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Let me introduce myself…

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 27, 2007

…my name is Ms. Pink.mspink-news-review.jpg

Until a few days ago I was Executive Officer of Colonial One…having been promoted from Chief of Security. I resigned from the post.

Let me tell you a bit about myself…and you will see why. I was raised on Aquaria by my Grandmother and Grandfather (I only know my parents died in an accident). The days my Grandfather was not working in the purifiers…we would sit together on the porch in the early morning and read the paper. We would sip our tea and share the articles with each-other..reading them aloud. I recall spending as much time talking about the article as how it was written and about the writer. You see I developed a passion for news and writing very early.

As I grew I found myself working in the purifiers as well. Fixing equipment, doing routine maintenance and other odd jobs around the plant. It was in that role…transporting equipment to another colony…that I found myself in the attack. I did maintenance and then security in the fleet a while before being noticed and joining the Colonial One crew. This brings me to a few days ago…

I watch with the others in horror as the dome of the 7th Heaven exploded. I tried to keep people calm and manage those that were evacuated to Colonial One. I feel I did well…and at the same time came to realize that was not my calling. My job as XO was not where I wanted to be. I watched the three reporters I was escorting with great interest…and realized that is where my passions truly lay.

Over the last two years I have watched the News-Review with great interest…often wishing my Grandfather was here to read it with me…and made a few observations. D’Anna Biers, yes she fooled us all, but she could write and her she did so with style! Dean Steadham…a reporter of the utmost integrity…he wrote with style and a great attention to the facts. Ivana Dish…well she is a gossip columnist…but a good one she is! HexxKitten…not much she has written, but what she has has been very well done. Kiltcheck….hmmm…I could write anything and it would be true. He has been good and bad, has a wonderful style and a true passion. But through it all he has remain consistent in one thing…writing what he feels…despite anything else.

And it is these observations that compel me to join The News-Review. The paper needs to be reborn…it needs the check its facts…it needs to report on the government and the military..not against them…and mostly…it needs to be the highlight of a persons day. Something they eagerly pickup and sit-down with their cup of tea.

For the next week I will explore the fleet…see the people and find my place. When I return to the news room I look forward to writing and telling everyone the news.

Thank you,

Ms. Pink

The News-Review


One Response to “Let me introduce myself…”

  1. Welcome to the the team, Ms. Pink. I look forward to your contributions.

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