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BREAKING NEWS: Explosion Destroys Crops, Spurs Rationing

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 30, 2007

Reported by Kiltcheck Douglas.

Hydroponics Explosion on the 7thAn explosion rocked the dome of 7th Heaven resulting in severe damage to the recent hydroponics installation. All current evidence points to sabotage. The entire harvest of crops were lost and a great deal of water was needed to extinguish the resulting fire affecting two key resources in limited supply. Some damage also occurred to the corresponding area of Afterburners which is underneath the deck of the dome. FNS anonymously received the two photos taken from 7th Heaven security cameras that are provided with this article; one just prior to the explosion and the second as it occurred.

I spoke yesterday to Captain Tanya Halberd and Secretary of Agriculture Vicky Vielle about the attack. According to both, the dome is closed while repairs and assessments are being made. This is being done for reasons of safety, to allow repairs to be expedited and allow for an investigation into the causes of the explosion to be conducted.

Hydronponics before ExplosionSec. Vielle stated that “three people were present in the vicinity at the time from reports from pilots training outside the dome at the time” (see the first photo). A pilot was seen acting suspiciously near the installation just prior to the explosion and was pulled clear by a “nugget” who was with him. The injured pilot was identified as Sparten Ryder, and has been named as an official suspect in the investigation. Also, a mysterious “woman in purple” was sighted in the center of the dome.

Captain Halberd explained that “A new security team has been formed to manage the prison ship and to perform duties not suited to a single ship’s security team.” It was confirmed that the first effort of this team was the recent raid on the Tylium Queen. She continued, “In my opinion they did a good job their first time out, but they have only just begun. Our first order of business is to stop the interruption of food delivery to the Colonials in outlying ships.”

Given the recent raid on the Tylium Queen conducted with both Captain Halberd and Sec. Vielle and the angered responses it generated from the Syndicate (as seen within this paper), Vielle was asked if this might have been an act of reprisal. She responded, “Possibly, but I cannot conceive that the Syndicate…a supposed band of miners seeking the well-being of the fleet in their own inimitable way…would so jeopardize us all.” As yet, no one has claimed responsibility and investigations are still being conducted to determine the source, including possible Cylon involvement.

Vielle elaborated on the costs involved, “It is so dire that we may have to institute food rationing across the fleet in a matter of days or maybe a week. There is no positive way of saying this..whoever exploded that device has made certain that every man, woman, and child in the fleet will suffer.”

Anyone with eyewitness accounts or evidence should contact Sec. Vielle or Fleet Security immediately.


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