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Posted by Fleet News Service on December 28, 2007


A New Political Party is Formed

Today a different style of press conference was held. In the newly rebuilt dome of the Seventh Heaven was gathered together a group of activists and political visionaries, ready to announce the formation of a new political party: The Moderate Progressive Party (MPP).

Sitting under a tree, while holding her newborn son Ares, MPP founder Ms Vicky Vielle smiled gently for the cameras and the gathered press, and outlined her vision for the future:

“Change happens, we cannot avoid that but we can embrace it and meld it to our purpose and dreams, in short, we can reimagine our destiny. Look at us, we are tired of running while our resources and population dwindle, our morale being slowly being sapped by internal strife and hardship. Is this how it will always be? While recovering after the birth I heard about the latest batch of bad news regarding cylon raids and presidential resignations. Saddened by this unending turmoil I looked down at young Ares’ face I suddenly realised there is another way, if we sieze the chance to reimagine our future.

“I can summarise what we believe in a few simple statements:

– Reimagine a future where all colonists know that their vote matters.reimagine2a.jpgreimagine2a.jpg

– Reimagine a future where we are not always being attacked by the Cylon menace.

– Reimagine a future where humanity stands together as one: stronger, braver, unified

“The old order did what it needed to bring us together, but now things have changed, we need change, we need to reimagine what can be done, and a change from the old order. I hope we reflect the views of all the colonists in the fleet who are justly wary of radical and dangerous change, but seek a rational moderate approach to progress to matters such as governmental reform, a new direction in dealing with the Cylons, and a way out from the forces dividing us.

“I look on young Ares as a symbol of rebirth, and this new and verdant dome of the Seventh Heaven a symbol of how those with the power to reimagine can make something beautiful out of destruction, so we hope to embody a new direction for humanity.

“I know the road is hard, that there will be setbacks, that the Gods will test our faith, but we will prevail if we always hold on to our power to reimagine.”

And as young Ares fell asleep in her arms with Vicky Vielle smiling down at his tiny frame, we were ushered quietly away and gently reminded that the MPP party headquarters are located opposite the temporary home of Afterburners and the party welcomes all those who wish to show their support for this brave new venture.



2 Responses to “ReImagine!”

  1. Andi Whiteberry said

    What a wonderful, inspiring vision for our future! We can and must work together as one to forge a future for ourselves and our children. We can and must be proactive, not reactive.

    I wish Ms. Vielle all the best and the blessings of the Gods as she works to make a bright future for all of us in the fleet.

    Andi Whiteberry, MD

  2. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    “a new direction in dealing with the Cylons”

    Oh, I hope she means taking the fight to them, but I doubt it. Well, you go right ahead and grovel at the feet of the Cylons, Madame President. I intend to keep shooting. With or without the Colonial Military.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commanding, 47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica

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