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Posted by Fleet News Service on December 23, 2007

Persistent rumours are flying through the Fleet today as speculation mounts about the location and health of President Zarta Vargas.

By Geranna Aeon

There is mounting speculation that the woman who has served so tirelessly and conscientiously as President since the Cylon destruction of the 12 Colonies may be terminally ill.  Others are suggesting she is the target of a coup and may have been the victim of violence.

Either way, the President has not been seen since a high-level meeting to discuss a possible Vice-Presidential election.

The push for a Vice-President is being driven by Colonial One Captain Starbuckk Serapis, who is believed to have a candidate of his own ready to step into the role.

The move comes at a time when there is growing support in the Fleet for free general elections for both the Presidential and Vice-Presidential roles.

At the moment, the Vice-President would be appointed by a vote of the Quorum of 12, which no doubt has already been factored into any plans by Quorum members to insert their preferred candidate.

But there are many citizens in the Fleet and members of the Military who support free, open and general elections.  This newspaper recently ran an editorial calling for the people of the Fleet to choose their own government.

Fleet News Review sought an interview with President Vargas but she could not be located.



  1. starbuckk said

    The law is very clear on this. If the Vice President fails to complete their term, the remaining term is filled by person appointed by the Quorum. This was heavily researched early on by the newly elected quorum shortly after the attack. As for calls for a general election, that term is close to expiration so that is coming regardless of any quorum action at this point.
    As for the people of the fleet choosing their own government, they already did. All but one of the current quorum members were chosen by a post attack election. The remaining one is one that had been elected prior to the attack and was a survivor.

  2. Anonymous said

    The people should be able to vote for there new leader, It is a new day in out culture. Let the People vote.

  3. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    The people do vote for their leaders. Where have you been?

  4. We’re about to have a leader installed that we DIDN’T vote for. The Quorum is intending to install a new Vice President without a general election as a fait accompli. Considering the President’s condition, the Vice President might indeed have to take on those duties. Many of us in the fleet wish for these elections to be free an open as this decision could potentially install a President who didn’t have popular support.

  5. starbuckk said

    What we are about to do is follow colonial law. As has been said clearly, the law is very clear. It will be quoted below for anyone that is in doubt about the law. It is becoming apparent that Mr Douglas has political ambitions that make it advantageous for him to make an issue out of something that will become moot shortly. The term of President Vargas is nearly up. General elections will occur shortly regardless of any quorum actions.

    However, the law REQUIRES the quorum to appoint a Vice President to fill the remaining term. Even if that term were for as short as two weeks, the appointment must be made.

    However, in deference to the concerns being expressed, I will ask that the quorum determine for sure the exact date of the end of the Adar (now Vargas) term, and that a specific date be set for new elections. The ELECTED MEMBERS OF THE QUORUM will ratify this date for all to see.

    ((OOC: Since there really is no published colonial law, we go by what occurred and was allowed to stand in the show. THerefore the legal “quote” is actually from the WIKI on actual events which we presume were legal))

    QUOTATION from

    Vice Presidency (Day 49)

    The new Quorum’s first order of business is the election of a Vice President, a motion presented by Tom Zarek (Sagittaron) and seconded by Dr. Gaius Baltar (Caprica). Marshall Bagot (Virgon) nominates Zarek for the position, and is seconded by Sarah Porter (Gemenon). Roslin’s supporters select Wallace Gray to compete with him, but Gray is later replaced with Dr. Baltar.

    Zarek loses the election six votes to six, with President Roslin casting the tie-breaker. Based on on-screen evidence, Zarek had the support of the representatives from Aerelon, Aquaria, Gemenon, Picon and Virgon, and his own vote as representative of Sagittaron.

    end ooc))

  6. starbuckk said

    After careful consideration I also felt that the followoing statement should be responded to:

    “The push for a Vice-President is being driven by Colonial One Captain Starbuckk Serapis, who is believed to have a candidate of his own ready to step into the role.”

    Perhaps rather than “believing” or making assumptions, someone from FNS could..oh..I don’t know…ASK me?

  7. Vicky Vielle said

    I hear and understand the call for free elections! Just as we elected a new Quourum or twelve which has worked tirelessly on out behalf for the last year and a half. So we will elect a new President and Vice President in full elections.

    But these things take time. We do not want to rush this. Every Colonial needs to know they have had their chance to hear from all the candidates and the chance to make up their mind.

    But in the mean time, we need a leader and as Representative Serapis rightly points out, we have Colonial Law, the tried and tested methods we have used for centuries to aid us.

    The Quorum was elected by *us*, they represent *us* and thus any interim appointment ratified by them is an extension of the voice of the people.

    There is no need to “call for democracy” the fleet is democracy in action, and its will done each day by those you have elected!

    Vicky Vielle
    Secretary of Agriculture

  8. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said

    I have lived on both Aquaria and Sagitarron…I have seen “Democracy” in action and have seen how repressive it can be. We do not live in those conditions any longer. I will be the first to admit and proclaim there is much that needs to be done…and that has been my goal since taking command and taking office! The people are being represented now more then many ever were before.

    I have no love for Madam Vargas or the government in general…that is why I sought to get in and see what I could do to change things. So far I have found the legal system…in all its branches to be cumbersome, tedious and even maddening…but it is still our laws and have been formed over a thousand years. It is not them that I dislike…it is thier abuse that is.

    Kiltcheck…do not throw the baby out with the bathwater…clean up the water! Your statements are only dirtying it up.

    I ask you to see things the way I have come to see them…we have a system..lets make it work not tear it down! With that said…if you or any of your present ilk set foot on my ship and attempt to stir up dissent you will be arrested and charged to the full extent of Colonial Law.

    Capt. LizzyD Vendetta
    ELECTED Representative to the People of Aquaria

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