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An Open Letter from Ronon Maximus

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 16, 2007

The following open letter was sent by Ronon Maximus to FNS editors and is printed here unrevised and in its entirety.

I’ve been withholding comments on this matter, since it seemed unwise to talk about an ongoing investigation, but since some have already publicly spoken their mind about my work, and damaged it by bringing it out in the open, I thought I should now share my opinion.

First, I want it to be clear that I respect the entire Fleet. I have nothing against the security teams or the people that order the raids on the Tylium Queen because I know their intentions are good, but I believe I have the right to disagree with the way things are being handled. Allow me to share some of my thoughts:

Investigating an organization like the Syndicate is a difficult and time consuming operation. We’re not dealing with two or three people here. This is a hierarchically structured secret organization engaged in many criminal activities, which is gaining increased support from most of the Tylium Queen’s workers, and even some outside our ship, especially since these recent events.

Therefore (keeping in mind I obviously didn’t start this specific investigation the moment I became the Security Chief), since this investigation requires in-depth study of the organization, it’s natural that the results seem scarce. Yes, I could have presented you some suspects or even provided some minor arrests, but that would have only dented the bottom level of the Syndicate pyramid, and would jeopardize the contacts and the trust I have gained within the organization.

On that matter, yes, I am involved with some people that work for the Syndicate, since lots of civilians are hired or even feel the necessity of working for them, in trade of food and other supplies. To think that you can break down such organization without establishing a connection to some of its members shows a lack of comprehension on how to dismantle organized groups.

If these personal relations I have created make me a suspect in some way, let me remind you all that I’ve always been available to answer any question about my work or investigation, although most of the higher authorities never showed any interest in how things were going until the problems escalated outside the ship.

About that, I would like to point out that this fleetwide concern with the Tylium Queen and the Syndicate is very recent. I remember Captain Vendetta telling me how she needed all the help she could get on her ship when I joined almost two years ago, and that until these past weeks I was never asked if I needed any security reinforcements or help with the Syndicate mission. I’ve heard many express concern and even loathing for the Tylium Queen, but rarely did I hear a suggestion or a positive solution. This help, in fact, only appeared after we were directly attacked by the Cylons, and only after our situation reached a point where the Syndicate decided to use extreme methods to make their demands, since all the formal and legal requests for help were being ignored. To most workers on the Tylium Queen, seems like the rest of the Fleet never really cared about them while the illegal activities were confined to the ship, but the moment the Syndicate took action “outside” the ship in order to be heard, we have people entering with guns blazing all the time.

Please keep in mind that, although I’m sure the military mission to end the blockade was perfectly planned, some of the workers on the Tylium Queen didn’t like to be tricked that way, especially when the armed forces were warned by the Syndicate that any attempt to storm in would put the entire ship in harms way.

Which brings us to the recent raids. Like I said before, and told Captain Halberd, I can see how they would seem necessary. I also realize that, even if I wanted to object to these searches, I’m powerless to stop them, as I was firmly told twice by Captain Halberd, because they are initiated by a joint council of civilian ship captains, including Captain Vendetta. However, what I tried to pass along and explain is that there should be better cooperation between teams, otherwise why the need of specific security leaders for each ship if one team can prevail over others? Too many cooks spoil the broth, and while the team is well equipped and experienced, they are not in possession of proper intelligence. With consultation and cooperation, this team could be an asset. Without it, they are a disruptive element. The constant “invasion” by military members and exterior security teams is not helping at all, and is actually hindering the investigative work being done on the Tylium Queen.

The fact is the Syndicate provides supplies to most people when they need them through the black market, some of it illegally, but most of it through legitimate trade. It’s true that if you break a deal with them it can lead to violence or other forms of retribution, including kidnapping. Through my infiltration of the Syndicate, I’ve managed to covertly assist the victims of these actions and, in more than a few instances, resolved the dispute. Despite these issues, however, for the most part the black market is essential in distributing hard to find supplies.

During the food shortage, stolen supplies were put on the black market and were stored on the Tylium Queen (and, right here, I would add that the removal of some of these supplies in the first raid prevented me finding who was trading them to who, and who stole them in the first place). Supply did not meet demand, however, and when the Tylium Queen’s workers lost their primary trading commodity, tylium ore, they started getting hungry. With pleas for aid unanswered, that’s when the Syndicate’s militant side revealed itself through the blockade. To many workers, this action was viewed positively. While no one else was listening, the Syndicate was taking action, action they could understand and relate to. In fact, the constant criticisms about the ship from outsiders, the constant suspicion every time there’s an incident (even if there are no leads pointing to them), is making the Syndicate look like a better option – at least they care. With more followers to do their dirty work, the more likely the Syndicate will throw one of these “minions” at any lead I follow. To add to this, the more the security team aggravates the situation with official raids, taking away the supplies the workers need, the more the Syndicate gains support.

Make no mistake; the Syndicate is a corrupt organisation that harbours thieves, terrorists, and assassins. While they support the workers, they also work behind their back to inflate prices, and use extreme measures to get their way. But, though they might command the black market, the black market would exist without them.

I do not blame my wife for publicly stating what some people believe my status with the Syndicate to be. It was only a matter of time before things got to this stage, and I knew that from the outset. However, it’s obvious that after everything that has happened in the last few days, every lead I was following is now probably dead, and the infiltration effort is blown. Therefore, I have no other option except to start more overt forms of intervention that might provide the quick and visible results some are so eager to see, even though it won’t bring the Syndicate down, at least in a near future. I’m also reserving the right, as Security Chief of the Tylium Queen, to search and investigate any person that boards or leaves the ship. I will no longer be ignoring the fact that many that criticize the Tylium Queen and its workers also visit us to trade for products only available on the black market.

If I need the help of the security team, I’ll request it via Captain Vendetta. Until then, I ask that the raids be halted, unless the security team liaises with me.

To those that think I should resign, I was, am, and will always be confident in my work and the decisions I take, so I see no reason to do it. Although I’m assigned to the Tylium Queen, I serve and protect the entire Fleet, and I believe I’ve been doing a good job so far, amidst all the opposition I’ve encountered inside and outside the ship.

Now, please, let us end this discussion and worry more about our civilization’s goals, instead of bickering among ourselves. We’ve come a long way in fighting the Cylons, staying strong during these hard times. Do not let them see us weakening with internal wars.

Ronon Maximus, Security Chief of the Tylium Queen.


5 Responses to “An Open Letter from Ronon Maximus”

  1. starbuckk said

    It is ironic that the fleet was being criticized for lack of attention to the TQ’s needs and now it seems we are paying too much attention. Beyond that statement, the public discussion of this matter is now closed as far as the fleet captains are concerned.
    I will reiterate that the Captain has full responsibility for security aboard their vessels and they are presumed capable of dealing with them. Fleet security acts either when requested by the ship captains, or when issues aboard one ship affect the security of the rest of the fleet. It is the latter part of that statement that resulted in the recent actions on the Tylium Queen.
    A formal meeting will be conducted among the fleet captains to discuss Chief Maximus’ public comments here. Captain Vendetta is highly respected among the fleet captains and her views will be respected. Beyond that, we have no further comment.

  2. Anonymous member of the military said

    Once again the point should be made. The military needs clear rules of engagement. There are a lot of eager nuggets in training and they are gun ho and want to help.

    This is a clear recipe for confrontation.

  3. starbuckk said

    It appears that some jamming occurred and stopped my previous comment. The quorum is in fact very concerned about the communication issues in the fleet. Please remember we are a fleet on the run. So sometimes getting our house in order is not so easy. We have, however, created a new channel on the fleet vid for communications to and from the quorum, to include quorum resolutions, public discussion and quorum deliberations. I say this because the response to your concern about military engagement is specifically addressed in Quorum Resolution 20071103, the Posse Comitatus Act.

    You can see this and other quorum business by going to

  4. starbuckk said

    ((this thing is choking on URL’s probably to prevent spam))

    The Quorum board can be reached from the BSG47 OOC link at the top right of this page.

  5. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said

    First I want to say that Chief Maximus’ statement and views are his and his alone and not a statement made as any official view from the Tylium Queen.

    With that said….I would like to say that I echo much of Chief Maximus’ comments.

    With that said….I understand both Captain Serapis and Captain Halberd’s point of views and concerns. I appreciate thier efforts and thier diligance towards fleet security.

    If an attack takes place ANYWHERE within the fleet..I fully expect the Fleet Security team to investigate and take actions to prevent further attacks. The Fleet Security Team has done a commendable job in finding stolen food, drugs and explosives aboard the Tylium Queen. The Fleet Security Team has acted with utmost professionalism and skill…of that there is no doubt. The problem…and tension in this situation comes from an organization so well entrenched that raids like these are only very short term solutions…and as Chief Maximus points out…actions that make finding the Syndicate more difficult.

    Do I have an answer to this problem….No I do not. I have tasked Chief Maximus to find what he can of this Syndicate. It is not easy. It is not something that can be solved by sweeping the ship…it may not be something that can be solved at all. The Tylium Queen is a delicate place.

    Captain Serapis just commented…”I will reiterate that the Captain has full responsibility for security aboard their vessels and they are presumed capable of dealing with them. Fleet security acts either when requested by the ship captains, or when issues aboard one ship affect the security of the rest of the fleet. It is the latter part of that statement that resulted in the recent actions on the Tylium Queen.” To that I agree fully and have no problems with the recent actions of either Captain or of the Security Team.

    Captain LizzyD Vendetta
    Tylium Queen

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