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Pictures from Cathiee McMillan

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 29, 2007

shuttle on approach to PacificaShuttle Leaving Colonial Onesnapshot01_038.jpgsnapshot01_039.jpgsnapshot0_021.jpg


(( I have created a flickr page for my Pictures of the BSG )) (( )) ( or look for Cathiee McMillan BSG)

((This will save the Blog for the File sizes i take.))

Thank you



3 Responses to “Pictures from Cathiee McMillan”

  1. Cpt. LizzyD Vendetta said

    Hello Ms. McMillan…Thank you for these wonder photographs from around the fleet. I must say you managed to make the TQ look good! Something I have not been able to so in two years…chuckles.

    I hope we may see more of these!

    Cpt. Vendetta
    Tylium Queen

  2. Anonymous said


  3. leandrahwhiteberry said

    Thank you for these beautiful images of the wonderful people who share our exodus. You have captured their nobility and spirit.

    Doctor Andi

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