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Security Report on Hydroponics Explosion

Posted by Fleet News Service on December 4, 2007

The following report was provided to FNS by an anonymous source. All evidence points to its authenticity. The report appears below in its original unedited form.

Investigations into the Hydroponics Plant Explosion in the 7th Heaven Dome

Events: At 1:30pm on Thursday the Hydroponics facility located in the dome of the Cruise Ship 7th Heaven suffered a minor explosion which led to damage to the tanks and pipes, and the loss of all food being grown therein.

Forensics: Expert analysis shows that the explosion was the result of sabotage, resulting from the detonation of a small explosive device. The device was reasonably sophisticated using military explosive (C4 equivalent) and a detonator linked to an electronic control. Unfortunately it is not possible at this time to determine if the control was a timer or a receiver (for remote detonation).

Eyewitness 1: Pilot Kazimie Alderson
The pilot was on maneuvers just outside of the dome and was able to see events inside as she waited for a Raptor to approach on an exercise. She states that she saw Pilot Sparten Ryder acting suspiciously around the hydroponics facility just prior to the attack, and that he was caught up in the explosion. In fact he probably owes his life to his companion Myhoney Dumpling, who pulled him clear just after the explosion. In addition she said there was a lady dressed in purple in the dome, and a fourth person, an unidentified civilian near the fountain.

Eyewitness 2 / Suspect 1: Pilot Sparten Ryder
Under interview on board the Pacifica Pilot Ryder stated that he heard an alarm sound and that as he was nearby, he went to investigate. He stated that a pipe had been damaged seemingly by a ball hammer, and that soon afterwards smoke began to emerge and then there was a large explosion. Forensics have shown that the only fingerprints on the recovered pieces of the explosive device did indeed belong to Mr Ryder, but could be the result of his failed attempt to disarm the device before detonation. He also confirmed that a woman in purple was in the dome just prior to entry by himself and Ms Dumpling. As the prime suspect, but without enough evidence to warrant arrest, Mr Ryder was confined to the Pacifica for the duration of the investigation.

Eyewitness 3 / Suspect 2: Ms HexxKitten Soleil
Ms Soleil came forward voluntarily as a result of reading the report of the incident in The News Review identifying herself as the mysterious “woman in purple”. She states she never approached the hydroponics facility, and never saw anyone else do so either, until that is Mr Ryder approached just prior to the blast and was indeed fiddling with something at the tank. She also identifies the fourth person in the dome at the time as Dr SirAdam Shepherd. She states he was asleep by the fountain, and even after the explosion was difficult to rouse and move to safety.

Security Camera Footage
Two cameras showed relevant footage of the dome at the time of the blast. Careful study of these shows that up to four hours prior to the blast, the only person to approach the tanks was Mr Ryder. The identities of the four people present in the dome, and outlined above were confirmed and the statements by all three eyewitness verified. Careful study of the tapes show the footage had not been tampered with. It would also seem to confirm Mr Ryder’s story that he was simply trying to disarm a device already present. The tapes also only record for 18 hours… careful study by security shows no sign of anyone planting the device.

1. Device must have been planted prior to 18 hours before detonation.
2. Device was reasonably sophisticated. This lends to the supposition that it was not planted by the Syndicate, but by Cylon agents. But no hard evidence can support this.
3. Mr Sparten Ryder does indeed seem to be a victim of circumstances who foolishly risked his life to disarm the device, and did not plant it. So it is the recommendation of this report that he be returned to normal duties and any restrictions lifted.
4. Unless further information comes to light, it seems unlikely that the actual culprit will be identified.

-Vicky Vielle
-Capt Marcus Perry


5 Responses to “Security Report on Hydroponics Explosion”

  1. yevka laws said

    Do you really think a pilot has time to plant a device?

    Ridiculous. I was on CAP right before it happened and most of MR. Ryder’s time prior to that was spent training me in combat tactics.

    The report as usual lacks important details.

    Ensign Laws

  2. Lt.Alderson said

    Well, at least now we should be getting alot less flak from this situation. Now we can get on with important things like recon of that planet.

    While we are here, where was civilian security before and during the fire?

  3. Vicky Vielle said

    Ms Laws

    The report, which was not meant for publication by the way, contains all the salient details. The only person directly linked to the device was Mr Ryder. We needed video footage to show that as you say, he could not have planted the device. Of course if you had made yourself available (there was an open request in this very paper after the explosion) you could have presented your eyewitness testimony. Such ‘important details’ are therefore missing due to your reticence. However, other evidence came to light to clear said pilot.

    Vicky Vielle

  4. Someone who watches said

    I would say MR Rider is not a trator, i have known him for a long time, watched him. i know he did not do it, but the question you must ask is who’s side are you on. Mr Ryder’s or
    “The Press”

  5. Lt(jr) Argo "Scorpion" Blanco said

    Happy to know that Sparten is fully out of this history.

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