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BREAKING NEWS: The Settlement of New Aerelon

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 14, 2007

Secretary of Agricuture Vicky Vielle delivered the following speech live earlier today along with the following press release:

From the Government of the Twelve Colonies

These are hard times for all colonists in the fleet, and I am aware that the institution of food rationing for everyone is affecting everyone.

So, it is with great pleasure that I have an announcement that will give hope to everyone and make clear once and for all the rumours that have been circulating.

We are close to a habitable planet with fields of grain crops nearing their time for harvesting. These crops can be used to end rationing and keep the fleet fed while the Hydroponics program recovers to take the strain.

So this announcement of hope is also a general ‘call to arms’, or is that rather a ‘call to rakes and hoes’? We need all those people with agricultural experience to come forward, to go and live on the planet, and to make that food grow to feed the fleet.

We need hard workers, people we can all look to and appreciate for their skill, dedication, and abilities to help us all survive, people expecially such as Sagittarons and Aerelons. In fact it is in honour of the great farming skills of Aerelons the new temporary colony has been dubbed New Aerelon.

But we need more than farmers, we need security, medical staff, pilots, support staff, carpenters, engineers, surveying specialists.. the list goes on. I call on anyone who wishes to once more breathe clean, unrecycled air, to drink clean un-processed water, to live under the sun and stars, and who has skills that would be invaluable – to contact me: Vicky Vielle so you can be added to the list of people cleared to live and work on the planetary surface.

Come join us on New Aerelon, to work hard, play hard, to feel valued, and to once more live on the surface of a planet as the Gods intended us!


4 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: The Settlement of New Aerelon”

  1. Anonymous member of the military said

    We have survived from this point due to our mobility.

    Now we risk the survival of the species with defense of a fixed point, something we failed to do when we had 120 Battlestars.

    As a citizen of the 12 colonies, not a member of the military for whom I am not empowered to speak, I cry out against this grave error in judgement.

    Even taking the food and running is a fools errand. This is too good to be true and should be treated as such.

    Cylons have been harassing the fleet with ever increasing frequency, including one raid that forced a tactical jump, followed by a return jump.

    The cylons are not stupid and our pilots have been recording increasing numbers of kills in the past week(RP).

    They know where we are and they are coming for us. Lets run while we have the chance.

    It goes without saying that we will follow all orders and die protecting the civilians. Why is our government taking such a risk.

  2. Vicky Vielle said

    It is simply a question of risk and certainty.

    It *maybe* be a trap. It *maybe* be known to the Cylons. It *maybe* be a mistake.

    Way those ‘maybes’ against the certainty…

    The *certainty* is that without that food we will perish, without the Cylons’ help. We risk the maybes to avoid the certainty. That is why we stay for a short period of time.

    Let me assure every colonist in the fleet, every one of us faces the daily risk of Cylon attacks. Every moment we breathe is fraught with danger. But working together we survive. The risks are known and we have done every thing we can do minimise them. Be assured we do not undertake this lightly….

    Vicky Vielle

    Secretary of Agriculture

  3. Anonymous member of the military said

    I do not think our esteemed Secretary of Agriculture understands the how the risks multipy defending a fixed point.

    This far, we have evaded a single base ship or perhaps two, guarding a resurrection ship.

    Once the cylons find out where we are they can bring in a dozen more more base ships and a hundred squadron’s of raiders.

    Our forces are building and training very hard with plans to train harder however this is suicide. It is the suicide plan of the suicide government.

    When are the elections? I want another government. I have a beef with this one, it keeps trying to get us Viper pilots killed?

    Has the council of twelve voted on this? Has there been a public debate?

    Where the FRAK is our democracy when we need it?

    Viper pilot

  4. Lt(jr) Argo "Scorpion" Blanco said

    I was wondering the situation of the hydroponic plant. The repairs must be at agood point.

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