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Posted by Fleet News Service on December 24, 2007

By Geranna Aeon 

In the cockpit of every Viper and Raptor, on the Pacifica bridge and under the uniform of every Marine, there beats the heart of a real live person.  Who are the men and women in our Military who put their lives on the line for us each and every day?

Military Affairs Reporter Geranna Aeon presents the warriors of the Fleet.

From miner to medic is a mighty career jump for anyone.  But for Freyakc Dragonash,  it’s a move that was made necessary by the Cylon attack and her new role on the Pacifica as a military medic.  And it’s a role she far prefers.

The newly-created Viper Pilot says she has a chance to get even at the ‘toaster’. “… because of my desire for revenge I have become a pilot forsaking the medical because of the ethical dilemma.   Although, I am not sure killing things (toasters) is the same as killing people”.

When the Cylons attacked, Freyakc was on Picon visiting her family in the mining colony. “I don’t know how I survived.  I woke up three days after the attack on the TQ.  I was the only one from my family that did.  The cylons killed my mother, father, sister and two brothers and thier families.  I am all that is left”.

Freyakc, who is also part-Geminese, is with the Heatbreakers Squadron.  All our prayers go with her each time she embarks on another dangerous mission.


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