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BREAKING NEWS: Planet Holds Promise

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 11, 2007

Exclusive by Kiltcheck Douglas for FNS

Vicky Vielle on the planetOn Sunday, a joint military and government expeditionary force led by Commander Nephilim, Captains Serapis and Halberd, and Secretary of Agriculture Vicky Vielle, set out to explore the nearby planet that had, until recently, only been a rumor. The purpose of the exploration was to determine relative safety of the planet itself, what may have occurred to the former inhabitants, and, most importantly, to ascertain if there were available crops or other food sources and potable water to feed our hungry fleet. Reporters from FNS were embedded to assist in documenting the finds.

Andi on the planetAlthough there are several buildings in the area, there are no signs of recent habitation, and little evidence as to what might have happened to the former settlers/inhabitants of the world. No bodily remains were found, and the place is oddly vacant. Many described an eerie feeling. Most of the buildings show signs of damage and partial collapse, and some appear to have been reinforced. The reasons for this are not clear, but extreme weather is considered a possibility. There do not appear to be signs of any attack. An old model shuttle was also found in a nearby building. Could this have been a group of people disenchanted with the colonies that struck out on their own? If so, why would they have abandoned this world? How did they get here? These and other questions have still not been answered, although tests are being conducted.

Cmdr. Nephilim on horsebackLater, Commander Nephilim was seen riding in on a horse which she found. This is a good indication that the settlement was not so old and that there are sustainable resources for life. Although some did consider harvesting the animal for food, it was left on the planet. There are hopes of finding other animals as well that may have been brought by the settlers.

Radiation and atmospheric effects seem to provide protection by interfering with Dradis and detection efforts, which could perhaps lead to a sanctuary and potential settlement. Government representatives onsite discussed bringing settlement options before the Quorum. It was obvious how being planetside for the first time for many since the war affected the expeditionary force. The sense of excitement and hope was in the air.

Goldblatt on the planetSamples were taken for analysis to ensure that the crops and water are indeed viable and suitable for consumption as well as the suitability of the environment for sustained harvesting, and the possibility of settlement. Representative Gibley Goldblatt of Sagittaron was also present to observe the efforts. Results of analysis are expected soon, but “things look promising,” said Sec. Vielle. Although she urged caution to “not get our hopes up until the analysis is completed.”


4 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Planet Holds Promise”

  1. Croyd Crenston said

    Eerie is about right. Did you read what “Grunt” had to say in the previous thread about the planet ? Something similar happened to me. I was helping with construction of the defense installations yesterday. I “stepped outside” to take a leak when I saw this blonde woman in a long white dress walk away from the village towards one of the fields. She definitely wasn’t one of the fleet peeps so I followed her. When I rounded a corner she was gone ! As if the ground had swallowed her. Like a ghost – I am telling you that planet is haunted…

  2. Vicky Vielle said

    I love a good ghost story, in a cold winter evening it’s a good way to pass the time scaring the youngsters.

    But, I am afraid reality is far less mysterious. There are no ghosts. Just the stories to spook everyone else with. The simple fact is unless we get the food from the planet we will have a fleet full of our own deserted ships.

    Now I admit what happened to the colonists who built the farm *is* a mystery. One we can look into when we go down to get the food we need to survive. The signs look good and we may have an announcement on this shortly…

    Vicky Vielle

    Secretary of Agriculture

  3. Unknown Source said

    Another interesting incident happend 3 days ago: The entire ground team – more than 25 people, engineers, Marines and scientists – lost wireless contact with the fleet and with each other for exactly 2 minutes. After contact with PACIFICA was reestablished, it turned out that every watch worn by people on planet as well as those in the shuttles and Raptors on the ground had “lost” exactly 2 minutes. Captains Perry and Dryssen have chalked it up to “high levels of EM radiation interference”. A natural phenomenon with that exact a timing ?

  4. ((OOC: Can’t get it outta my head…*singing* Been thru a deserted planet on a horse with no name…))

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