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A Personal Perspective on Yesterday’s Events

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 21, 2007

FNS has decided to print this story submitted by our field reporter and journalist, Kiltcheck Douglas. FNS does not necessarily agree or subscribe to the opinions presented herein and disclaims any connection implied or otherwise apparent in the content or any actions taken as a result of its publication.

I rarely write articles featuring my personal experiences or perspectives, but I think the events of yesterday warrant a first-hand account of some of the insanity and chaos that transpired.

For those of you who hadn’t heard, I was shot in the arm by a Cylon that had boarded the Tylium Queen yesterday afternoon. That’s pretty much how the day began.

I was heading down the hall when I heard the gunshots. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never been so close to one of these things before…at least not one that wasn’t already destroyed. I turned around and it’s cold red eyes scanned me and it fired. I’ve never run so fast in my life, dodging back and forth between the many crates that litter the hallway.

My arm felt strange, almost numb, and time took on a slow eerie quality, but I kept running. I found an open crate and was able to manuever it in such a way that I could use it to hide. It’s then that I felt the wetness on my left arm…the blood pulsing from the wound. Remembering my first aid training, I tore some cloth away from my shirt and bound it tightly, applying pressure.

It was terrifying, hiding in the dark, hearing it searching and shooting from time to time. That whirring noise they make as their red “eye” scans back and forth. The clomping of its inhuman cold metal feet on the deck. Wondering how long it would be until it found me. Wondering if this would be how my life would end. I have no idea how long I was there, but it felt like an eternity.

And then suddenly, it was quiet. So quiet. Not even the sounds of the rats scurrying and fighting over scraps. It felt dreamlike, that time.

I stood and nearly collapsed. My shirt was soaked with blood. A part of me knew that if I didn’t get help and soon, I might bleed to death. I tried to see if there was anyone who could help…but everyone must have been hiding away. Somehow I got myself to the shuttle.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in sickbay on Pacifica. I was told that I’d stumbled into CIC and collapsed. I’d lost a lot of blood. The medical staff onboard Pacifica patched me up in short order, and I spent the rest of the day there recovering and getting my fluids back up.

I was discharged early in the evening, and after freshening up in my quarters, decided to check out the action at Afterburners on the 7th. Not long after my arrival, we’re in a state of emergency and haphazardly evacuated and rushed off to shuttles. I arrived back on Celestra to hear that the dome on the 7th had been destroyed just as I’d landed.

Along with other evacuees, press, security forces, government and military officials, I stood dumbfounded as I saw a field of silently floating debris instead of what was once the dome where I’d been standing only minutes before. While officials at all levels scrambled through the chaos to make sense of what had occurred and to attempt to restore order, I was stranded on Celestra, waiting for developments and, like many, nervous about what might happen next.

As soon as we were allowed (some 30 minutes to an hour or so), I made my way to the Tylium Queen to investigate a reported shooting of the possible culprit in the bombing. (See Possible Terrorist Killed on TQ).

I met up with Lauri Mayfair and Paxan Freck in the TQ’s hallway as the security team were removing the body and leaving the ship. I began conducting my interview right there.

About ten minutes into the the interview, Ms. Mayfair suddenly froze. She’d heard something. And then, I heard it too. That same clomping, that same whirring I’d heard earlier. They were back. The Cylons.

Lauri, Pax and I ran as fast as we could to the control room. We seemed to give it the slip for a while. Lauri left us there to try to find it, and if she couldn’t, to man the turret.

Pax and I waited in the control room. She was shuddering, and I did my best to help console her. I could only think to myself…not again. The wireless chatter only added to the fear; there were other boardings. We could hear the shots of Vipers and Raiders engaged in combat. The booming of turret gun firing.

And then, it went strangely quiet. It was coming. We heard it. The whirring. The clomping. It was coming. It was coming up the stairs.

I positioned myself at the front of the control room preparing to throw whatever I could at it and to protect Pax as best I could. Pax crouched behind me in terror. My heart pounded in my throat with each metallic thud as it ascending the stairs.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more frightened in my entire life.

Shots were fired. Pax screamed and I grabbed the chair. More shots.

And then, a loud metallic thunk and tumbling as if a refrigerator had fallen down the stairs. No more whirring. No more clomping.

The socket where it’s red light once showed a gleam of mechanical life had gone dark. It was dead, if you could call it that. Lauri had killed it. She’d saved our lives.

She rushed off to make sure there were no more and then to once again sit at the turret in her lonely vigil to keep us all safe.

It was a day of hell, a flashback to the horrors of the attacks on our ships and our homeworlds that orphaned us. But, we were alive. Still alive.

Where were the marines? Where were the vipers? How could this happen right under our fleet security’s collective noses. Not once, but twice in the same day; in the same place. This fleet is fragmenting. Something needs to be done and soon.

Maybe the Syndicate and this Fleet Liberation Movement have at least one fact right — the Military and Civilian authorities are not capable of getting the job done.

It is time for a referrendum. We CAN work within the system by calling on new elections to change the regime and put people with real ability and interest in the people and their needs in charge. Having grown up in an entrenched generational and nepotistic oligarchy on Virgon, I see reflections of that persist in our current Quorum. Has nothing changed? Hasn’t the war taught us something at least. It is obvious that there are elements that aren’t satisfied with our government. It is not just splinter groups — it is the People, it is ALL of US.

I urge you to not destroy the little of what we have through acts of terrorism and aggression. Doing so makes us no better than the Cylons.

Instead, it is time to take action as a people. It is time to abandon policies and politics of the old ways and adapt to our new lives. It is a time to draw together and create change. It is time to speak up with a single voice and be heard. It is time to bring a new leadership to power…one that can keep us safe, and lead us together on the road to freedom.

Is this thought revolutionary? I think not. It is merely describing the true power of what a representative democracy can do and should do when the system is broken and the machine needs repair.

The time is clearly now.

Kiltcheck Douglas.


17 Responses to “A Personal Perspective on Yesterday’s Events”

  1. thalberd said

    I am sorry you got wounded. Having nearly died in a Centurion boarding, I know from personal experience how frightening it is. Many people have faced them, we are at war. We do what we can.

    I should remind you, Mr. Douglas, that it is not politicians who stop Cylons. It is brave men and women with guns. Military and civilians. Marines, pilots, fleet security teams. People who defend us all. People who you seem to have no respect for until you are being attacked.

    You were attacked on the TQ? Isn’t this the ship whose citizens and even their security chief asked that no security teams visit? Isn’t this the ship where explosives were found that were armed to do harm? Now we want to revile our military and our security for not doing enough?

    Your response now is not a call for more security, but to call for an overthrow of the government that is attempting to put security in place?

    What is your game, Mr. Douglas?

    We need stronger security, stronger measures, and to empower the brave people who put themselves in harm’s way to protect us. We should support the elected officials who are trying to get security measures put in place. Three measures were passed by the Quorum aimed at improving security in the fleet.

    If you do not know who those officials are who supported these bills, perhaps you are not qualified to be a self-appointed crusader presenting opinions in a “news” paper.


    Tanya Halberd
    Captain, 7th Heaven
    Quorum of 12 Representative from Aerelon

  2. Captain/Representative Halberd,

    Would those be: QR 20071101-06? At least these are the only resolutions we’ve seen. Of course, I’ve read them. Yes, all passed unanimously. Passed at the 11th hour. Ages past our exile. Long past their need.

    Instead of a self-congratulatory pat on the back, how about getting amongst the people and talking to them about what they really care about, what they need, what they fear? With the latest actions, it’s obvious you’ve missed something important.

    Resolutions, measures, supporting bills. That’s nice. But pieces of paper mean nothing without the power and will to enforce them. That power is ceded to you by the people. And if there are large voices of dissent that are unheard, then you’ve lost credibility and power. And if the President decides to declare martial law, you’re going to play right into their hands.

    Considering the recent major actions of organized voices of dissent and the destruction they’ve caused, it appears there is an opportunity here to prevent further calamity and loss of life and resources by giving those voices an opportunity to assist in bringing about change through the vehicle of the Quorum. THAT is what I’m proposing! Why do you have a problem with that? Afraid you might lose your seat? Why is it taboo to bring up a subject which is my legal right as a citizen? Why do you have a problem with my wish for there to be peaceful resolution and an end to such conflicts by giving an opportunity for dissent to have a voice?

    On another note, our Quorum is structured under historical ethnic and planetary lines. This is no longer how we live nor does it represent who we are. Yes, we have a history. It is part of who we are…and we should keep this in our personal lives. But former classism and perceptions must change.

    I propose that there should be a new way to look at our society. A new form of representation that reflects us here and now. I’m open to discussion about how this might be done or come about.

    Could it be that you’re worried about a referendum and how it would affect your position? If you feel that your voting record speaks for itself as do your actions — you’ve got nothing to worry about from the people. If the people decide to keep the current Quorum in place, then they have spoken. I have no argument with that.

    I find it ironic that these criticisms come from the woman whose own ship was decimated right under her own nose. It didn’t matter that you’re the wife of the Commander or on the Quorum. That didn’t help protect you, did it? That was the voice of unheard dissent speaking. It hurt, didn’t it?

    Let’s find a way to end the pain, bring us together and move forward.

    Kiltcheck Douglas

  3. thalberd said

    Thank you very much for your help, Mr. Douglas. Strangely, the mass hysteria of which you speak is well hidden, somehow. You seem to be the only person who is connected to this “heartbeat” of the fleet that is advocating overthrow of the government.

    Is it an overthrow of the government that you advocate, improving security, replacing the military personnel and leadership, working within the system, or replacement of current representatives, or rewriting the Articles of Colonization? I’m not quite clear on your position.

    Along those lines, I suppose if we are going to act out of hysteria it is not necessary to be informed or accurate about current efforts under way to solve problems.

    Quorum Resolution 200711-01 – Reestablishment of Civilian Law Enforcement
    Quorum Resolution 200711-02 – Reestablishment of Judicial Branch
    Quorum Resolution 200711-03 – Posse Comitatis Act
    Quorum Resolution 200711-04 – Duties of a Vice President
    Quorum Resolution 200711-05 – Nominations for VP
    Quorum Resolution 200711-06 – Candidacy for the VP

    Much, much more needs to be done, and these efforts are under way by sincere people. The items listed above have not all been completed, and more needs to be done.


    Tanya Halberd
    Captain, 7th Heaven
    Quorum of 12 Representative from Aerelon

  4. Captain/Representative Halberd,

    Do we live in the same fleet? Wasn’t the destruction of the dome of your own ship clear enough of a message for you? What’s it going to take — the bombing of your bedroom to get you to wake up?

    I think the people ARE speaking, through such actions, and others like the recent Syndicate attempt to takeover the TQ. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get the message loud and clear. Yes, I do have a unique perspective on the people, because I’m out there with them personally and professionally every day. I hear so much of what you obviously do not — or are fond of refuting in many of your own comments here on the FNS logs.

    No, I do not advocate an overthrow of the government. A referendum is all I’ve ever called for.

    However, I do believe that our current mode of representation needs to be re-examined. Yes, if that involves amending or modifying the Articles of Colonization, then so be it. But some of the ways of the past are leading us to repeat the same mistakes of the past. I do not mean that we should ignore the past; we should learn from it, and then find ways to adapt.

    Our lives now should be about adaptation and survival. Not into holding onto outmoded ways of thinking and being that no longer apply.

    I hold onto the promise of a better tomorrow so long as we all live.


    Kiltcheck Douglas

  5. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    What a typical reporter. “I think the people ARE speaking, through such actions, and others like the recent Syndicate attempt to takeover the TQ.” So you would have the rest of the fleet cave in to the bullying of terrorists? And so the next time somebody wants something changed, perhaps they can explode a bomb somewhere else. Is this what you advocate? Because it sure sounds like it.

    Yes, let’s reorganize. Here’s a list of things I recommend:

    1. Suspend the Article that grants Freedom of the Press. The Press, namely in the form of the tabloid News-Review, has been instrumental in whipping up dissention for quite some time now. Probably a very early goal of one of its founding members, D’anna Biers. A Cylon. Perhaps this is one of those mistakes of the past we ought to correct.

    2. Declare Martial Law. The President should have done this two years ago, and the need for it grows stronger by the day.

    3. Restrict movement between the ships of the fleet. The reason a malcontent from Tylium Queen could plant a bomb on the 7th Heaven, and in the process destroy that which was most precious to me, is because of uncontrolled freedom of movement.

    4. Rats nests like the Tylium Queen should be cleaned out the moment they’re discovered. No more allowing things to fester for months or years at a time like they have over there.

    5. Those that don’t want to agree to the necessary sacrifices required of this journey can be left on the planet despicably named after my homeworld, Aerelon. Perhaps the Cylons will never take notice of them. Perhaps they will. But those left will be able to live the remainder of their lives in blissful anarchy.

    A referendum is not what’s needed. In the final analysis, you ask the people what they want, rather than what they need, and you get swimming pools instead of Vipers. Democracy is not suited to the situation we currently find ourselves in. Military efficiency and sacrifice is what the current times call for.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz
    Commanding, 47th Air Wing
    Battlestar Pacifica.

  6. Major,

    Spoken like a true dictator. Perhaps you’d like to lead this military coup? It’s no wonder no one trusts the military. We now have a poster child for fascism, and her name is Major Stiglitz.

    I find it very fascinating that whenever we in the press put forward ideas and words that might stir controversy or perhaps discussion, that we are threatened with military action and the “guns” come out in the form of robbing us of our personal liberties. We have some checks and balances like freedom of the press so that hotheaded military types like yourself don’t go on a rampage and dominate us BECAUSE you have the guns.

    Fatherland knows best is it? If you think the fleet is splintered now and that we have problems, come down with an iron fist. Go ahead. Show the Cylons that they are right. It will be our last chapter.

    Not on my watch, Major. Not on my watch.

    Kiltcheck Douglas

  7. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said

    Captain LizzyD Vendetta sighs a long and troubled sigh.

  8. starbuckk said

    I wonder if the irony of the events of the last couple weeks are lost on anyone in the fleet? Lets recap shall we?

    1. Bringing us up to date, problems on the Tylium Queen led to a failed takeover attempt by hoodlums and black marketers masquerading as “downtrodden workers”.

    2. The fleet was subsequently railed for ignoring the security and conditions on the Tylium Queen.

    3. Two raids were conducted by fleet security on the TQ, the first of which found stolen food and weapons, and the second found explosives that were clearly not a part of the TQ’s normal operations.

    4. During the last raid, a reporter from the FNS stood interference against security, encouraged dissent among the residents and told them to run and hide and barricade themselves in their quarters, thus seriously escalating the situation.

    5. A terrorist succeeds in blowing up the 7th heaven dome (wonder where he got the exposives) and ends up being shot by a crew member aboard the Tylium Queen.

    6. AND, during the evacuation of 7th heaven, progress is delayed by a numerous people, including two reporters, refusing to board evacuation shuttles until being threatened with arrest. You mentioned in your article it took 24 minutes. Nearly 15 of those minutes were spent arguing with people that refused to board empty shuttles because they thought they were too important to leave.

    I wonder who’s house really needs to be gotten in order here? Aren’t reporters supposed to observe and report, as opposed to interfere and incite?

    Let me make this clear for future reference: If the captain of a vessel tells you to get your tail on an evacuation shuttle, I do not care WHO you are or how important you THINK you are, you get your tail on that shuttle or risk being arrested–or worse.

    Enough said.

  9. Anonymous member of the military said

    The problems we have encountered are not the fault of the military.

    Our forces have never been strong enough to defend a fixed point as we do today at Aerolon. Cylon forces are growing stronger and bolder every day.

    We are training pilots and sending them into battle as fast as we can. Lessons are often enhanced by the presence of cylon raiders in the fleet.

    The pilots are tired and flying beyond limits even for wartime.

    It’s time to pack up and jump before the next guest is a base star and our journey ends in destruction.

    Our civilian government is at fault for the suicide mission they have us on at this time. It is time to with all due respect to the Major and my commanding officer, I disagree on the need for martial law.

    A responsible civilian government that works with the military and listens when told we can’t defend a fixed point is sufficient. I say this as a citizen, not as a pilot. I assume my CAG understands the folly of a military government. The unmanageable will become chaos and we’ll never escape this place.

    It is somewhat well known who I am. I remain anonymous because to do otherwise would prevent me from expressing a political opinion at all due to fear of misunderstanding and punishment. I faithfully pledge myself to follow all orders I receive lawfully whether I agree with them or not.

    As to the name calling of the CAG, that is clearly uncalled for. She is a citizen of the colonies and is entitled to express her opinion. She has provided strong leadership that I dare say is both fair and more effective than the chaos provided by our civilian authorities.

    I strongly back Starbukk’s remarks. When the Captain says get off the boat, get the hell off the boat already.


    Tired defender of the fleet.

  10. Captain Serapis,

    I want to make it clear for the public record that the reporters you mention were not me.

    If you’re asking me to have my facts clear, which I do, make sure yours are as well so people don’t infer that I was “one of those reporters.”


    In your item #4, I was not a party to that at all. I was not the reporter in question, nor would I have ever urged any such action. I was there to document what was going on, which I did.

    In your item #6, I boarded the shuttle as soon as I could get to one to be evacuated. I complied completely with all requests by security and other staff. I never mentioned 24 minutes or any amount of time related to the evacuation in my article which you are commenting on. The article that did cover the evacuation was written by Geranna Aeon.

    So, your issues aren’t with me.

    I most certainly DID get on board a shuttle as soon as I could when asked. I cooperated completely with security at all points during these events. As was witnessed by members of Fleet Security, including Ms. Pink.


    Kiltcheck Douglas

  11. starbuckk said

    Acknowledged and confirmed. Names were intentionally not mentioned. And it was not just reporters. It was “including” reporters… there were others that caused these life threatening delays as well.

  12. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    Martial Law is something instituted by the government, Mr. Douglas. It is certainly not a “military coup”, as you put it. By making such an outrageous statement, all you do is further expose yourself as the terrorist sympathizer and mouthpiece that you have become.

    You don’t want to trust the military? Has it occured to you that the military doesn’t trust the civilians? Isn’t there a story that you and your fellow terrorist sympathizers at the News-Review have been purposely ignoring during all of this? For two years, we have fought, bled, and died for the likes of people like you, and for what? Gods damn you, I ask for what? To be treated like this?

  13. Major Stiglitz,

    Please re-read the post and subsequent commentary. The primary thrust of my criticism is directed at the civilian government and authority.

    I am most certainly not a terrorist sympathizer. Where and when have I advocated violence? I challenge you to find a single instance. Show these to me and please share them with all of us.

    Quite the contrary, I have called for an end to violence.

    I ask you to, once again, read my post and commentary. I believe it is you who are distorting the truth and facts here. I have advocated change through the legal channels that are available to us. How is that revolutionary or new? How does asking for a referendum make me a terrorist? It is one of the tools that are available to us to make change in our government when it is not working.

    In your view, anything that criticizes the status quo and doesn’t follow the current regime without question is branded a terrorist. That is the tool of fascism and politics of fear which I wholeheartedly reject.

    I have covered many stories about the heroic work that the military has done. Recently, however, the military has not been forthcoming with any information. Most of the blame for the lack of content is due to the unwillingness of your command to talk to the Press or provide us with anything to report.

    I tried for two entire days following the recent capture of the Cylon Tylium Refinery to get a story highlighting the valiant and courageous efforts of the pilots and marines who brought us much needed resources and new hope. I was eager to write that story on behalf of the hard work and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.

    And yet, I was turned away by every single command officer I approached, or met with no comment, or the most commonly muttered frakking reporters. So, if there’s a lack of balanced reporting…the fault lies with your command. I’ve said it to many of your pilots privately, and now it’s in print. As part of that command structure, you yourself can take some of the blame. If you want to help boost the morale of this fleet, the military has to be more forthcoming.

    Take a chapter from some of the Government officials who are making a difference. Like Secretary Vicky Vielle, who comes to me when she has something that’s important for people of the fleet to know. Read those articles.

    In closing, if I am the mouthpiece for anything, I am the mouthpiece of the people. All of them: civilian and military alike. If you don’t like it, then you have a problem with facing the truths presented here in black and white.

    Truly, Gods help you and those like you, and Gods help us all for what you may do.


    Kiltcheck Douglas

  14. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    I’m distorting facts? You have advocated change based on the wanton acts of destruction of a few individuals that you claim represent the majority. Either through choice or accident, you have become their defacto spokesperson, Mr Douglas.

    Of course the military isn’t willing to talk to the media. Historically, the media has savaged the military, and the commanding officers especially. You can blame me and the other officers if you want, but anybody that has been paying any attention at all knows exactly where the fault lies. I myself was recently attacked by Kelly Bruder, who wanted to claim that I was too drunk to talk to her, when in fact I was drinking coffee (my usual drink in Afterburner’s) and had told her I didn’t want to speak with her based on her comments about the military before that.

    No, you might not have been a reporter at the time, but you’re in it now. The News Review created its own problems with the military, and they don’t just go away. Instead of doing that, you called me a poster child for fascism. You accuse me of wanting to lead a military coup.

    Quite honestly, Mr Douglas, you aren’t the mouthpiece for the civilian or military peoples. As a citizen of Aerelon, there is but one person that gets to speak for me in civilian matters: Representative Halberd. As a member of the military, there is one person that gets to speak for me on military matters: Commander Nephilim. I don’t know where you get the idea that you’re the ordained holy crusader for everybody, but you most certainly do not speak for me. On any matter. Ever.

  15. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    Oh, missed one thing:

    “In your view, anything that criticizes the status quo and doesn’t follow the current regime without question is branded a terrorist. That is the tool of fascism and politics of fear which I wholeheartedly reject.”

    Not even close. My suggestions are every bit as critical of the status quo as yours, if not moreso. It’s clear you didn’t even bother to read what I wrote. I was quite critical of the President for not hurrying to get the Quorum going. I was quite critical of the former Caprican Representative for her attempted powergrabbing. I am quite critical of the Quorum’s current power grab in which it has virtually nullified the Executive branch and the Presidency. I am critical of the fact that, two years into this, we still have no Judiciary. I am critical of the fact that Fleet law is aparently in the hands of either a private security company, which also has links to the Quorum, making that situation even worse.

    So don’t frakking sit there on your stool and tell me that I believe that speaking out against the status quo is wrong. A responsible journalist might have actually done a little research, and not made the mistake of opening his mouth and sticking his foot in.

  16. Major,

    So, you’ve found absolutely no evidence of my supporting violence. Yet, you still brand me a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer. They were only two dramatic examples of many who are dissatisfied. And those were the large voices taking action. What I speak of are the individual voices.

    Talk to the fleet. Talk to the people. They are ready for open public elections.

    I stand by my statements.

    Kiltcheck Douglas

  17. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    I can assure you, Mr Douglas, that most of the people in the fleet aren’t satisified, to include the military. That doesn’t mean we go around killing people and destroying property to vent our frustrations. I myself have had to keep my loathing of this entire trip in check. I, and many others, would much rather have stayed in the Colonies and fought for what was ours. But rather than destroy the dome on 7th Heaven, the landing bay on Celestria, the forward pod on Tylium Queen, or the FTL on Pacifica, I and the others put our discomfort and dissatisfaction in the back of our minds, knowing that we need to control ourselves for the greater good.

    We just had open public elections several months ago, Mr Douglas. I can’t help it if you were asleep when it happened. An almost entirely new Quorum was elected. You’ve had several of the newly elected members of that Quorum post in this very thread.

    As for the President, she was elevated to her current position in accordance with the law. And when her term ends, she will be replaced or reelected in accordance with the law. So quite honestly, I don’t know what it is you’re hoping to accomplish here by calling for something that’s going to happen anyway. Trying to make yourself out as a hero of the people? Planning on running for office yourself, and needing something to get your name out there?

    Mr Douglas, I believe you are a sensationalist, in the truest tabloid sense. No, you aren’t directly a member of the terrorist organizations that you infer have the support of the people, but you certainly do come across as their champion. You don’t blow up ships, and you don’t murder people in cold blood, but you trumpet their causes as your own.

    Major Heidi Stiglitz

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