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Possible Terrorist Killed on TQ

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 21, 2007

Last night, an unidentified man in a white suit was killed in Oracle Eyea Aya’s quarters aboard the Tylium Queen apparently in connection with the destruction of the dome of 7th Heaven.

According to TQ Executive Officer Lauri Mayfair, “he came onboard claiming he was taking over and was going to blow up the 7th unless someone gave him Captain Vendetta.” Paxan Freck, a resident of the Tylium Queen, said that she, the Oracle and Cathiee MacMillan found the man inside the Oracle’s quarters on the TQ after their evacuation from the 7th following the bombing threat. They brought Mayfair to the Oracle’s quarters upon his discovery.

In Mayfair’s own words, “He had his hands held out, but empty. I told him to drop to the floor, or else. He said if I did anything, he’d blow the 7th up. I gave him the count of three. He did fxxx all save look at me. So I shot him. In the head. Five times.”

Fleet Security led by Onyx Syakumi was quickly dispatched to the scene to begin the official investigation. The body has been removed and an inquest is underway. Unofficial sources indicate his body was discovered with a detonator. As he did not appear to trigger any detonation manually, a source speculated that it was configured with a dead-man’s switch. Authorities are unsure at this point if he was in fact connected with a new group calling themselves the “Fleet Liberation Movement.”

Unfortunately, further reporting was complicated by the boarding of Cylon Centurions, more on this in a special report.

Kiltcheck Douglas for FNS


2 Responses to “Possible Terrorist Killed on TQ”

  1. Artemus said

    I saw the guy sitting in the room while I was checking the ship for cylons, just an hour before the attack. I didnt recognize him but since I am not familiar to TQ residents, I made nothing of it.

  2. Artemus,

    I strongly advise you to speak with Fleet Security at the nearest
    opportunity. You may have observed something which could be important in their investigation.

    Thank you for coming forward.

    And also, thank you for your role in assisting in my recovery.

    Kiltcheck Douglas

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