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The Bruder Report:Raiding the TQ

Posted by Fleet News Service on November 28, 2007

Greetings and Hello. This is Kelly Bruder.

Tonight we take you on an inside look at the Fleet’s most talked about ship, the Tylium Queen.  As some of you well know I had taken a break from reporting after my attack and the lack of work progress on the part of the security. I was afraid for my life and afraid to report anything that might earn me another beating. As I sat in my office I was told about a raid on the Queen, a security sweep. To my surprise I was invited along for the trip. Of course I took it. The Team was lead by Onyx Syakumi and her team was made up of Bad Fluffy, Eutyknia Mastronianni, Trajax (of 7th Heaven security was with the team more so to watch me and keep me safe), Captain Tanya Halberd and of course the captain of the TQ herself one LizzyD Vendetta.

    We set out from 7th Heaven and the ride itself was silent; there was almost a unspoken hush over the group as we flew to the Queen. Once there our first stop was the bar where we met up with TQ Resident Lauri Mayfair who had a lot to say about the miners and the workings of the Mighty TQ. Mayfair was very vocal in her defence of the trade that goes on on the TQ. Mayfair also gave some insight to the workings of the ‘Syndicate’. Claiming that it is a group of miners who are looking out for the wellbeing of the TQ and the wellbeing of the fleet. No evidence has been given to prove other wise.

    As we moved from section to section, the security team made a clean sweep of every room. They worked like professionals in every way, leaving no box unopened and no questions unasked. As I followed along I saw the true depth of the despair on the TQ: missing food rations which was why the team was there in the first place. Mayfair had talked about trade on the TQ and perhaps if the team were looking for illegal things going on not to come in like they had. The team leader spoke with such a passion about her job and what her and her team were there to do it touched my heart. Cpt Vendetta remarked to the impassioned speech the team leader gave: “I know things go on here, some legal some illegal but it is my Duty to make sure everyone has a bed and every one has food…” she then claimed she would not rest until those goals were met. It was at this point during the search a young woman by the name of Eyea Aya approached.

    Eyea Aya [aka The Oracle] is a Quorum Representative and a single mother who lives with her child on the TQ.  Her story was heart wrenching as she spoke of some the the trades that go on… how some of them have hardly anything to eat. How she has to pay for food with a “service”. This broke my heart to see such a woman, I offered her my food vouchers. Yet in the face so such hardship her pride would not allow her to accept the gift. This is the face of the TQ,  proud hard working people. They embody the best in us all… yet there is a Dark-side to it all.  As we are about  to find out.
     As the young woman walked away, Team Leader Onyx ordered another search of the two rooms we had just been in. One was some kind of sex den, the other the Mess. The 3rd room housed the turret. What Turret you ask? That was my question. It seems this Syndicate had acquired one for the ship. Mayfair said it was broken when they obtained it and repaired it themselves. Team leader Onyx thought there was more to it than that. 

     Bad Fluffy found in one of the missile crates from the Pacifcia food and drugs. Now as to how the missing food rations and illegal drugs-were in the crate is up for further investigation. The team took the food to a safe area. That information I can not disclose at this time. But fingers point to this Syndicate having something to do with the missing food and using it to hold the good people of the TQ hostage to there will. The sweep of the ship done we returned to 7th Heaven.

     In closing I would like to Say that the men and woman of the TQ need our help. The security chief and her people need our prayers. The Syndicate needs our eyes on them at all time. This was a wonderful chance to see our people at work. I will be doing a follow up report on these happenings and more. Your eye in the fleet is back! and I will be bringing you the news you want to know.

Until next time. Take care!


5 Responses to “The Bruder Report:Raiding the TQ”

  1. Blackbeard said

    [expletive deleted by the Editor],

    Next time… we’ll be ready for your little friends. We don’t like no thieves here in the TQ.

    And while we are forced by this government and their military cronies to be in the company of rats, you just be sure that we don’t enjoy snitches. No, not all. So you better keep watching your words or there will be a second, much harder lesson for you in the future.

    Tell Miss Vendetta that if we knew she was coming we would have had the pleasure of telling her where her “professional” team of searchers could find her previous captain. I’m told that, even after almost two years, the vaccum and frozen cold of space has kept his body in good enough condition.

  2. Jnr. Lt. Alderson said

    Very rich, coming from a bunch of thugs that were too chciken to stay on the TQ while we boarded her during your “brave and glorious campaign” against people who couldnt shoot back and run at the first sign of a bunch of viper pilots. Thats right, a bunch of civilians and bunch of Viper pilots kicked the frak out of you. Hate to think what you would do against the marines.

    You say your working for the plight of the civilian population?While you smuggle black market goods in to sell to the population of the TQ, were offering up our rations to anyone who wants them.

    I cant say im a fan of the press at the moment, but i do not condone nor agree what happend to Miss Bruder. You want to start venting people out into space, go ahead, but tell your cronies to stay out my crosshairs.

  3. Vicky Vielle said

    Please be assured there *is* opportunities for everybody. The government has not abandoned or forgotten about the Tylium Queen. This is no time to let the historical conflicts between the colonies get in the way of our fight for survival. Every human is precious and vital to our recovery and victory.

    For those willing to work and not simply feed off the pain, misery, and hardship of others there is opportunities to contribute greatly to the fleet. For instance my own department has pput a new call out for anyone willing, with or without the skills, to come forward to help in the hydroponics initiative. We all need food. We must grow our own. We need everyone who can help to feed the fleet in this now vital and noble endeavour.

    Those aboard the Tylium Queen looking for a new start and achive dignity and a new life can do so now and be thanked for it by the rest of the fleet.

    In hope, for us all

    Vicky Vielle

    Secretary of Agriculture

  4. Kelly,

    It’s so good to see you back on the beat! You’ve been missed. Keep up the great work.

    Kiltcheck Douglas
    Reporter/Journalist for FNS

  5. “Once there our first stop was the Bar there we met up with TQ Resident Lauri Mayfair whom had a lot to say about the miners and the workings of the Mighty TQ.” – Kelly Bruder

    So, it’s the “mighty” Tylium Queen now? Last time it was the “ghetto of the fleet”.

    “Mayfair was Very Vocal of her defence of the Trade that goes on on the TQ.” – Kelly Bruder

    Actually, I just tried to explain that those who live on the Tylium Queen depend on the trade of the tylium ore that they mine in order to obtain supplies for the ship, which therefore defines the culture there. Trade is the lifeblood of the ship’s workers.

    “Mayfair also gave some insight to the workings of this Syndicate. Claiming that it is a group of Miners who are looking out for the well being of the TQ and the well being of the fleet.” – Kelly Bruder

    I didn’t say anything of the kind. As I recall, I said that they only ever spoke to me on the wireless (during the last incident), that no one knows who they are, and that Officer Maximus has been after them for over a year, and hasn’t come close to cracking them. It’s a matter of public record that the full name for this guild is the Colonial Mining Syndicate, but I don’t recall mentioning that during this visit.

    “Mayfair gad talked about trade on the TQ and perhaps if the team were looking for illegal things going on not to come in like the are.” – Kelly Bruder

    This was, in fact, my direct response to a question posed by Officer Syakumi, when she enquired about breaking into the illegal trade rackets. I suggested that she come alone and covertly, as no one will cut a heavily armed and uniformed security officer into that kind of trade. Essentially, I suggested under cover work.

    “How she has to pay for food with a “service”.” – Kelly Bruder

    The Oracle does not pay for food in this fashion, as she’s the Oracle and has the respect of the workers. Hetaera, however, do offer companionship in trade for supplies, and I’m the only Hetaera in the Fleet. I rather think you are confused as to who said what.

    “The 3rd room housed the turret. What Turret you ask? That was my question. It seems this Syndicate had gotten one for the ship. Mayfair said it was broken when they got it and repaired it.” – Kelly Bruder

    No one suggested anything about Syndicate involvement. As far as I’m aware, the turret was obtained in legitimate trade after the Tylium Queen was severely damaged in a Cylon attack, well over a year ago. It was not functional when traded for, but repaired by the workers and put into service.

    “Those aboard the Tylium Queen looking for a new start and achive dignity and a new life can do so now and be thanked for it by the rest of the fleet.” – Vicky Vielle

    There are those on the Tylium Queen who would resent being told that they have not already found a new start and a new life aboard their ship, and that they are without dignity. The workers risk their lives to provide the tylium ore that fuels the Fleet, Secretary Vielle. I would say the Fleet should already be thankful. That said, I would be interested in helping out the hydroponics initiative. As a Sagittaron, I’m very good with herbs.

    “we don’t enjoy snitches” – Blackbeard

    Great. Just great.

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