speakers. Aside from these minor alterations, the content of the interview is entirely representative of what took place.))

With the sudden resignation of former President Zarta Vargas, the Quorum, in accordance with the law will appoint Vicky Vielle as successor to that office. Formerly the Secretary of Agriculture, Vielle comes from a political background, but will now be placed in the ultimate governmental position. This reporter had a few moments to sit down with now President Vielle to ask her some questions regarding current events.

Prior to the actual session, President Vielle stated that she hopes to, “Simply maintain the status quo and oversee the implementation of fair elections.” She plans to form an interim government until the people can vote properly on a new one, leading the same vein as her predecessor.

HK: So, Miss Vielle, may we begin?

VV: Yes we may.

HK: Miss Vielle, if I may address you as such, what do you feel you’ve learned from your predecessor?

VV: Ms. Vargas, I feel, was a level headed woman. I must say that I found that generally with all my dealings with her. She is the one who appointed me as Secretary of Agriculture and brought me into government. Although before that I had been running an election to become representative for Aquaria. I feel I learned to take the time to determine what the situation is always. These recent events have taken us all by surprise. I mean I was running to be appointed Vice President under the powers owned by the Quorum, and had no plans for the ultimate executive office for some time yet.

HK: I would agree, which leads me into another question.

VV: Shoot.

HK: Do you think that there will be any difficulty overseeing the food collection from New Aerelon once you assume the presidency?

VV: Well. I am just one woman. I have driven the settlement of New Aerelon to get the food we need. But, I am down there as a facilitator, to help organise all the very hard work put in by the farmers and all the others making the settlement a success. If I am not there, we will appoint someone who can ensure the safe delivery of the food, after all the entire fleet is relying on it, but I hope to keep an eye on a project close to my heart. Whatever happens, everyone knows we need that food and will do their utmost to get it.

HK: Although your presidency is only interim…for now…will you be taking any new measures to deal with the Cylon menace?

VV: Well, I cannot really implement any radical changes without a popular mandate. However, I can maintain our current policies as best I can to ensure continuity. But, I will have discussions with the relevant parties to see if we cannot try and move the fleet somewhat to a place less approachable by Cylon Raiders. But that is still a military decision, and I will be advised by them on that.

HK: I imagine it will be difficult to remain inconspicuous while at the same time managing the food stuffs coming to the fleet. You will have your work cut out for you. Now, what are your concerns regarding the recent bout of terrorist activity aboard our ships?

VV: That is so sad and divisive. Ultimately it is the Cylons who are behind this, they thrive on our being divided so we do not work as one whole. That is the key to our survival, when we as one people stand up to them and say ‘No’! When we are infighting and killing our own we are looking inwards and not outwards, and that is what we all must do…humanity’s very existence rests on that.

HK: Miss Vielle, if these terrorists turned out to be, perish the thought, something other than Cylons, do you know what your response might be?

VV: Well, we can catch them and try them and if found guilty, punish them according to the full extent of Colonial Law. We cannot do more than that I think, and I certainly think that any measures such as martial law far too draconian, people need to see we need to work together, and deny any such terrorists the support and cover they crave to work from the shadows. Such people risk all our lives.

HK: Very well. Any other parting words for the people or candidacy plans you’d like to get out there?

VV: This is a time of turmoil for us all. I regret that the presidency has become vacant before full elections could be set up. I step up to do my duty for the Twelve Colonies with a heavy heart, and aim to bring full, fair and free elections for us all. While I will fill this post for this short interim time, I will also be standing myself for election to the presidency. We will see democracy done! So Say We All.

It should be noted that President Vielle will be taking the helm of government in increasingly turbulent times. During the interview, the fleet came under attack by a Cylon Raider. Despite the blaring alarms, President Vielle and her adjutant, Head of Medicine Shaheen Innis remained level-headed and calm. Aside from the alarms and intermittent comm chatter, the only interruption involved Miss Innis being summoned to oversee the arrival of pilots who had been forced to eject during the defensive action. The pilots was retrieved safely and were relatively unharmed.

This marked the second Cylon attack of the evening to be successfully repulsed by the combined arms of the military and security forces stationed among our fleet. Despite the loss of two Vipers, no fatalities were reported from either attack and the swift, decisive response of the defense personnel saw to the destruction of no less than three Cylon ships.

-Harlequin Kayvon


2 Responses to “First Words with President Vicky Vielle”

  1. Anonymous member of the military said

    Is there opposition?

    Who will run against Vicky and test her intellectually and see if her platform can hold up in the light of scrutiny?

  2. Yes. It appears that two other people may be running. Although the new Colonial Freedom Party formed by former President Zarta Vargas has not named a candidate, they are expected to soon and she is their likely runner. In addition, there is speculation that Captain and Representative Tanya Halberd may also run independently. This has not yet been confirmed.

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