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Another Raid on the TQ

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 11, 2007

Report filed by Kiltcheck Douglas

Last night, the new civilian security team led by Onyx Syakaumi and accompanied and facilitated by Captains Tanya Halberd and Starbuckk Serapis, made yet another raid of the Tylium Queen. Government officials asked FNS to provide a reporter to help document the efforts to show how this raid was conducted according to proper protocols. A copy of the recording was provided to security and another has been uploaded to FNS’ custody to ensure there is no tampering or misuse of the material provided.

TQ Raid 2


Officer Ronon Maximus met the crew in the landing bay, and security was kept waiting while Halberd and Maximus discussed the particulars. Captain Vendetta was not available and was also unaware of the proceedings. It was obvious that Maximus had not been informed of the timing or intent. After being detained for nearly 15 minutes, the security force began to fan out and make inspections. Halberd implied that there had been recent credible reports of stolen food, kidnappings, and threats of violence that had sparked the search.TQ Raid 1
The security “stormtroopers” left no stone unturned however, Halberd kept the searches to areas that were not private rooms. It was obvious during the searches that the forces were looking for something in particular that had nothing to do with food or kidnappings. The populace was obviously shaken by the presence of the security force so soon after a similar raid. Matters weren’t helped by the arrogant and disdainful demeanor of some members of the security team.

The raid met no resistance and the TQ’s inhabitants gave the security forces their full cooperation. There was no sign of any violence.

After about 45 minutes of searching throughout the ship, a stash of plastic explosives was found; the same type used in the recent bombing of the hydroponics on 7th Heaven. Samples will be taken for analysis to determine if the chemical signature matches the explosives used in the attack. However, any such evidence would appear to be circumstantial unless further evidence can be linked to the act. At this point, the search ceased, as the team had obviously found what they were looking for.

TQ Raid 3

This reporter couldn’t help but wonder if this raid might have been staged or if the Syndicate was being setup in retaliation for some of their recent actions and decrees. Only further investigations will reveal the truth.

Regardless, a serious amount of explosives has been recovered and is in the hands of the proper authorities.


13 Responses to “Another Raid on the TQ”

  1. How very strange. Finding G-4 explosives on a mining ship. A mining ship that’s now back on active duty, thanks to the successful negotiations that ended the Syndicate’s embargo. A mining ship that’s now in range of planetary bodies that could be sources of tylium ore. I suppose the miners are expected to crack rock with their bare fists now, yes? Can’t be trusted with sharp objects and fireworks, right?

    Honestly, for all the bravado and good intentions of this new security force, all they are doing is adding to the tensions and getting in the way. And I’m concerned that they are being pressurised into getting results, which could be affecting their judgement and therefore their effectiveness.

    Let’s examine some basic fundamentals for a moment:

    The Tylium Queen is a working ship, not liner or carrier. It’s very cramped. Every inch of space is premium, especially as two rooms are now unsafe due to the Cylon attacks and had to be stripped out. Therefore, any non-private room, no matter what it’s primarily used for, has to double as a store room. Even the galley deck causeway is being used as a store for supplies.

    The ship is run by its workers. They are a gruff lot, who focus on the job at hand. They don’t have the discipline of a military ship, and so they don’t sign stuff in and out with some master at arms or carefully stow things in arms lockers. That’s not to say things aren’t organised or that they have no idea where anything is. They have a system that works for them, and it’s a practical one. Frankly, I’m amazed it took the security team 45 minutes to find explosives.

    G-4 explosives are common in the Fleet. The military uses them, the civilians uses them, and of the civilians the miners use them most of all. G-4 does not grow on trees. We have the supply we had when we left Colonies. Most of that supply is on the Pacifica and on the Tylium Queen. G-4 require detonators. On the Queen, these detonators are locked in the main store, next to the captain’s quarters. Only the captain, her XO, and her security chief have access to those lockers, which the security team were told about on their last visit. These detonators are handed out to miners for operations, and the Queen is now on active duty.

    So, given that G-4 is common in the Fleet, is it a surprise to find that chemical signatures match those found in the 7th Heaven sabotage? It’s the same frakking stuff, for Lords sake. Raid the Pacifica, and you’ll find the same gear.

    The Cylons look like us now. They could be anywhere. The only way to tell if someone is a Cylon is to use this blood test, which takes time and requires plutonium (and our supply of that is with the military, in the warheads on the Pacifica, which they use to protect the Fleet). So, potentially, the Cylons could bypass any conventional security measures and get where ever they want, since the only way to be sure some one isn’t a Cylon before opening up something like an arms locker is to screen them with a blood test.

    In short, finding G-4 on the Tylium Queen proves nothing. Taking G-4 off the Tylium Queen simply delays or stops the mining operation. Sending in an armed security team, that somehow takes 45 minutes to find something that is expected to be on the ship, and having them take that away is just going to leave the miners disgruntled and frustrated. The whole thing is ill conceived, and not just from this logical perspective.

    Now let’s look at the bigger picture for a moment:

    “Government officials asked FNS to provide a reporter to help document the efforts to show how this raid was conducted according to proper protocols.” If this is true, the government is involved, and could be using the FNS as means to spin a PR campaign and start a witch hunt. Proper protocols? Last time I checked, Dollwife Pink is the Head of Civilian Security, not Captain Halberd. Captain Vendetta wasn’t informed, and nor was her security chief (though at least he was actually present). Vendetta is the captain of the Tylium Queen. Halberd is the captain of the 7th Heaven. Where the sabotage took place. And Ronon tells me that Captain Halberd has the backing of the Commander. Her partner. In the military. The military aren’t civilians, and they sure aren’t a police force. Come on, is this sounding in any way proper?

    “Halberd implied that there had been recent credible reports of stolen food, kidnappings, and threats of violence that had sparked the search.” On the Tylium Queen? Who’d have thought it? Everyone knows the rumor mill off by heart now. I live on the Queen. So does Ronon. And we’ve been saying it’s been calm there since the miners went back to work. Are we lying, then? Are we covering something up? Ronon and Captain Vendetta weren’t informed, so are they implicated?

    Ronon is conducting far more subtle investigations into the Syndicate and other activities on the Queen, which won’t be made easier with these raids. He tells me that this security team informed him that he was – and is – powerless to prevent these raids. Powerless. And he’s the ship’s security chief. Anyone ever entertained the notion that the reason why he’s not coming up with anything concrete just now is that, after the Syndicate embargo, there have been two of these raids, which are sure to drive any potential activists deeper underground? How dumb do people think the Syndicate is, to be caught with the same trick twice? Or, for that matter, be caught at all?

    There’s something very wrong going on here, and it’s not happening on the Tylium Queen.

  2. starbuckk said

    Some things need to be clarified here.

    1. Your point is taken about the C-4 and its importance to mining operations. It will be made sure that his fact is considered in the future. However, to claim that it cannot be properly secured is an excuse for sloppiness. I suggest that Chief Maximus take over management of the C-4 supply on TQ and set up procedures for properly securing it so it isn’t left laying around where it is so easily found. The security team practically tripped over the stuff!

    2. Dollwife Pink is Chief of Security on Celestra/Colonial One. Her position is the Colonial One equivalent of Ronon Maximus on the Tylium Queen and Trajax Ferguson on 7th Heaven. They report to their ship captains, not the fleet security team.

    3. The fleet security team was employed by the ship captains in order to assist captains and security officers in maintaining security. They are not government employees. Keep in mind that we are not on planets. Ships in space operate under maritime law which puts their security responsibilities in the hands of the captains of the ships, not the government. The press statement of “government officials” was a misunderstanding on the part of the press.

    4. We are well aware of the balancing act Chief Maximus and Captain Vendetta are facing. As I explained to Chief Maximus, that is the very reason they have occasionally been kept out of the loop. It is for their own protection and to allow them to facilitate that balancing act that they are faced with. No, we do not think the syndicate is dumb. In fact, we’re pretty sure they’ve already figured this little fact out and are smart enough to want to maintain the same balance, otherwise I would not be discussing it here.

    5. Whether or not we have backing or endorsement of the Commander of Pacifica is irrelevent. The military has no authority in this matter. The security team has the backing of the Quorum. Although they could have existed without quorum resolution, given maritime authority of ship captains, quorum approval was sought and won. There is s dividing line that establishes front line security with ship captains, and criminal investigation and incarceration with the President. We in fact only make initial contacts. The responsibility for prosecution is turned over to the civilian law enforcement authority. If you have questions about that, I suggest you address them to the President.

  3. fleetnewsservice said

    I would Like to Put my 2 cubic’s in on this.
    Having been at the TQ visiting, when the raid took place.

    I feel this raid was handled poorly.
    to Quote Kilt “Halberd implied that there had been recent credible reports of stolen food, kidnappings, and threats of violence that had sparked the search.” I was their and heard this and then she back pettled when they “found” the G-4. that she had said they were looking for stolen food and arms?
    We should not be lying to the populace, If you are looking for Explosives tell the security team and the captain of the ship.
    lets not forget just because those rooms are not private living Quarters, and that their is No true owner of the TQ from what i have been told this would fall to the Captain of the TQ as the owner of the vessel.
    I having been a photographer for awhile am rusty on the laws of the colonies, and how they apply now to us as survivors. But I find that if the Quorum had approved this “Raid” they need to be kept in check.
    Have they approved Raids on Colonial One? or the 7 Heaven looking for the same items. If i was a Syndicate member why would i hide something like this on the TQ, i would hide it under the noses of everyone.
    Maybe on Colonial One or the TQ or even the Pacifica.

    I am confused why Captain Halberd is the head of civilian security, She has to close of a connection to the military. I think a new head of Civilian security should be picked, perhapse it should be Onyx. Some one who doesn’t own their own ship.

    Perhapse I shall open legal Offices up and take up my old practice of being a lawyer as well as run for the Libran chair of the Quorum. To protect the Civillians of the fleet. Since us Libran’s were always seem to be left alone from the rest of Colonies.

    Lauri Mayfair, I also have a problem with that blood test, Is that Blood test legal? We are not Military. So we can not just demand that everyone take the test. I will protest this blood test and will defend anyone who refuses to ever have it done.


  4. Unknown Source said

    The world is over – the lawyers live on…

  5. starbuckk said

    Let me try this again:

    Captain Halberd is *not* the head of Civilian Security. Security officers assigned to individual vessels report to their respective captains.

    Onyx Syakaumi is the head of a fleet security team that was created by an agreement among the ship captains (and that INCLUDED Captain Vendetta). This team goes where it is needed. Either at the request of any or all of the ship captains where particular threats require attention that exceeds the powers of the captain or the ship security chiefs to handle.

    Depending on particular circumstances they may actually be assigned to report to the Chief of Security aboard the ship to which they have been deployed.

    In the case of the raids on the TQ, no, Captain Vendetta did not request the team’s support. But evidence of troubles on other ships pointed back to the TQ. Therefore the team had to act.

    The Syndicate have only themselves to blame for the extra attention being paid to the Tylium Queen right now. They wanted attention. They pulled a fracked up takeover of the TQ. Well. It worked. They got our attention. And worse, they got the military’s attention by claiming to have a gun turret aboard the TQ and threatening to shoot down vipers. I will leave to your own imagination what the result would have been had this alleged turret actually started shooting at other colonial vessels.

    Demands WERE being made and people were yelling that no one was doing anything about the problems on the Queen. So be it. We’re doing something. The alternative to doing SOMETHING is doing NOTHING. And too many people paid the price when that was happening.

  6. I’ve made a correction to the article as posted showing that, in fact, it was Onyx Syakaumi who is in charge of the security team. The way it had originally been worded implied leadership by Captain Halberd. Apologies to all those involved, I was late to the briefing. However, Captain Halberd did play a large role in negotiating the team’s activities aboard the ship with Officer Maximus. Ms. Syakaumi most definitely led the search once on-board.

  7. I’m grateful for the clarifications given here, but they raise other questions.

    In regard to the G-4 explosives (the so called evidence which is being used to implicate the Syndicate), as I already stated these explosives are not stored in a fashion that would be considered proper on other vessels, particularly when they are being moved forward for potential use. Originally, the bulk of the G-4 supply was housed in a supply room opposite to the store room, but this room has been stripped out as it is unsafe. Where else can we stow them? In the other available rooms, of course. I remind the captain of that which he must surely already be aware; G-4 is well known for its durability, reliability, and safety. It will not explode if hit by a bullet, punched, cut, or thrown into a fire. The only reliable method for detonation is to apply both heat and pressure, e.g. with A-type detonators, which I’ve already said are locked away in the store room, with limited access. This is not sloppy. This is how it is done on the Tylium Queen, because there aren’t many other options available. If the team practically tripped over the stuff, how come it took 45 minutes for them do so? What else were they doing in this time? Are they so poorly trained and ill-advised that they are unaware that explosives would be expected on a mining ship? Do they not know anything about G-4 explosives? Didn’t they do their homework first?

    If the Fleet Security Team is in place to assist the captains and security officers in maintaining security, why wasn’t Captain Vendetta or Chief Maximus informed of this raid? What is this “balancing act” that’s being talked about? Why keep them out of the loop? Are they suspected of something? Are we saying that any civilian captain can simply call in this team and raid another vessel without warrants? Captain Halberd was definitely with them and calling more than a few shots. Where does the Quorum come into this? If they have the backing of the Quorum, can’t the Quorum supply them with adequate paperwork? What’s the process here?

    This evidence that pointed to the Tylium Queen; what was it? “Troubles on other ships” is one reason given. Does that really cut it? Doesn’t it need to be a tad more specific than that to skirt round on-ship measures? “Credible reports of stolen food” is another reason given. Why do we on the Tylium Queen need to steal food, when we have an agreement for a subsidised supply until we have tylium ore to trade? “Kidnappings” is another reason given. Who has gone missing? Got a name? Why were explosives taken instead of a person? “Threats of violence” is another reason given. From whom? To whom? When? Why wasn’t, at any time, the option of speaking to Chief Maximus explored first? Why is the G-4 being presented as evidence? You’ll find two types of chemical tracer in the G-4 used on the ship: that from the Pacifica, and that from the Tylium Queen. G-4 is in finite supply, and thus is a tradable commodity. And has been for almost two years. At this point, forensic investigations on chemical signatures is speculative at best. There is no such thing as military grade G-4. There’s just G-4. We have traded G-4 to the Pacifica, they have traded G-4 with us, and we have traded to other ships in the Fleet. You think we give away tylium ore for free?

    If this raid was about targeting the Syndicate, what specifically have they done to prompt either of these raids on the Tylium Queen? The takeover was settled by negotiations on the Pacifica. What have they done since then, exactly? The miners are back to work, food and water is being provided. Hostilities are done. Are they suspected as being behind the bombing on the 7th Heaven? If so, what’s their motive? Why would they destroy the food supply they requested in the negotiations? The report on the bombing concluded that the Syndicate was not involved. It, in fact, pointed to Cylon agents. Is someone on the Tylium Queen suspected of being a Cylon agent? None of the given reasons for the raid mentioned this.

    Talk about sloppy. I think this whole thing is sloppy. None of this is good enough. If it were me in charge of security on the Tylium Queen, I would expect the Fleet Security Team to present me with signed papers giving Quorum authorisation and specific reasons and remits before I would allow them beyond the shuttle bay. Anything else is an armed incursion on a private mining vessel. And if they do have the proper credentials with them, I’d be sure to let them get on with their job without the press and hangers on, like other ship captains, getting in the way.

    Doing nothing is clearly wrong. But doing something badly isn’t going to do much good either.

  8. Addendum:

    Captain Serapis claims that the Fleet Security Team was created with agreement from Captain Halberd, Captain Vendetta and himself, and is backed by the Quorum. Talking with Captain Halberd in Afterburners tonight, it seems that these three captains head this team jointly, and she claims that Captain Vendetta was informed of the raid, but “had other matters to attend to”, and that keeping Chief Maximus informed is Captain Vendetta’s responsibility. Commander Nephilim says that the patrols are part an investigation and that, so far, no hard evidence has been found. So, that clarifies things much more clearly.

    Captain Halberd also called this a weapons search, and claims that “the Cylons don’t use G-4” (though that we know they look like us now is something she seems not to credit here). Further, in reference to the stolen food shipment found in the last raid, she adds that “Eyea and Siri have gone without food because of the stolen shipments” (though that the stolen food they seem to be lacking was found on the ship on which they live also seems something that escapes her logic).

    Best of all, though, is that she admitted that she believes Chief Maximus is “friends” with the Syndicate, thus making him a suspect.

    No hard evidence, no arrests. Just two raids that find food that was probably stolen before the agreement for subsidised supplies, and G-4 explosives that are bound to be found on a mining ship, and the suspicion that my husband, the chief of security on the Tylium Queen, is in league with the Syndicate, who were cleared in the investigation of the 7th Heaven bombing.

    Yes, everything is much clearer now.

  9. fleetnewsservice said

    I was at Afterburners lastnight, Much past this girls Bed time.
    I got to listen in on many of the converstions and things being brought up about the Raid on the Tylium Queen.
    I having put my self in the line of fire myself for many of the conversations.
    I would like to try to clarify my Postion on the Security Detail.
    I have No Issues with Onyx and her Team. I give her high Praise. Her team is sometimes put in a bad position and light. She and her team are doing their jobs doing what the Quorum is instructing them to do.
    She also has to deal with Idealists like myself. I know that i can be very frustrating to deal with on many levels.
    I did get some facts that i seemed to be confused about.
    The G4 that was found on the Tylium Queen had the arming devices with the G4 explosive.
    Does this make it a live explosive? No the explosive was not armed, the arming device was not placed in the G4.
    Was there a possibility that this G4 could have been used to cause harm to anyone in the fleet? YES
    Is it possible that some worker on the Tylium Queen mishandled the storage of the arming device and G4? YES.

    We are Human, we all can make Mistakes this is what seperates us fom the cylons, Cylons think they are perfect and don’t make mistakes.
    I asked the Commander if people under her authority misshandle Explosives ammo, any number of things.
    She said yes, but they are then delt with. I said Yes of course they are delt with if you catch them in their Error.
    We are stretched thin as a civilization a community, we have many people doing jobs they have never had, In their lives. This can cause careless mistakes as well as dangreous ones.

    I understand that “all” the captains agreed to the Security team, I understand Captain Vendetta was informed of the Raid, Captain Vendetta is at fault for not informing her chief of Security.

    I also heard Captain Halberd talk of baby Siri, being feed rats for lack of food. because of Stolen food and supplies. If she is concerned about the well fair of the children of the fleet then perhapse she should bring this to Quorum and ask that the children of the fleet and their parents be brought to the 7th heaven, and AfterBurners become a Day care and place for the parents and children. So she is sure that these children will get feed. Or that armed Security bring special deliveries of food.

    I have asked my self over and over again why would this “syndicate” bomb the food source we were growing?
    what is the purpose of taking food? Then we happen to find a planet with Both Water, and food source.
    Like Lauri Mayfair Says: “Captain Halberd also called this a weapons search, and claims that “the Cylons don’t use G-4″ (though that we know they look like us now is something she seems not to credit here)”
    It is possible a faction of the cylons who look human will use anything to cause turmoil in the fleet.
    Another example is the Word tagged in 2 spots on the pacifica, the word “Cylon” tagged on the indivduals Bunk and room. Do i believe this person is a cylon no i doubt it, But we can see the Military has issues with their own ship and Crew.
    So this is all adding to the hysteria, (Yes i took the picture, But it is was not to show possible hysteria, it is to show that we are being toyed with)

    I will ask this in Public Forum on this paper, I am from the colony of Libris, the colony all you others seem to forget about. I would request that I be looked at to fill the seat for Libris on the Quorum or the Vice Presidency.
    I think I can provide an alternate voice to what we do as a fleet. I like to of myself as the voice of all the forgotten civillians in the fleet.

    Thank you
    Cathiee McMillan

  10. starbuckk said

    As it happens Ms McMillan the quorum needs to establish an election for the quorum seat of Libris. We will consider this your registration for candidacy and thank you for your willingness to serve the people of the fleet.

    To Ms Mayfair, the term “suspect” is indeed a bit strong with respect to Chief Maximus. You already know the history and I would think you understand why further public discussion of that matter is not in anyone’s best interest, most especially his.

  11. yevka laws said

    There was no objection yesterday to military forces being used to supress a cylon boarding yesterday that resulting int he wounding of Mr. Starbukk Separis.

    It would be quite helpful if a working agreement was drawn up between the military and civilian fleets so that we feel safe when it is required for us to intervene.

    Rules of engagement have not been made clear to day to day military forces including. This endangered lives, including my own, which in spite of my occupation, I value.


  12. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said


    Please realize that most of the hard workers in the fleet and on the Queen are from Sagatarron and the other oppresed colonies. Thier experience with the military is that of harsh treatment and forced labor camps.

    So everytime the military sets foot on what they now call home…it brings back all the bad memories.

    And so you know…there are strict rules where the civilian and military are allowed to work together…but that doesn’t releave the tension or the past.

    Cpt. LizzyD

  13. Shaula `Bad Fluffy` Isidis said

    The official after-action report of the Fleet Security team from this event has been made available on the Security Blotter.

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