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Pictures From Planet Side!!!

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 9, 2007

All photos taken by

Cathiee McMillan


One Response to “Pictures From Planet Side!!!”

  1. Grunt said

    I’m telling you, something is strange about this planet. I was down there yesterday with one of the scouting teams. Me and one of the engineering guys went into a house on the outskirts of the settlement and all of a sudden, we heard loud noise coming from the next room ! It sounded like a big family dinner was happening – hell, I swear I could even smell the freshly baked bread ! We closed in on the door, opened it and at that moment – BOOM ! The sound and smell was gone ! The room was empty, looked like all the other rooms in the house…

    I swear we weren’t drunk ! One moment it was all there, the next moment it was gone. Strange, just strange…

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