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Mysterious Man in Grey

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 16, 2007

To: Dean Steadham, Fleet News Service

From: Decker Sheridan, Colonial Historian


The other night a courier from the Pacifica stopped by my quarters on Colonial 1 and asked me to identify something odd that had appeared while reviewing security tapes from the night before. They asked me to pass along the photo to you since I am stumped.

The photo was apparently taken by Pacifica Security Cameras last night of a mysterious man that boarded the ship late last night. He appears to be dressed in what looks like ancient Virgon vestments that are usually worn by the oldest families in the colony during sacred holidays on the colony.. The odd thing is, the robes are usually Black, Maroon, Brown or Beige. There is almost no record of a family wearing grey robes such as these.

Onboard in Virgon RobesPerhaps the Virgon Representative, Shaheen Innis can shed some light on this. The odd thing is that his stature and build reminds me of our long-lost friend, Lt. Barbosa. I know that I mentioned to you before that he was a Virgon resident and his family is one of the oldest on that colony, but no one has heard from him since before the Styx was destroyed. I checked with my usual contacts, and there was a transmission from him a couple of weeks ago but so far, no one has seen nor heard from him.

See if you can find something, Dean. This is a real head-scratcher.


Decker Sheridan


5 Responses to “Mysterious Man in Grey”

  1. Shaheen Innis said

    It is a virgon matter and is not a threat to the fleet. no further comment

  2. Anonymous member of the military said

    Isn’t that nice. Not a threat. Security of our only warship is violated and Shaheen says, “trust me”

    Frak that.

  3. Shaheen Innis said

    typical, the military ignorance. you seem to keep your tradition alive

  4. fellow military member said

    ignorance? we are the ones being carefull about this and your saying “do not worry heck let’s let the cylons in”

  5. Major Heidi Stiglitz said

    Mysterious people wandering around the Pacifica isn’t a Virgon issue, I’m afraid. It would be a Vigon issue if said individual were still on Virgon.

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