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Posted by Fleet News Service on December 25, 2007

In a move set to stun many in the Fleet, President Zarta Vargas has stepped down as President of the 12 Colonies.  She then announced the creation of the Fleet’s first political party and has called on wide-spread political reform, free elections and greater accountability from the Quorum and Government offocials.

At a meeting held in the conference room aboard Colonial One on two days ago, the President determined that, “…I could no longer assist the people, as I want and have tried to do, from my position as Colonial President”. 

She formally resigned the post thereafter.

The following is a formal statement released by the out-going President:

I bring to you, the People of the Colonies, a new answer for progress for our species – one that begins with questioning the efficacy of the established and traditional colonial government.  As a person of science, I am well-accustomed to questioning traditional ideas and working toward change when there is evidence that the traditional is no longer valid or useful.  While traditional ideas and actions certainly help us to feel more secure, they oftentimes impede progress, and it is when we become locked into and bound by ideas simply because they are tradition that we fail to see more effective ways to approach contemporary needs or difficulties.  We are – not – in a traditional situation, and traditional attitudes, concepts, and methods must, therefore, be questioned and re-evaluated, if humanity is to make it through this time most effectively.  Indeed, the actions, decisions – and motivations – of our current government officials need to be questioned and re-evaluated.  A famous scientist once said, “Smart people can come up with very good explanations for mistaken points of view.” Our government is in the hands of a mistaken and foolhardy reliance on tradition in a time when little in our lives can truly or effectively be addressed by such notions. We need change.

As many of you know, due to my involvement in and opposition to the original cylon project, I prepared for years for our current situation. I could see then what others, who were blinded by greed and power, refused to see.  Are we in a similar situation now with the current government?  For many of our government officials, yes, I believe so.  We need change.

I ask you… to ask yourselves, among other things:
What is the government doing to improve your lives?
Are legislative proceedings affecting positive change?
Where are the jobs for our civilian population?
Where is the education for our children?
Where is the concern for, and action toward, improving conditions of places in the fleet in need?
Where are the free and open elections?
Where is the voice of the people in government decisions?

In my previous presidential position, my hands became tied by the bureaucracy of the legislative body, and I do not favor being little more than a figurehead.  My goal was to effect changes for the good of the people and the survival and well-being of humanity. Bureaucratic ramblings do not respond to needs.  We need change, and I call you to rally for freedom to affect positive change.  I call you to join a disciplined, rational, and forward-moving effort toward having government effectively address all of humanity’s needs.  This movement is dedicated to giving voice to you, the People and a genuine say in who leads the Fleet.

I welcome everyone to join me in this effort to reform government toward better meeting your needs.  Take action and regain your freedom, as part of the Colonial Freedom Party.  Join us in a campaign to win for the People free, general elections for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency and for greater accountability from the Quorum of 12 and Government offocials.

~ So Say We All ~

The new Colonial Freedom Party is the only organised political party in the Fleet and as such constitutes the only operational democratic opposition to the unelected Government.  The ‘group’ called Colonial Freedom Party can be found and joined in the normal way.



  1. fleetnewsservice said

    Maybe I am mistaken when I recall the protracted registration and election process for the Quorum seats. Maybe I am not understanding correctly when the Quorum is called “unelected” and this is printed as fact?

    Perhaps I am incorrect in believing that President Vargas only managed to build a little hydroponic farm, largely on the back of Vicky Veille in 2 1/2 years.

    Now this call to action, printed in a paper that prides itself on accuracy, should really give us pause to think. We should all appreciate quality yellow journalism when we see it.

    Tanya Halberd
    Captain, 7th Heaven
    Quorum of 12
    Representative of Aerelon

  2. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said

    The new Colonial Freedom Party is the only organised political party in the Fleet and as such constitutes the only operational democratic opposition to the unelected Government.

    It is ironic that a statement claiming that the government is unlected is being used to promote the former president. I quite believe I have the facts correct iin saying that of the government of a week ago…Madam Vargas was the ONLY one that was unelected!

    I was elected…I campaigned…I have the backing of my supporters.

    As for the only political party in the fleet…I have a feeling that will change.

    And to Madam Vargas…if I suspect any illegal activity to be conducted form your party office…The door will be sealed and the windows opened faster than you can say “So Say We All!”

    Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta
    ELECTED Representative of Aquaria

  3. starbuckk said

    I too was ELECTED to my office. In fact I only ran for office after strong encouragement from constituents.

    President Vargas was not elected. However, she gained her office in accordance with the law of succession. The President and Vice President were both killed in the attack. Ms Vargas in fact strongly fought for the law at that time and pushed very hard against a very vocal opponent that made claims that I swear I am hearing again.

    The term of President Adar (which is the term Ms Vargas was filling) is nearly ended. Therefore preparations are already under way for new elections.

    Ms Vargas would do well to remember the strong support she had from quorum members and other key public figures in the aftermath of the attack in enforcing the law with respect to order of succession, as well as her own statements and position on the matter.

    Starbuckk Serapis, Captain, Celestra
    ELECTED Representative of Scorpia

    ((OOC note: a date had not been established in the RP for when this would be but based on discussions most of us recall from the beginning it should happen very soon. Admins will establish this date for RP purposes as soon as everyone is back from holidays))

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