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EXCLUSIVE: Vielle on the Planet, Pregnancy and Vice Presidency

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 16, 2007

Exclusive Live Interview for FNS by Kiltcheck Douglas.

Secretary of Agriculture Vicky Vielle took some time out of her incredibly busy schedule to meet with me last evening on 7th Heaven for an interview in my continuing series “Getting to Know Our Government”. We decided to go into the Quorum hall for some privacy. During the interview we discussed Vielle’s past on Aquaria, her present challenges with New Aerelon and her pregnancy, and her potential future with a surprise announcement of her bid for Vice President.

Vicky Vielle in QuorumDouglas: So, Ms. Vielle, you’re from Aquaria…Can you tell us a little about your life before the war?

Vielle: Yes. I was born there and lived my entire life there. Well I have .. erm..had a close family. I had two sisters and a father…we grew very close, ever since my mother died from cancer when I was ten.

Douglas: I’m sorry for your loss, I take it your family was on Aquaria and are gone now…

Vielle: Yes… Like everyone in the fleet, I have suffered personal loss from the Cylon attack.

Douglas: What did you do on Aquaria?

Vielle: I was a hydro-engineer, all sorts to do with water, pumps, pumping and the like after graduating from the University in Aquaria City.

Douglas: But there have been some new, shall we call them, developments in your life..for one, you’re pregnant…

Vielle rubs her tummy and smiles.

Douglas: When is the expected delivery date?

Vielle: Well I am five months gone now, so a few months yet to go. I sometimes hope it will be sooner, or else I may explode at the size it is growing! Now I know that there will be some difficulties ahead, holding down a position such as Secretary of Agriculture and having a baby, but still I am doing everything I can for our survival, doing everything in my job to provide food for all the fleet, and also to help increase our dwindling population.

Douglas: Yes, but part of our survival involves increasing our numbers. Have you been cautioned by the doctors, are you expecting to work to term?

Vielle: Well, there have been a few difficulties along the way…I can’t deny that, and there was a time that I would be found having fainted dead away at my desk… But recently I have been fleeing so much better and stronger and really looking forward to a little bundle of joy. As to working to full term, well I have the fleet’s interests always closest to my heart, and making sure no one starves.

Douglas: We certainly appreciate all the work you’ve done. (changing the subject) Has the discovery of the explosives on the TQ helped to resolve the investigation on the hydroponics bombing incident?

Vicky Vielle in QuorumVielle: (grimaces slightly) Well from my understanding that explosive is consistent with those we found traces of in the hydroponic blast.

Douglas: Yes, but that’s only circumstantial.

Vielle: I still cannot believe that parties lurking on board the Tylium Queen would seek to destroy food. We all need that food and without it people will dies. But we have no further leads otherwise on the culprits for that act of terrorism in the Seventh Heaven Dome.

Douglas: Regardless of who did the bombing, it was done. What’s being done to ensure the safety of the food supply on the planet? Will there be stringent security measures for settlers and visitors?

Vielle: Well Mr. Douglas, for a start, I have seconded Officer Maximus from the TQ to head up the planetary security detail. He is experienced in dealing with such situations, and those who may seek to harm the common good. We will also be recruiting suitable security staff to support him, to protect the colonists and of course secure our food. We also will carefully limit those wishing to go down to the planet, I mean at least vetting the colonists, and having security checks on any visitors as they land.

Douglas: What about the tensions between Ms. Syakumi and Mr. Maximus?

Vielle: Well, Ms. Syakumi was part of my security detail when we landed on New Aerelon last week, I must say she too is highly professional in her duties. As for tension, well that is born of their sphere of influence. As Ms. Syakumi is in charge of fleet security I think she will be needed here [off planet] mostly.

Douglas: So Ms. Syakaumi’s team will conduct inspections before people depart and Mr. Maximus again when they reach the planet?

Vielle: I leave such operational matters to the department heads, but I would have thought so.

Douglas: How soon do we expect harvests from the planet? I would assume water would be immediately available.

Vielle: There is suitable water for drinking and irrigation. It has been tested as pure enough for our needs.

Douglas: I expect shipments will be made to the fleet to kickstart your hydroponics…or are those being abandoned in light of the planetary efforts? I would think that would be spreading security a bit thin…

Vielle: Oh No! We still need the remaining hydroponics facilities to work at full capacity still. We will be getting foods we cant realistically grow in bulk in the fleet, cereal crops for example. The fields already down there need tending, and within 4 to 6 weeks we should be able to start harvesting, also we will be taking cuttings and plants already in the hydroponics tanks to the planet where they can grow under natural conditions.

Douglas: I see, so they [the hydroponics] can actually help the efforts. I understand we have a serious shortage of qualified people, wouldn’t this be stretching our resources thin…

Vielle: Qualified people (nods). Yes I have put a call out for anyone with agricultural experience to come forward to help. We need hard workers mainly, the qualified staff we do have will be supervisors and trainers. By the time we have harvested, we will have enough food reserves to last us, without rationing, until we have all the hydroponics facilities we need to feed the fleet

Douglas: Will people be living on the planet?

Vielle: Yes. I think it is best people live on the planet for a number of reasons. Firstly, the shuttle trips will be a logistical problem requiring many daily trips to and from New Aerelon. Secondly, security: the shuttle trips may draw unwanted attention to the planet. And thirdly, any problems can be fixed, quite literally “on the ground” tending the crops and keeping them secure. We will be living in and amongst the food, at one with nature and close at hand if anything arises that needs attention.

Douglas: Is there a formal application process?

Vielle: The application process will be conducted primarily by my office. We will handle all applications that way, following up where necessary. We will also be actively recruiting, especially amongst those colonists from colonies with a rich agricultural tradition like Aerelon. We will approve all the people going down to help keep control of numbers and maximize the use of our personnel.

Douglas: I would expect your office is going to be quite busy sifting through applicants.

Vielle: We also need a sizable ancillary support staff… medics, doctors, engineers etc. These applications are handled by other departments subject to the colonization needs of course and my final veto. We need to go quickly and I am using our existing civil service staff from other departments to expedite matters.

Douglas: Will security be involved in reviewing the applications as well?

Vielle: Of course. I don’t have access to criminal records and so forth, so that will be dealt with by security. This is an agricultural mission so I have the final responsibility for the success of the mission and ensuring the right people go. I have been granted this authority on the planet by the President.

Douglas: And if there are problems, you are also willing to take the blame?

Vielle: Of course. I hope there are none.

Douglas: Have we determined any more information about the former inhabitants?

Vielle: No. We hope to find out more as we look more closely and live amongst the buildings and maybe find clues that our cursory exploration last week did not turn up.

Douglas: Many of the buildings were damaged and reinforced, any findings there?

Vielle: No. Not as yet I am afraid, I hope to take qualified structural engineers there soon. They will help survey the soundness of the buildings for conversion to our needs anyway. Initially, our aims is to create dorms, a central office and a social/eating area…then expand to include a small science station, medical facilities and storage and repair shops for the converted agro-machinery we will need.

Douglas: How much CAP support will need to be diverted from the fleet?

Vielle: Well, those are military decisions. All I know is we need to be on the planet to grow the food we need. Exactly how the military plan to dispose their forces I am not certain.

Douglas: Will the “bus” now be making a stop planetside?

Vielle: No. But smaller regular shuttle fights maybe once or twice a day will be scheduled.

Douglas: This is a purely civilian operation, what role is the military taking in this?

Vielle: The military will be there to ensure our security from outside threats, and as a back up. Their trained pilots and raptors will be useful if, the gods forbid, we need to evacuate in an emergency. I would request marines maybe to help work the fields if I thought I could get that one by the commander…[chuckles] But the security will be primarily civilian, and the military will escort shuttles as required and fly patrols over the planet

Douglas: Will rationing be loosened now as a result of the planetary efforts?

Vielle: I would like to, really. However, it would not be prudent. We are still short of food, and the planet is still weeks away from providing us with more food. Until we have that harvest aboard our ships, I don’t think we can.

Douglas: We’ll all be looking forward to that!

Vielle: Unfortunately. I think with the yields we expect we can lighten rationing a bit after the colony is established in about a week’s time.

Douglas: What are your longer term goals then?

Vielle: For the planet?

Douglas: Yes…[probing] although, is there something else you’d like to touch on?

Vielle: [smiles] There is, but for the planet our aim is simply to get the food we need. I know people will want to stay, but let me say from the outset that is not our goal, permanent settlement anywhere is unlikely while the Cylons still trail us. As for other issues…As you may be aware, the position for Vice President has been vacant for almost two years.

Douglas: Yes…

Vicky Vielle in QuorumVielle: Normally the VP is voted in alongside the president as a running mate. But these are extraordinary times. We need a VP, and the Quorum has been granted the power to decide on the VP for the twelve colonies.

Douglas: ..and we were acting under an emergency. So…are you announcing your candidacy?

Vielle: Yes. I am. Only candidates nominated by an existing Quorum member are eligible.

Douglas: Well, if you can feed the fleet, I’d think you’d be a shoe-in for the position…

Vielle: I have recently heard the nominations have gone forward and I received three nominations.

Douglas: And who has endorsed you?

Vielle: I am unsure of the third, but I know it was Virgon, and my home world of Aquaria.

Douglas: If you are successful in your bid, who’s next in line to replace you as Secretary of Agriculture?

Vielle: Good question. [ponders a bit] I think it is best to cross that bridge when we get to it…everything is mutable in politics…

Douglas: Don’t you think this is an awkward time to run, with all of your duties on the planet, your pregnancy…

Vielle: Well life always deals us an awkward hand. I was hoping to run for VP before we even found the planet. But, well, I think that having been in the cabinet for all this time, and as a new mother, I can bring a fresh perspective to the role. I don’t pretend it will be easy.

Douglas: Why do you think you’d make a good VP?

Vielle: I think we need some alternative views on how to approach issues like security, and the Cylons.

Douglas: Yes, you’ve made your positions on this clear in the past. How would you change things as VP?

Vielle: I think I will provide a necessary voice in government to bring some alternative views. With a track record as Secretary of Agriculture, it is clear I can work well with the President and drive our future forward.

Douglas: And what of the Quorum?

Vielle: As VP I would be working with the Quorum more closely. I have always taken an active interest in their deliberations and attended all of their public meetings. It will be an exciting venture. Not straightforward by any means.

Douglas: Any final words to those critics of the New Aerelon efforts?

Vielle: There are those who think it is a Cylon trap. It may well be, but we need the food, and if we think it is a likely trap, well…we will be prepared for them and give them a taste of their own medicine.

Douglas: Well, thank your for your time Ms. Vielle and good luck on the planet…we need it!

Vielle: Thank you Mr. Douglas.


2 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Vielle on the Planet, Pregnancy and Vice Presidency”

  1. Ronon Maximus said

    Congratulations on the great interview to both Ms.Vielle and Mr. Douglas.

    I would just like to clarify that there are no “tensions between Ms. Syakumi and Mr. Maximus”. In fact, i have nothing but respect by her and the team she leads. They’ve always acted with professionalism and never showed any sign of arrogance or disrespect. They just follow their orders and there’s no fault in that.

    Thank you for the attention. Regards,

    Ronon Maximus.

  2. Dear Ronon,

    Thank you for the compliments and clarification. As a reporter, I often have to ask questions on behalf of the public even though I may know what the truth of the situation may be. This way, the truth comes to light through the interview and journalistic process and most often is voiced through official and credible channels. In a way, we reporters/journalists must play devil’s advocate to allow truths to unfold, even though we, ourselves, may not hold this opinion at all.

    Congratulations on your on-world assignment. I’m sure I’ll be down there from time to time and I look forward to putting my feet on terra firma once more.

    Much appreciated,

    Kiltcheck Douglas, reporter/journalist for FNS

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