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Geminese Survivors Join Fleet – Amazing Survival Story – Looking for fellow Geminese.

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 20, 2007

Following the destruction of the 12 colonies, a small band of Geminese Militia have caught up with the Fleet after months of hit-and-run Guerilla warfare against the Cylon occupation.

Making their escape in a badly-damaged Raptors, and a terrifying chase by the Cylons across space, members of the ‘Gemenon Contingent’, as they are known, have caught up with the fleet and joined the Colonial Military and civilian communities.

“It is a miracle that we found the fleet at all”, said Group Captain Angelo Sydney, commanding the tiny Geminese force. The Viper Pilot is now attached to the Heartbreakers Squadron aboard Pacifica. “It was more blind luck than good navigation and frankly we had no idea where we were headed.  We were focussed on staying one jump ahead of the Cylons.  We finally lost them 11 days ago”.

Thought to have been immediately and totally overwhelmed by the Cylon attack on the 12 colonies, Gemenon has been a major headache for the Cylons, with the occupation forces harrassed by a small contingent of Geminese guerillas conducting a campaign of sabotage and intelligence gathering against the Cylon garrison.

Despite some substantial damage inflicted on the enemy, the Gemenon Contingent was finally driven from the planet after being all but wiped out. 

The ten Geminese survivors are all that’s left of a 150-strong Militia of civilians and military personnel.  “We were basically fighting day and night for three months,” said Captain Angelico Babii of the (former) Gemenon Battalion.  He is now serving as a Marine aboard the Pacifica. “We saw some terrible things.  The Cylons would take prisoners.  We managed to break into one of their holding camps during a rescue mission and discovered that they were conducting grotesque experiments on our people – men, women, children…animals – anything alive”.

The Gemenon Contingent is now settling into life as members of the Fleet and they are in search of other Geminese who may have also escaped the planet.  Survivor Anjula Basevi is an Intelligence Officer who is coordinating an effort for the Contingent to be reunited with other Geminese. “We are hugely relieved to be part of the fleet and make a contribution to the war effort.  But at this time, we feel a very strong need to connect with our own people after everything we have been through.  And there will certainly be Geminese in the Fleet who are eager for news of what has happened to our world”.

The Gemenon Contingent is inviting all members of the fleet who are Geminese or who have a connection with Gemenon to join their group, ‘GEMINESE RESISTANCE’. But Group Captain Angelo Sydney goes to great lengths to emphasise that the group is in no way separate from the rest of the Fleet.  “Fleet comes first, as far as we are concerned.  We are absolutely at one with the Fleet and we put no other loyalties above that.  But we do want to reach out to our people”.

You can join GEMINESE RESISTANCE by searching for the group in the normal way or contact Anjula Basevi or Angelo Sydney to be added.


One Response to “Geminese Survivors Join Fleet – Amazing Survival Story – Looking for fellow Geminese.”

  1. Unknown Source said

    Two years and hundrests of light years away from the colonies, a rag tag group of refugees manages to find our fleet in the vastness of space ? Right ! Happens all the time ! COME ON NOW ! This is beyond coincidence, beyond “faith”, beyond logic. This is simply impossible.

    Keep a close eye on them, all of them.

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