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Habitable Planet Nearby?

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 30, 2007

A Habitable Planet?

The above photo was received anonymously at FNS and, according to the source, is a reconnaissance image from a nearby habitable planet. Structures are clearly visible but the particular locale appears to be abandoned. According to the source, atmospheric conditions prevent long range scans. Apparently, the fleet is planning to investigate further. Could it be that there’s hope for the fleet to find a world to settle upon, or possibly even some wild food sources and much needed water?


6 Responses to “Habitable Planet Nearby?”

  1. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said

    I am putting out this public announcement concerning the possibility of a habitable planet…

    If this is habitable and has structures as it appears…then it warrants full investigation. A team should be sent to the surface to judge its merits for supplies or colonization.

    Or food and water are being rationed harder than ever before and the common men and women of the fleet pay the highest price. We must see if this can help.

    I ask each and every person to speak to thier representative…and I ask the other Representatives that we bring this matter to the military and the president. There is more to this than a fuzzy photograph!

    Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta
    Representative to Aquaria

  2. Vicky Vielle said


    I believe the military do have the matter in hand, but of course there is nothing wrong with giving them a shake a bit. I have seen some better images than those rumoured here in the press, and we have been crunching some preliminary numbers on the viability of the planet for food production.

    I have my fingers crossed that it can hold a solution to our current dire situtation. However, I cannot say more at this time due to operational security. But everyone can feel rest assured – we are investigating every avenue, including this planet.

    Vicky Vielle
    Secretary of Agriculture

  3. fleetnewsservice said

    I would be willing to go down to planet side and get some Pictures for the fleet and goverment.


  4. Unknown Source said

    This is SO obviously a cylon trap. We find a habitable planet with structures and weat fields, right after the hydroponics installation on 7TH HEAVEN is blown up ? Do the math yourself ! Best to leave that trap alone and be on our way. Back to eating paper is better than being dead.

  5. Another unkown source said

    The military is obligated to do recon and obtain intelligence.

    This is a risk, but it must be done before our first death from starvation.

  6. Unknown Military Source said

    Pictures have already been acquired by Raptor Reconnissance, this image the News recieved is a leaked photo from one of these missions.

    The Military has images of the structures, the crops, readings of the local atmosphere and surrounding terrain, and is examining them closly in an attempt to determine their authinticity. The delay is caused by suspicious readings near the Settlement, in paticular oddities in the buildings and the Settlement’s itself.

    The point is, is that it is an obvious Cylon trap. The problem is how to acquire the food (if that is really what it is) without putting the hungry Civilians in any more risk than they already are.

    Patience. And let the Military deal with the Toasters so we can get that food.

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