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Unto us a Child is Born

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 25, 2007

Another newborn has arrived! At about 17:00 on the 24th of December, Secretary of Agriculture Vicky Vielle delivered a baby boy, born on New Aerelon.

“I’d been going though papers, trying to cope with the extra governmental issues arising from the disappearance of President Vargas when I collapsed,” Vielle shared. She was in the Base HQ of New Aerelon at the time. Security Officer Ronon Maximum found her and called in Doctor Whiteberry. “But, we were on our own, the fleet had just jumped after the attack [referring to a large scale attack yesterday by Cylons].”

At the earliest opportunity, both Vielle and the child were rushed to the clinic on 7th Heaven by Captain Serapis in the ambulance shuttle. The baby was not carried to term, but is generally large and healthy considering his 3 month premature birth. His weight was recorded at 5lbs. 3 oz. He is in stable condition and being looked after due to some labored breathing. At this point the child’s name has not yet been announced.

All of us in the Fleet pray that the Gods look after mother and child, and help this new arrival through his first difficult days.

Kiltcheck Douglas for FNS


6 Responses to “Unto us a Child is Born”

  1. leandrahwhiteberry said

    The birth of this child – the first human born on a planet in more than two years – is a harbinger of things to come.

    Ms. Vielle has shown her determination and character with the grace and strength she has shown not only during the child’s birth but also during her pregnancy. She has demonstrated she is a true leader, putting the needs of the entire fleet above her own.

    It was my honor to attend the birth of this miracle of the Gods.

    Many blessings to mother and child.

    Andi Whiteberry.

  2. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said

    Vicky…I hope you raise this child with the same dedication, compassion and love that you have done as Secretary. I am sure I speak for all the fleet in wishing you both the very best!

  3. Decker Sheridan said

    With such an auspicious birth, I found a paggase from the Sacred Scrolls seemed appropriate for this joyous occassion.

    The reading comes from the Scroll of Pythia…

    “… and in the darkest hour of the people, a child shall be born, born of strife and pain, bringing hope to the multitudes in their greatest need. The child shll be the sign of the rebirth of the people…”

    Decker Sheridan
    Colonial Historian

  4. Anonymous member of the military said

    Surely there have been births in the invisible (not populated by rp folks) fleet. Certainly there has been enough frakking going on to produce some kiddies.

    Mazel Tov Vicky

  5. Lt(jr) Argo "Scorpion" Blanco said

    Congratulatios Ms. Vielle.
    Each child is a hope for our race.

  6. We agree with the earlier anonymous poster from the military. All of these births are welcome additions!

    FNS is interested in hearing of all other new births that are out there. This one happened to be with someone who is and has been quite visible in the fleet and who we’ve been following with various stories recently.

    Please send us your stories on these and other happenings in the fleet. Our Press Corps is small, and we can’t be everywhere. We look forward to reading your personal stories…on any number of subjects.

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